Ear Con81 – Four Elements

Ear Con81 – Four Elements

Mike Patton / Twin Primes (ipecac)
Walls / Vacant (kompact)
Scalper / One Friend feat. Mau (scalper music)
Death Grips / Pain Under The Blur Sky feat. Kiki Hitomi
Gonjasufi x Saviorself / The Lows – (hydroshare)
Gilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura Band / Check La Rima feat. Los Aldeanos, Danay Suarez y Silvito el Libre (brownswood)
Kuhn / Slime Beach (civil music)
Remarc / R.I.P. Phillip D. Kick‘s Footwork Jungle Edit (planet mu)
The Moody Boyz / Congotronic (boosey & hawkes)
Sepalcure / I’m Alright (hotflush)
Yojimbo Billions / Collapsed Unloaded (waaga)
Teebs / Cook, Clean, Pay The Rent – New House Version (brainfeeder/ninjatune)
Mr. Scruff / Feel It! (ninjatune)
Fatima Al Qadiri / Hip Hop Spa (uno)
Scuba / M.A.R.S. – Machinedrum Remix (!k7)

Broadcast via Sunhole tonight at 22h GMT+1, Saturday via eFM / The Magic Show 16hCET

Ear Con 69 – Eat As Much As You Want

Ear Con69 – Eat As Much As You Want

Mutamassik / High Alert – Interlude for Grampa (Soundink)
Ras G / 14.303 Vs. Tell-lie-version (forthcoming on Ramp)
Teebs / Untitled 10 (Brainfeeder)
G.A.F. y La Estrella de la Muerte / Let’s Fuck (Foehn)
Prince Francis / Rockfort Shock
Jackie Opel / I Am What I Am (Rio)
The Bug feat. Cutty Ranks / Gun Disease (Rephlex)
DHS / The Forbidden (Hangman)
Hype Williams / Badmind (soon come from Hyperdub)
Flying Lotus / Zodiac Shift – Sonnymoon Remix
Company Flow / End to End Burners – The Lost Mix (therealelp)
Dub Gabriel feat. The Spaceape / Is This Revolution (coming soon via Destroy All Concepts)
Silkie / Head Butt Da Deck (Deep Medi)
Blackdown / Lata (Keysound)
Filastine / Hungry Ghosts (Soot/Jarring Effects)
Nuphlo / Atma (Meerkat)
23 Skidoo / Just Like Everybody (Fetish)
The The / The Sinking Feeling (Some Bizarre/CBS)
G.A.F. y La Estrella de la Muerte / Sky Before Us (Foehn)

This sixty-minute collection of sound will be transmitted today via Sunhole at 22hGMT+1, and via eFM/Radio Sarajevo, Saturday at 16hCET

Ear Con 52 – Esperanto Take Out

Ear Conditioning 52 – Esperanto Take Out

Broadcast tonight via Sunhole dot net at 22h00 Tenerife/London Time and Friday via eFM at 18h00

Thanks to the singers, players, promoters and dealers.

Ear Con 41 – Ears for Vision


John Baker, your work, groundbreaking, thank you.

Oh No, man that Dr. No’s Ethiopium has been a great companion this year.

Vijaya, how much can you put into one song?

Prince Far I, what a talent taken away in his prime by senseless violence.

Creation Rebel and Adrian Sherwood, ahead, way ahead.

DJ Shadow:  Great programming and outlook, love the way he placed this 12″ in unknown locations at record shops in Eastern Europe, go seek.

Babylon Residence: “Can you play some African stuff?”  I drop this.

Public Enemy: What can I add?

Tebbs:  Skywalking the clouds

Niobe: Gorgeously silky

Ear Conditioning 41 – Ears for Vision: Will be in the outernet 22h00 (GMT+1 tonight) via Sunhole dot net, repeated weekdays at 11h, and as part of the Magic Show on Sarajevo’s eFM on Friday from 18h00 (CET+1)

John Baker / Vendetta – Ice Cream Man (Trunk)
Vijaya Anand/ Aase Hechchagide Desire Soars Up High) (Luaka Bop)
Oh No / Butta (Stones Throw)
Oh No / All My (Stones Throw)
King L Man / Untitled Tribe (Ear Con)
Prince Far I / Mansions of Invention (Pressure Sounds/On-U Sounds)
Creation Rebel / Space Movements Part1 (On-U Sound)
Tikiman / Never Tell You (Rhythm & Sound)
J. Dilla & Black Thought / Reality Check (Stones Throw)
DJ Shadow / Def Surrounds Us (Island)
Teebs / Why Like This (Brainfeeder)
Anti Pop Consortium / Volcano – Four Tet Remix (Ninja Tune)
Gaslamp Killer / Carpool Dummy (Brainfeeder)
El-P / Meanstreak (In 3 Parts) (Def Jux/Gold Dust)
Public Enemy / Too Much Posse (Def Jam)
Babylon Residence / Epikstar Riddim (Dutty Artz)
Niobe / Ghost Wharf Quartet


Fuck you Gaslamp Killer.

Think your bad huh?  (You are actually, but let’s pretend I don’t think so)

There’s a track on your mix cd  ‘Hell And The Lake Of Fire Are Waiting For YOU!‘, that has captured my fullest of attention, and as you recall, you purposely did not include a tracklisting.  Hence for two years I’ve been wracking my brain wanting to know who did what, what more they got.  Well that agony is over motherfucker.

You see, there is somebody  that I don’t annoy, they likes me, hence the promo of the upcoming Brainfeeder release by Teebs bum rushed my inbox.   Brainfeeder, yeah Flying Lotus’  label, you may know of them, anyway, now I know, that unknown track that you taunted me with is on it.

Why Like This?‘ kicks off the three track single occupying the state of bliss, riding your heart via a steady thump of a beat, rising synths, sampled coins adding a silver tinge or hue, distant voices calling out in the keyboard fog.

The press release is  gracefully  appropriate, devoid of BS….As a creator of vibrant, ethereal forms in soft focus, “Why Like This?” is the tonal counterpart to the hazy alternate world conjured up in Teebs’ visual forms – A field recording from Heaven. “Arthur’s Birds” meanwhile, is a dreamlike soundscape, full of effulgent ambience in reversed sequence – the rewinding of a distant memory.

‘Arthur’s Birds’ is special, once again a thumping mighty ounce bounce of a beat and gorgeous instrumentation following the gravitational pull of a distant entity.

In shops 1 November

Hey Gaslamp, I read your not as much as an asshole as you used to be, good, your learning from our mistakes.