Spring flowers….real close up


Flowers are one of the great joys of spring, but viewing them under a scanning electron microscope uncovers a surreal, alien beauty. These images were created by the award-winning German microscopy team Eye of Science, comprising photographer Oliver Meckes and biologist Nicole Ottawa.

More photos at The Guardian,

David Yarrow – Close to you

Photographer David Yarrow knows a thing or two about a thing or two, ‘specially when it comes to get close to his subjects. “The great war photographer Robert Capa said that if a picture isn’t good enough, you’re not close enough. You can’t get a sense of menace through a telephoto lens, so I decided to get close up.”

Omo warriorRhinosElephants

More of this type of thing over at the Guardian

David Yarrow website

Photo highlights


An installation entitled Keeper of Time in front of Berlin Cathedral on the first day of the Festival of Lights. Dozens of the city’s buildings are illuminated with colourful projections during the annual event. Photograph: Britta Pedersen


Photographer Andrey Pavlov gives us a glimpse into the miniature world of ants in a scene cleverly constructed in his garden in Moscow. After placing tiny props in the path of a colony of red forest ants, he waited patiently for the opportune moment for the insects to fall into formation to bring the scene alive

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DJ/rupture in The Guardian

Good to see Mudd Upper Jace Clayton aka DJ/rupture getting some love in The Guardian newspaper yesterday. This dude, Mr. Negrophonic has introduced me to so much, and not just music. He’s on another level while the grass still tickles his toes.  Literature, art, architecture, technology, designing plug-ins, research, bloggin’, label boss, phew!

He’s got a new album coming out under his real name instead of DJ/rupture.  The album is based around Julius Eastman,

Pancake time.

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We can kill you. It’s good for business

Rapier missile system, London

In today’s Guardian,  a piece  by Andy Beckett on the British arms industry, the excuses used to justify government involvement, “it supports 300,000 jobs”, and often used quote that doesn’t add up. It’s ties with government. Quite interesting that is these years of free market theories and “orthodoxies, how pivotal the state is.”  Maybe in a somewhat humorous point, “There are only a few other businesses – such as pharmaceuticals and pop music – where Britain is still so internationally prominent.”  Bomb them with arms, pop music and drugs. Class.

Where is Mark Thomas when you need him?

Plaza Joe Strummer

News just in, a plaza in Granada, Spain is to be renamed in honour of the Clash singer / guitarist / poet Joe Strummer. Officials confirmed on Tuesday they had chosen a square to be renamed Plaza Joe Strummer, after receiving a petition to honour the musician, who went there from London in 1984 as the Clash began to disintegrate.
“A square has been identified and now the proposal has to be approved by the committee of honours and distinctions,” said a city hall spokeswoman, María José Anguita. “There was a popular petition for this to happen and the city hall accepted it.”
Strummer, who died in 2002, travelled to Granada, in southern Spain, after he and bandmate Paul Simonon provoked the Clash’s greatest crisis by sacking the guitarist, singer and songwriter Mick Jones in 1983. “He was basically fleeing, running away from the problems he had created in London,” said Nick Hall, a Barcelona-based film-maker who is working on a documentary, I Need a Dodge! Joe Strummer on the Run, that tells the musician’s Spanish story.

Strummer’s connections to Spain went back to pre-Clash days when he shared a London squat with a Spanish girlfriend, Paloma Romero, the future Slits drummer known as Palmolive. The squat was also shared by Romero’s sister Esperanza and Richard Dudanski, drummer in Strummer’s pub rock band the 101ers.

“They would talk a lot about politics, the Franco dictatorship and [the poet and playwright Federico García] Lorca. That is the root of his interest,” Hall said

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2012 – Some images

The Guardian has got some great images taken over the course of this year. From the aftermath of a tornado in Spain; Protests by Dairy Farmers in Belgium; Something you never equate with Gaza, people having a good time; Snipers in Syria; Horses running through bonfires in San Bartolomé de Pinares, Spain. More here

Aftermath of tornado Spain

Milk protests in BrusselsParkour in GazaSyrian snipersLas Luminarias de San Anton Festival