The Magic Show, coming to town

I very much appreciate both Tanin at Sunhole and Emil of the Magic Show at Bosnia’s eFM radio station taking my weekly transmission from these parts.  Coming up in the next few weeks will be further collaborations with the two stations, as I’ll be presenting the Magic Show within the Ear Conditioning slot every now and then, giving my listeners an indication of what’s being felt in Sarajevo.  On occasion, our brothers and sisters in Sarajevo will get a further dose of what goes down at Sunhole via Tanin’s program.  More as it happens.

Martyn – The Count’s Secret Planet


Our favourite Washington DC based Dutch producer that is Martyn has dropped a podcast mix on his friends at Brainfeeder.  A selection of beats from Dilla, MF Doom, Tom Tom Club, Madlib,  and a host of udders others awaits, copable here.  Over at Martyn’s 3024 blogspot page or here you can find  a mix from a couple years back that’s more in the minimal techno vein.  Tanin should be pleased.