Depleted Uranium – Iraq

I saw the following article today in the Spanish XL Semenal magazine.

Reminded again of the US movements regarding testing their weaponry upon mothers and fathers in far away countries, like Iraq.

And they want to send Gaddafhi’s son to the International Criminal Court.  Getdafukkouttahere!  Time to tear George W., Tony Blair, and the whole cabal new assholes.   It is one of the greatest crimes of our times, seriously.

I got lyrics for this shit unfortunately.

Anyway read the Googled Translation below, or see here for original article in Spanish.

The Iraq War in Fallujah was more terrible than any other place. Since then, the number of children with cancer has increased twelve babies born with congenital disabilities in the thousands.

Why? In 2004, the allies attacked the city with depleted uranium and white phosphorus. While the scientific community hotly debated as to whether these materials can have health effects, the World Health Organization announced an investigation.

“To hell with America,” mutters Munem. His eyes move from Ayob, who is in a wheelchair, to Mohammed, staring cries, desconosolado.

Adnan Abdullah Munem, a strong man of 38 years, and his wife were blessed with four children, but the two children, and Mohammed Ayob, 4 and 5, are unable to speak or control his movements. “They’re lame,” says Munem, shaking his head as he lights another cigarette.

These days it’s cold in Fallujah, the city where the wounds of war refuse to heal, however much they have spent nearly seven years since they were inflicted. There are houses in ruins everywhere, and although there are many cars, on sidewalks is not hardly anyone walking. The only visible sign of reconstruction is the gigantic new hospital building.

In the house of Munem no furniture, just a few mattresses. It has sold almost all their belongings to pay for medical treatment and Mohammed Ayob, who suffer severe brain damage, yet unspecified. The two oldest children Munem, Omer and Ali, 9 and 10 years, are healthy. Born before the Americans came in 2004 and bombed the city to turn to rubble and, according Munem, poison people, even those who were in the wombs of their mothers and the world came later, as Ayob and Mohammed. And those who are born.

His version is shared by other parents whose children were born Fallujah disabled or sick. Mohammed Thiab: three sons, and two children suffered serious damage in the central nervous system. Yasir Ali, three children, all with severe neurological disorders. Luay Hadi, a daughter with cerebral palsy. Ibrahim Mufeed: two sons, one, healthy, another paralyzed from the waist down. Majeed Mohammed, his young daughter suffering from Bardet-Biedl syndrome with polydactyly, is mentally disabled and has six fingers on each hand and each foot.

Munem was-and remains-an accountant in a state factory wire and copper pipes. Being young, in 1998, became a member of the Baath party of Saddam, who was pointing every Iraqi who wanted progress. Life was not easy during the 90’s. Iraqis suffered from the sanctions and embargo of the UN in stores scarce staples … But remember that decade Munem a good time. He began to earn money and married, bought a house and had to Ali and Omer.

In the spring of 2004, disaster descended on Fallujah and its 300,000 inhabitants. On March 31, images were seen around the world. They showed the steel bridge across the Euphrates west of the city. Various human metal hung from the rafters. Or rather, some human remains. Four employees of U.S. security firm Blackwater had been savagely beaten by a mob street. His lynchers were set on fire. And people then paraded triumphantly through the streets showing the charred remains, which hung at the end of the bridge.

Everyone understood that Americans were going to put an end to that; what was unclear was how they would do so. Phantom Fury was the operation. U.S. forces launched an assault on Fallujah on November 7, 2004 and destroyed most of the city in the coming weeks. It was the fiercest battle in the entire Iraq war. Eight battalions of Marines and soldiers from Infantry supported by the deployment of tanks and Iraqi forces backed by artillery and aviation support American and British Battalion Black Watch. Their overwhelming superiority was reflected in the subsequent desolation: the two-thirds of Fallujah were destroyed. Some 100 U.S. soldiers and 1,500 insurgents were killed. The number of civilian casualties remains unknown today.

It is not known what ammunition was used in Fallujah and in what quantities. But we know that used Abrams tanks and Bradley, Cobra helicopters and AC-130 aircraft, and its normal ammunition containing depleted uranium, a heavy metal with low level radioactivity, obtained as waste from nuclear power plants. That uranium is so dense that become projectiles, is capable of traversing almost any armor. We also know that white phosphorus was used to create massive smoke screens and the Marines had an “explosive revolutionary” in their SMAW rocket launcher, which can bring down entire buildings. If there was any other chemical and what remains left on the ground can only be answered by the Department of Defense. And it has.

The desk of Dr. Samira Alaani is empty. Do not have a computer or a database. Only his own private notes. In early 2010, Samira started keeping track of cases of congenital diseases among babies who saw in her practice of pediatrics. He did so because the number of cases has tripled since 2006. At the end of 2010, Samira had 350 children and patients with abnormalities. The registration of Samira is a chilling document. But nobody has asked. In Baghdad, Dr. Hawraa, press officer of the Ministry of Health, settles the issue by saying that “children of Fallujah are a political issue.” This means that the problem affects the Sunnis, the minority that dominated the country under Saddam. “The Sunnis, they say, are the victims.” Hawraa ensures that no data or evidence of any kind. Far away, in London, two scientists are striving to get those tests. Malak Hamdan Neither Chris Busby and have never been in Fallujah. But it has become his obsession. Hamdan is a doctoral student in chemistry who was born in Baghdad and raised in London. Busby, an old British biophysicist expert on radioactivity. Two years ago, Hamdan received some documents from an Iraqi organization on increasing cases of children with birth disorders in Fallujah. She had just given birth to her third child and felt compelled to do something, he says. He created a foundation and Busby persuaded to try to clarify what was happening in Fallujah. His first study, of 1500 cases was published in July in the International Journal of Environmental Research and focused on cancer. The number of cases of children with cancer has increased by 12 since 2005. Busby explains that they have two other studies. Analyzed hair of the inhabitants of Fallujah and soil samples, and the results point to something even more disturbing: highly radioactive enriched uranium. Two scientific journals which have been sent refuse to publish studies.

But not all requests to investigate what happened in Fallujah were rejected. In September 2010, at a meeting in Istanbul, the World Health Organization decided to conduct a study on congenital disorders. The Atomic Energy Agency also announced an investigation. But then disaster struck Fukushima nuclear and international agencies announced that their priority was to Japan. Fallujah was filed. Not for Munem, of course, that moves between despair and rage. A Munem before was very fond of Hollywood movies, but now hates everything that has to do with America, and that hatred has passed to his eldest son, Ali, who plays chess, while dreaming of leaving Fallujah knowing that they can not. “What sense does it stay here?” Question. “Everyone lives in his house and locked up in the city there is no life. All you see is debris in Fallujah … and maimed. ”


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