TVOTR – Gerard Smith R.I.P.

Fuck no!
Those that know TV on the Radio as a band are shocked, aren’t we? We may have known that he was ill, and not taking part in the band’s present tour in support of their new album, Nine Types of Light, but to hear that he died yesterday. Thirty-four years old. That sucks a fucking million. Bless him, he will be missed, and yes it’s a cliche, but we have something really great to remember him by.  May his friends that are TVOTR, family and extended friends be comforted with the times that he shared.

Last week the band performed a 40-minute set for the Letterman program, a triumphant return and days later, BAM! Jesus H!

Ear Con 52 – Esperanto Take Out

Ear Conditioning 52 – Esperanto Take Out

Broadcast tonight via Sunhole dot net at 22h00 Tenerife/London Time and Friday via eFM at 18h00

Thanks to the singers, players, promoters and dealers.

Chemical Specialist




This week’s installment of Ear Conditioning, named after the contribution of Creation Rebel. Razor-wire guitar, pounding dub and a moving b-line.


Also lined up, a new cumbia thing from La Vagancia, that DJ/Rupture pointed me to.


Like many, we’ve been sucked into the sphere of  that Stones Throw –  Brainfeeder hip hop, and the influence is evident on the productions of Yoggyone.  Coming out of France, Mr. Yoggy1 doesn’t dissapoint.  


I’m trying to get Famille Bou Bess (who I’m currently working with) to ween on some  hip hop other than the obvious stuff like Tupac, Fiddy Pence, Dr. Dre.  Hearin’ Aid will do just nicely – offkey alternative shit.


Ear Conditioning / Chemical Specialist Program 12.05.09


  • The Roots + Lata Mageshkar / In The Music  
  • La Vagancia / Title Unknown
  • Los de Abajo / Actitud Calle
  • Moondog / Oo Debut
  • Hearin’ Aid / Title Unknown
  • Au Revoir Simone / Shadows – It’s A Fine Line Remix
  • Creation Rebel / Chemical Specialist 
  • Chris Rock / Obama
  • Yoggyone / Rhodes Interlude
  • King Midas Sound / Ting Dub
  • De La Soul / Stakes is High
  • Major Lazor / Hold The Line – Poirier Remix
  • Princes du Kuduru / Mwangole
  • Yoggyone / Harder and Harder featuring Kissey Asplund
  • King L Man / Huh….what?
  • El-P / Exceprts from We Are All Going To Burn In Hell MeggaMixx2 
  • Dr. Who Dat / Viberian Twilight (Lex Records) 
  • The Rootsman vs. Muslimgauze / Damascus
  • Kode 9 & The Spaceape / Nine


Ecucha Martes / Tuesday:  Radio Norte 89.4FM Tenerife  20h30;   Sunhole  22h00

Jueves / Thursday: Planet Radio  23h00 GMT

Update:  Just got wind of a remix by Jneiro Jarel (aka Dr. Who Dat?) for TV on the Radio. It’s here


Control+Alt+Dlt v2.0



Power switch ON.

Clipped Beats, Altered Sounds, Fractured Notes, Time-stretched waves all   courtesy of Electricity.

The Long Trail –  “What is at stake is the operating system of audio social reality.”   Kodwo Eshun + Steve (Kode9/Hyperdub) Goodman 

Surf-dancehaul?   Thanks to Diplo and Switch aka Major Lazer for that new genre. That Diplo man, he just don’t stop.  Where was it I read last week that everybody wants to be on Diplo’s dick?  True though neh?

Ear Conditioning – Control Alt Dlt Program

  • Major Lazer / Boom 1 (Mad Decent)
  • Martyn /  The Only Choice (3024)
  • Steve Goodman & Kodwo Eshun – The Long Trail excerpt (mpfree)
  • Martyn / Little Things (3024)
  • Echologist featuring The Spaceape / The Mercy Beat Dub
  • Ras G and The Afrikan Space Program / Veggie Burrito (Brainfeeder)
  • XRABIT + DMG$ / Follow The Leader – Mexicans with Guns Remix
  • Daedelus / Off to the Races (Meanest Man Contest’s Remix feat. Cuzzo)
  • Don Cash / On the Strength 
  • Ghislain featuring Mr. Slaughter  / Get Crazy  (Ninja Tune)
  • TV on the Radio / Dancing Choose – Prefuse73 Remix (4AD)
  • Major Lazer / Hold the Line (Mad Decent)
  • Starkey featuring Durrty Goodz – Gutter (mpfree)
  • Reefer – Let It Go / Flying Lotus Remix (mpfree)
  • Nosaj Thing – Coat of Arms (mpfree)
  • Filastine – La Muerte (Filastine)
  • King L Man – HuhWhat?  (Ear Conditioning)
  • Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens / What Have You Done, My Brother (mpfree)
  • Buddah Music – Zone 05 (The Wire mpfree)
  • The Naturists – Lost in Space  (Interactive)

Ear Conditioning is ´earable on Tuesdays at

Radio Norte 89.4FM, Tacoronte and neighbouring pueblos from 20h30

Sunhole Radio from 22h00

On Thursday, tune into Planet Radio see link for frequencies within Tenerife.

I´ll be hoisting the record bag over to Txola this MayDay Friday.  If your in the area, venga, la dia es la cumpleaño de mi mujer.