Article Matter – Vinyl Covers

Whapp’n yesterday?
Gosh, saw four stories regarding the state of vinyl, I wasn’t even specifically looking for them either, plus somebody complaining online about those that fetish over the stuff.  Everybody to their own, safe within what school they came up in, old, new, not conceived yet, just warming up etc.  Mpfreeze give you one thing, the music and are convenient for traveling dj’s, while vinyl gives you the music, plus something to read, learn & inform, put the links together over time re: studios, producers, engineers, musicians, session players, concepts, etc, add as  you see fit.

Record Store Day is apparently hurting those it was mean’t to prop up, the indie sector, yet the majors and dodgy make a quick buck operators are jumping on it, with limited editions already for sale at $1,000.   What else? Oh, Sonic Boom, (great name) a record store in Toronto, is opening up a walk-in record pressing service. Like dat! More on that here via Fact.

Also grabbing my attention was a record cleaning product, then I found out you can use carpenters glue. I had no idea….uh, that I treated my records so badly, so badly, that time has defo arrived to clean some of that ancient gunk and sweat etc. outta them grooves.

I had to move my records lately, so the electrician could get behind them to reach a socket, that he thought was causing the electric box to trip every time we turned a light on.  After all that effort, of course, that socket was not the problem…..grrrrrr.

Moving them has several positive things going for it,  the crazy notion of getting them all in proper alphabetic order, which will be an ongoing ten year job I reckon.  That is some physical exercise yeah.

Thanks to Anna Gavana & Peter Ericsson / Meerkat Recordings for the most recent vinyl jam session that took place in yard, amongst typical Swedish and Canarian foods, sweets, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Former Virgin colleague, Jens Peterson Hallefors also knows what I mean when it comes to putting one’s vinyl collection in order.  Must be a Swedish thing…..

Let me finish on one reason, vinyl is better than mpfreeze, it gives commercial artists work.


Afronaught_Shapin' Fluid
Afronaught_Shapin’ Fluid
Ape Records, London
Barry Adamson_The Negro Inside Me (Mute)
Frederick Galliano ‘Sabar (Le Vent Et La Poussiere) ‘

Sessions at Txola – December/January

This month I’ll be spinning at Txola twice, including the fin de año / new years eve.  For this night, I’ll be joined by an old friend from Toronto, a true Canadian authority on hip hop, r&b, soul, the legend that is JohnBronski.  We were fortunate to be in the spot when the first hip hop vinyl made its way 500 miles from NYC to Toronto.  Getting down to Disco Sounds record shop off Yonge Street, to hear the new style on a punishing sound system.  The speakers in there, Cerwin Vega’s I think, were a bit too much, ‘cos when we got home with our latest purchases, the punch was missing.  Good Times.

Gil Scott-Heron interview

When I was part of CKLN Radio in Toronto many moons ago, one of the highlights was being asked to be the master of ceremony for a concert by Gil Scott-Heron onstage. That really meant announcing him onstage. When the time came, I had to announce to the full house at the Bamboo club that Gil was delayed at the airport. Rumours started buzzing around the place that he was held up because of drugs, which turned out not to be the case, but I supposed one could forgive sections of the audience for believing so.

After many a year in the wilderness, he returns with a new album, out from Monday.

You can read about his trials and tribulations in an interview for The Guardian, with Sean O’Hagan, (not the Sean O’Hagan I once confused with the Sean O’Hagan of the band Microdisney)

“People keep saying I disappeared,” the singer tells me, laughing heartily, when I speak to him. “Well, that’s a gift I didn’t know I had. You ever see someone disappear? That makes me a superhero, right?”