Txola – Abril / Colectivo+0 – FMAC


Tomorrow, the legendary DJ Floro (Repulica Afrobeat)  /  Mañana, DJ Floro de Madrid se picha en Txola

Sabado, Leon aka Mech y Oswaldo H de Colectivo +0 están aqui en Bande Aparte, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, como parte del festival FMAC.  Colectiv0+0  is having myself and The Moody Boyz play as part of their Proximas en Las Palmas festival next month in Gran Canaria, more news on that soon.  Leon has been making some decent music using Canarian folk traditions as the starting point.


Txola / Abril

This Friday at Txola, the legendary DJ Floro will be at the controls, bringing some of his vast selection of tunes.  Saw him once at his residency at La Boco del Lobo/Madrid, impresionante hombre!  He also played at Womad Las Palmas a couple years ago but I don’t think it was really publicized, and I only happen to catch him by chance.  Well worth it if you can make it on Friday.

I’ll be playing on Saturday the 16 of this month.

Sessions at Txola – December/January

This month I’ll be spinning at Txola twice, including the fin de año / new years eve.  For this night, I’ll be joined by an old friend from Toronto, a true Canadian authority on hip hop, r&b, soul, the legend that is JohnBronski.  We were fortunate to be in the spot when the first hip hop vinyl made its way 500 miles from NYC to Toronto.  Getting down to Disco Sounds record shop off Yonge Street, to hear the new style on a punishing sound system.  The speakers in there, Cerwin Vega’s I think, were a bit too much, ‘cos when we got home with our latest purchases, the punch was missing.  Good Times.