Invasion of the Mysteron Killer Sounds in 3-D

Kevin ‘The Bug’ Martin gets into his compilation suite for the first time in ages, as he and Soul Jazz mainman Stuart Baker present Invasion of the Mysteron Killer Sounds in 3-D.  It boasts contributions from Roots Manuva, Harmonic 313, Steely and Clevie, Diplo, South Rakkas Crew, King Tubby and a whole heap more.  You know if it’s a Soul Jazz comp’ it’s worth checking.  Whenever I’m  in London, Kevin and I always rendezvous at Soul Jazz’s record shop, making sure to save a few pennies for cakes later.

How did Invasion come about?

Stuart Baker: “From Soul Jazz’s point of view – I wanted to make an album of dancehall digital B-sides which to me always sound like a mix of experimental digital music from the present (even though some are 20 years old). I wanted people to hear them alongisde current sounds and realise the connection. To relate the music to science-fiction (as opposed to, say, reggae) by making a cartoon seemed a way of being seen in a different way. When Kevin asked if he could help it made a lot of sense to me and he was instrumental in bringing the new artists into the release which made the idea very strong to me.”

It’s far from your first foray into compilations Kevin – were you itching to get back at it?

Kevin Martian: “You know, when I put the compilations together for Virgin, I felt it was part of a propaganda war [laughs] a way to turn people onto music that’s maverick, rare, neglected or shunned. Primarily it’s about helping people discover sounds/styles that may seem alien at first, and hopefully they will discover the same sense of revelation that I did… At the moment there is so much music out there, and so much choice, if I can help in a curatorial sense, to popularise dancehall, fantastic.”

Full interview at Fact Magazine

Ear Con60 – Black Sun Burnin’

Yesterday the sun was black.  It will be like that for awhile, judging by how timeless ‘Memories of the Future’ the first album by Kode 9 and The Spaceape feels.  It still resonates with the freshness upon the first encounter.  The follow up work, ‘Black Sun’ rose yesterday.  It’s a environment that is not dissimilar to that which was presented via the film ‘Children of Men’ to which Kode9, The Bug, Digital Mystikz contributed music.

Kode 9 interview from Fader Magazine

We deliberately tried to make Spaceape sound like I’ve tuned in to him on some kind of frequency from another place, like he’s transmitting from another location. That location is this fictional world we tried to create, a world after an unknown, unclassified radioactive event. The album takes place in the repercussions of this event and what it’s done to the atmosphere. The album is really about populations dealing with the ecological consequences of this radioactive event. Now, that’s not an attempt to reflect what’s going on in the world. It’s distant in the sense that it’s a fictional world, that  we don’t know where it is and we don’t know when it is. The music evoked a world that we didn’t expect and now we’re just trying to work out what that world is.

Also contributing to the sunburn this week are Badawi, who did the artwork for the ‘Black Sun’ album, Martyn, The Bug, Ryuichi Sakamoto with Youssou N’Dour, Four Tet, Scratch DVA, Vision and the Riddler (thanks for that tip Manjeev), Silkie, The Gaslamp Killer with Gonjasufi on board.  And there are a few more gems in there, finishing of with the closing track from ‘Black Sun’ which features FlyLo.

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Ear Con 55 – Ear Aid

Ear Con55 – Ear Aid

Well it goes a little like this….

Starts heavy in an ethereal manner with Justin Broadrick’s latest incarnation, that being Pale Sketcher.  We also have him  taking on Teledudngosis as TechLevel2, should you last the full coarse.

London producer Mau’lin grafts Canadian vocalist Amenta in for a floater that reminds me of The Orb’s ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’. It could be the Canadian tilt on the vocals, well, Joni Mitchell being Canadian an’ all that, anyway, yeah, there is nothing wrong with having something ‘nice’ in your life every once in awhile yaknow! Abstract off-the-wall production from Mau’lin, this guy has potential in sacks. A three tracker with two more versions of ‘Deeper Than The Sun’ will be coming out via Ho Tep very very soon.

In preparing for this years Clandestino Festival we’ve been delving through nuff nuff music.  Confirmed for edition nine, Susheela Raman, Khaira Arby, MutamassikBaloji, Onra, and also Hype Williams.  Check out the Hype vids and tunes via our friends at King Midas Sound

Shit, there was a real good radio interview with Prince Paul that I came across a few days ago, and for the life of me i can’t find the link anymore, he had some insightful things to say about his time in the studio with DeLaSoul.  Plus I’ve been bouncing around for a few weeks now with their album ‘Stakes Is High’ on repeat.  So here’s some if ya missed it.

