Dubversive LP

If your familiar with this page, Dr. Das and Deeder Zaman (Asian Dub Foundation), Underground Resistance, Adrian Sherwood, Michael Franti, you may be aware of their involvement with the label Indigenous Resistance.
With an ever growing army of concerned heads, the mission is to educate and inform about situations that exist around the First Nation people throughout South and North America.

Next up on IR’s release schedule is IR25, the ‘Dubversive’ LP.  Recorded and mixed in Brasil, Colombia, Mexico, Solomon Islands, Sosolakam, South Pacific, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Boston, England, Jamaica, Germany and Canada . This is an album made with no budget, no mega studios, no A& R department, just dub people colloboarating across artificial borders, donating their time and energy to put some righteous dub into this world. There is some special visual dub in the works  in conjunction with the launch of the album with grafitti artist, Chite Yarumo in Colombia, see image above. Musical contributions from Christiane D., Benjamin Zephaniah,  Jah 9, Mad Mike Banks/UR, Ramjac, the aforementioned Dr. Das, Deeder, myself with some subtle guitar movements from Arka (Break & Culture).

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Latest news on the IR front, that’s Indigenous Resistance, sorry for being so flippant.  You can download ‘Krikati Power Surge’ featuring Underground Resistance, Dr. Das, Steven Stanley The Ghost and the Krikati indians of Brasil, right here  http://www.garageband.com/artist/indigenousdub.  Also available is ‘Sacred Lands Fuck Babylon junglist mix’ featuring Ramjac,Tapedave, Filthy Rich, Jimmy Dick and The Ghost.

Ear Conditioning – Left side of the brain


Photo:  What you see may not be real – Chen Wenling

As summer gives way to autumn, it’s only right to kick things off with Scanuppia, a track from latest album of recordings by Chris Watson. Here he records natural sounds in the Alpine region of Italy.  The results are very much of the forehead-raising variety, quite a surprise at what can be recorded in temperatures of -25 degrees. Great samples too! It sits well with my new find of the week,  James Blake / Air & Lack Thereof.  A seemingly gospel sample, ‘Calling heaven and hell’ sitting on a bed  of  electronic buzzes flying through the air, a whiplash snare, an inviting melody and bass.  Also on the bass tip this week is RDS, ‘Forward Youth’.  RSD is Rob Smith of Smith and Mighty fame, so you know it’s legit.

My rewind champions of the last couple of weeks, Obba Supa, recorded a Gilles Peterson radio session featuring music from Floating Points, and with seeing the name several times I had to check to see wha’ g’wan.  A day later in the inbox from the promo kings, All Young Kings, was the new ‘Vacuum’ ep from Floating Points, so I am sharing this with the listeners.  Hammond organ, skip hop beats,  jazz brushes, techno sensibilities  in one package.  Also more Obba of course.

Techno.  I love the original Detroit stuff like Mayday, Kevin Saunderson, moving onto Stacey Pullen, the European hijacking of Techno was natural to a degree, but on the whole, naff for my ears, and when somebody me says ‘Techno’ I get all weird.  Maybe because they generally mean that Euro shite.  Anyway, back to the goodness, Underground Resistance, well, I have to give them props 100%, even if I don’t like the majority of their tunes, I’ll buy ’em just to support them for their political stance.  I heard Codebreaker, and it was immediately in the crate.  Beeps, seeping gases, 909s, shakers percussion and gorgeous pads got me good.

Everytime, well, to be honest, three of the four times, that I’ve played Mulatu Astatke’s ‘Ebo Lala’ at my Txola sessions somebody has moved their lips in a way that makes me think they are saying “What is this?”  The thing with dj’ing with mp3s, is you can’t show them the cover.  Luckily I’m an old skool fucker, so I have the vinyl that I can show the cover while cueing up the next slab with my other hand (talented eh?)

Next Txola session is this Friday, entonces para ellos aqui en el norte de la isla o cerca, venga!  Did I tell you that Txola was listed in the El Pias newspaper as one of the best 50 clubs/bars in ‘Spain’?  If I didn’t, I just did.

Over to you.

Ear Conditioning – The left side of the brain

  • Chris Watson – Scanuppia (Sound Threshold)
  • Elixir – Trapdoor to another world (Quartermass)
  • James Blake – Air & lack thereof (Hemlock)
  • Fandango, Duende y Taraf – Title Unknown
  • Mulatu Astatke – Ebo Lala (Soundway)
  • Bebel Du Guetto – Beijo na Boca
  • Bulat Project – Title unknown
  • Onra – Last Tango in Saigon
  • Obba Supa – 2am but not (Project Moon Circle)
  • Guilty Jackson – Coroners Music (Stones Throw)
  • Dorian Concepts – Fort Teen (Kindred Spirits)
  • Underground Resistance – Codebreaker (UR)
  • RSD – Forward Youth (Punch Drunk)
  • Floating Points – Argonaut (Eglo)
  • Chris Watson – Cima Verde (Sound Threshold)

As usual, this weeks edition of Ear Conditioning is available at the following locations:

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The Stick Up

Flying Lotus again?!  I’ll get over it. When?  I don’t know, he’s just got me hard, and since I do the program primarily for the ears that reside in Tenerife, I am on a mission.  They must know about the Brainfeeder.  He’s really translated some of his dream-states into brilliant lucid musical pieces.  I’m sure I’ll find another excuse to drop some of his stuff next week.
Also being served up via Generation Bass, and Negrophonic (come siempre) mi encontré nueves canciones como Les Princes de Kuduro y Aurita Castillo y su Conjunto.
I can’t recall what made me dig out Underground Resistance and Rhythm is Rhythm…oh yeah, Flying Lotus….initially it was his TripBeat programming  (not Trip Hop okay?) that had me thinking of  Dilla, then I moved to get Madvillan off the shelf, then since I was in a Detroit frame of mind…..I can’t believe it’s twenty years and a bit since  MayDay, Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson and crew brought that sound to our attention.
We got some Calypso in this joint as well, courtesy of the Calypsoul compilation put together by the folks at Strut/K7!
There just isn’t time to listen to bollocks is there?


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For the live experience, I’ll be manning the 1’s and 2’s proxima viernes/ Friday  10th at Txola, La Laguna if yer in the area, but please don’t get in my face like that woman last time. She was a bit too appreciative,  asking me to write down what was being played to which i have no problem, but in the end she wouldn’t let me get on with things and she had to be chucked out.

Un abrazo