I saw the documentary about A Tribe Called Quest a few days ago, phew, bloody brilliant.  It’s so well put together, the story, the editing, it could be released as a audio file and it would still carry the weight, be coherent. As the credits rolled, Madlib’s name appeared, and it reminded me I had this link to the Pefect Sound Forever  piece on Madlib.  It’s here.

Photo: Marcel Sison


J. Dilla

Hey Rodrigo, if your out there, your gonna dig this three part look at the life of the illa man J.Dilla courtesy of them folks at Stones Throw and Stussy. Peanut Butter Wolf, J-Rocc, Frank (of Frank & Dank), B+, and more drop some Dilla-isms – his method of working on a beat, having it all mapped out in his head before he put it down, sampling everything, from Stereolab to some old shit.   Give him any record and he could make a beat out of it. Rod’, when your done, give me a holler, we got business to be getting on wid.

Ear Conditioning – Body Rock

The head-nodding, body rocking, mind-bending experience.

It had to happen, didn’t it?


Dublicker, a bass-heavy take on Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker. Thanks to Generation Bass for posting the link.

The Clandestino Festival, have just announced the dates for next years event, 11-14 June, and I’m onboard again, as part of the curating team.  One of the highlights will surely be Staff Benda Bilili.  The rumba-based sound this band from Kinshasa, threw me a curveball alright.  Glad to say I caught it.

My man Scalper pointed me in the direction of Fujako, who are linked up with the Wordsound label, another bed of quality, (Sensational)

The mix that accompanied the ecent post on a decades worth of Boom Bap did the job, digging out gems such as KRS-Ones’s Return of the Boom Rap.

The head-nodding, body rocking, mind-bending experience.

Antoine Dougbe – Honton Soukpo Gnon (Analog Africa)
Staff Benda Bilili – Moziki (Crammed Discs)
John Robinson – Fly Prezidente
Famille Bou Bess vs. Flying Lotus – Melting
Fujako – Sulphur Goat
Unknown Artist – Dublicker
Untold – Stop what your doing * James Blake remix (Hemlock)
Chancha Via Circuito – Prima (ZZK)
MadVillian – Raid (Stones Throw)
KRS One – Return of the Boom Bap (Jive)
Martyn – Krdl t grv (3024)
Silkie vs. Mizz Beats – Purple Love (Deep Medi Musik)
Aziz Mian – Allah Hi Jane (Oriental Star)

Ear Conditioning is ‘earable at Sunhole Radio, Tuesday  22h00

Phonetics and Instrumentation


I received some gorgeous music last week with the name of Obba Supa attatched to it. Technical Development runs the mic.  His 100% London accent brings honesty, knowledge and Lewis Parker to mind. The production of  Hey!Zeus holds plenty heritage within and forward thinking with jazz-brewed off-key beats and keys that hit your soft spot with no apologies. Rewind champion of the week.

As previously mentioned this week is the global launch of the latest output from Indigenous Resistance, and what a cast included.  See below for the list of all participants, some no longer with us, but on record yes.  I’ll be dropping Routes to Rootz at the Boreal Festival this coming Saturday after Tropico 28 and Karlovy Vary take the stage.

A good friend of mine introduced me to Intik, a rap group from Algeria.  While checking the cd booklet, I noticed the name of Imhotep in the production credits for one track.  He is/was, not sure, part of French rap legends I AM.  He released a solo album which was miles away from I AM.  The album, Blueprint, published in ’98 is one of my favourites when it comes to Maghreb and contemporary beats sharing the bath water.  I played this album to whoever I could, and seriously only one person was not impressed.   You be the judge…..

Ear Conditioning – Phonetics and Instrumentation

  • Obba Supa – 102 2am but not (Project Moon Circle)
  • Obba Supa – Barefaced (Project Moon Circle)
  • Herbie Hancock – The Stick Up
  • MadVillan – Raid (Stones Throw)
  • Amir Sulaiman – Spit
  • A. Russell – Got the Hunger (The Heavy Remix)
  • Negitvland – Truth in Advertising (Eerie Materials)
  • Zinc – Faster (Bingo)
  • Elixir – Alien Rainbow (Language)
  • Chrome – Melody (Language)
  • El-P – Excerpts from Weareallgoingtoburninhellmeggamixx2 (Def jux)
  • Grand Master b.k.a. “Gundel” – The Solution? (Uppercut)
  • Indigenous Resistance – Routes to Rootz featuring Freshmint, Benjamin Zephaniah, Augustus Pablo, Mikey Dread, Eagleheart Singers, Chuck D, Santa Davis, Scully, The Ghost, DJ Rodrigo, Tohununu  (Indigenous Resistance)
  • Intik – Entre Deux Feux
  • Horace Andy & Tapper Zukie – Natty Dread a wha she want
  • King L Man & Grenouille – Red Label No.1  (Ear Con)
  • Martyn – The Bridge (3024)

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Peanut Butter Wolf / 45Live


Hhmmm tasty!

Peanut Butter Wolf is on the case again.
Through his label Stones Throw (Madlib, Jay Dilla, Jaylib, Charizma, Georgia Anne Muldrown, Breakestra, Guilty Simpson) he’s lined up a 7″ box set of eighteen rap classics for release in October.

He’s re-edited most of them so fit the format, hence it’s the first time these tracks will have appeared as such.

All the details here.

After you read it, you maybe like me and dash quickly to get your copy of Stezo’s ‘It’s My Turn’ to jack the drums into the sampler.

Madlib + Guilty Simpson = OJ Simpson


Madlib, he’s a producer who’se shit resonates in this area.  That man digs deep for breaks to create his sound.  Pleased to know a new project is due to be released out on Stones Throw label.  Madlib teams up (again) with rapper Guilty Simpson, to present the OJ Simpson album. No references to the Juice, it’s just that Madlib’s real name is Otis Jackson, and Guilty Simpson, okay you got it now.  The first single, ‘Coroner’s Music‘ off the block that is the album is now available via among other places.
You can download  Madlib in session at Radio Nova / Paris.  A very invigorating and inspiring set, as you would expect from someone of Madlib’s calibre. It’s out there.

I’ve been in a bit of a foul mood for a couple hours, however this mix has rescued me from the blahs

Coroner’s Music hits the right buttons too, yeah?!   Disfruten.