We jump to Nigeria courtesy of Honest Jons and their Lagos All Routes compilation.  With a band name like Travellers Lodge Atomic 8, you know it has to be checked.

Bristol’s Rob Smith (a.k.a. R.S.D.) delivers a remix from Reggae Roast’s recently released Righteous EP). The London-based label has made a name for itself connecting the dots between traditional reggae music and the exploding styles of the UK bass scene, and this, its fifth release, is set to continue that reputation. The organ and horns of the original track (featuring the production of Evergreen, Landlord, and Ruckspin) are replaced with their dubbed-out counterparts, letting MC Danman’s uplifting lyrics take the lead when present.

There you have it.

It’s all ‘earable at Sunhole tonight at 22h00GMT and Saturday* 16h00-18h00 CET at eFM/Radio Studentski Sarajevo

Pale Sketcher / Seventh Heaven (Ghostly)
Mau’lin featuring Amenta / Deeper Than The Sun (Ho Tep)
Lykke Li / I Follow Rivers – Tyler The Creator Remix
Louis Armstrong / Sweet Sue, Just You
De La Soul – Supa Emcees (Tommy Boy)
King L Man – OlgaRamosificacíon (EC)
Dorian Concept – Toe Games Make Her Giggle (Ninja Tune)
Niobe / Lovely Day from ‘Blackbird’s Echo’
Reggae Roast feat. MC Danman  / Righteous – RSD Dubstep Mix  (ReggaeRoast)
Tyler The Creator – Bitches Brewin’ (Odd Future)
Hype Williams / Businessline
El Stew – Arab Mafia (Om)
Travellers Lodge Atomic 8 / Ikut Azana Edem (Honst Jons)
Teledubgnosis / In Heaven, A Devil – The Bug Heaven’s Dub Mix (Wordsound)
Teledudgnosis / 80 Creeps – TechLevel2: Dub & Bass Head Mix (Wordsound)
King L Man / OneThirtySix (EC)

*The Magic Show, which carries Ear Conditioning into Bosnia i Herzegovina now moved transmission from Friday to Saturday.

Kevin Martin talks The Bug, King Midas Sound, Adrian Sherwood


Somebody who is influenced by Crass, Discharge, 23 Skidoo, Killing Joke, Public Image Limited, Joy Division, The Birthday Party, On-U Sound, SunnO))), The Bomb Squad, Kode9, Steely and Clevie and Dave Kelly can’t be that bad can they?

Up now at The Quietus, a freshly brewed interview with the K-Mart.

On ideas for the next Bug album,”….. it’ll be like The Buena Vista Social Club on crack.”

Something to look forward to.

In the meanwhile we’ll have a King Midas remix project and The Bug’s London Zoo in Dub featuring Adrian Sherwood to contend with….life’s shit innit?

Jace Clayton aka DJ/rupture interviews Kevin Martin aka The Bug

Two good mates such as these getting together in a club, around a table, in a bus, going to a gig, or in print is always a good thing.

Jace interviews Kevin for Bomb Magazine

I met Kevin Martin in 2002, right before my first London gig. I played Steely and Clevie’s dancehall riddim “The Street Sweeper”—a militant, brilliant instrumental with cut-up guitars that had over a dozen versions voiced by top Jamaican MCs and singers. After my set, he told me that the track was a favorite for him as well. Before we parted ways, he gave me a promo 12-inch of his single as The Bug, “Politicians and Paedophiles,” featuring Daddy Freddy. It stepped inside dancehall reggae—also called ragga or, in the UK, bashment—and reimagined the sound from the inside out. The Bug’s sound world proved that the lyrical fire and propulsive waist wind of dancehall could cohabitate with the bruised sonics that made the 12-inch seem loud even when played quietly. It stayed—fresh—in my record crate for the next few years.

In person, Martin is soft-spoken, articulate, and generous. But when you see him perform you realize that he’s a hardcore motherfucker who has dedicated his life to furthering the possibilities of music: from running the late-‘80s, early-‘90s label Pathological Records to his ever-evolving, perfectionist studio approach, which brings out the best in his collaborators. His dedication to craft gets deconstructed and then rebuilt, dubwise, in the live arena. On a proper sound system, The Bug becomes a monster, reminding us of the sensual possibilities of sound. It’s a heavy party and you can feel it. Gravity meets momentum in The Bug.

Ninja Tune – A documusical

Ninja Tune have revamped their website, put out tons of music this year, the twentieth year of their existence. A documentary of the gathering at a car park in London on a dreary night, goes inside where the sun was shining.

Appearances from The Bug, Kid Koala, DJ Food, Coldcut, Roots Manuva, Daedelus and more

Ear Conditioning 48 – The Show

When I was working as a press officer for Virgin Records, one of the most interesting gigs I had on my plate was going with the band Les Negresses Vertes to Beirut in 1991.  The reason being them giving the  first concert by a ‘Western’ band since the war started eighteen years previous.  One day we had a  trip via bus around the city and surrounding areas,  “This is the spot that Terry Waite was kidnapped.” The window next to the seat where my butt was parked had a bullet hole roughly head-height as in the photo above.  That photo is from the recent bruh hah hah between the Korean states.  It just seems that we are living in a big show, a massive production, whereby we are the actors and also the witnesses to absurdities seemingly without precedent. The current WikiLeaks furor is a case in point.  Very little political blow-back for those that masterminded murder, rape, pillage. No major heads on a platter. The political arena is awash with corruption that goes unpunished in most cases and accountability is just another word in the dictionary.  For it to be more than a collection of words that move air, it seems that it would require death.  So be it, but not Julian Assange’s as some commentators have said.

It’s one big fucking Show.

Now sports…..

Mr. Oizo‘s 2005 lp,  “Moustache (Half A Scissor)” album gets a re-release via Flying LotusBrainfeeder label.  Listen to the album and it all makes sense.  Apparently his label at the time F-Com just didn’t get it.

Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings have brought in Lefto and Simbad to help craft some new releases from all the records they come across in the search for the perfect beat.  Worldwide Family is a new series that sees Gilles Peterson hand over compiling duties to trusted friends of the label. Exile / grooveman Spot / Onra / TOKiMONSTA / Trilogy / Airhead / Illum Sphere / Cooly G / Zed Bias / Seiji / KU BO… and a whole host of under-the-radar talent. Volume one hits the streets Jan. 3/2011

Also due soon on Brownswood is the debut album from GhostpoetPeanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam continues a fine tradition of spoken word delivery with this man from Coventry, UK. The single, Cash & Carry Me Home is released next month, with the album to follow in February.  Tonally there is a similarity to Roots Manuva, same too with their drawl.  To be checked.

My man in Auckland, Stinky Jim, yes he, of the long running Stinky Grooves radio program on bFM and label RoundTripMars, has offered some free nuggets via the label website.  We sampled a twist on Horace Andy’s Skylarking by Jefferson Belt.  More available via the link in the tracklisting.

Thrown in near the end is a remix of Fun-da-mental’s ‘B4 I Leave’ from the Japanese edition of the ‘All is War’ album.  We’ll be making that and the other exclusive remix available to you soon…..ya dig?!

Ear Conditioning 48 – The Show

  • Intro / Pay It All Back (On-U Sound)
  • Mr. Oizo / The End (Brainfeeder)
  • Prakash Band / Aj Aj – Today Today (Disk Union)
  • The Death Set / Yo David Chase! You P.O.V. Shot Me In The Head -O.G Version (Counter)
  • DJ Food / Half Step (Ninja Tune)
  • Little Annie / I Think Of You (On-U Sound)
  • Andy Fairley / Jack The Biscuit (On-U Sound)
  • Ghostpoet / Cash & Carry Me Home (Brownswood Recordings)
  • The Bug featuring Roots Manuva (Ninja Tune)

Tune in tonight via Sunhole or Friday via eFM / Student Radio Sarajevo.

Students Rebel – The Bug

News from London:
‘In today’s riots in London a trolley with 18 inch sub & tweeters on the top was pushed into the centre of the Millbank Tower (The Conservative Party’s HQ) playing THE BUG Ft Killa P & Flowdan ‘SKENG’

Take that.

The Bug’s ‘Infected’ EP hits the shops virtual and real next Monday. Four tracks featuring a heavyweight list of performers, Killa P, FlowDan, Warrior Queen, Autechre, Roots Manuva, Hitomo (King Midas Sound), Justin Broadwick (Techno Animal, Jesu) and Scratch DVA.  Heavy enough for ya?

Available at Boomkat

Listen here