Ear Con67 – Warped Level2

Ear Con67 – Warped Level2 Tons of upcoming new releases this week.  ‘electr*c’ a new compilation from the Brownswood label, featuring fresh beats that reside in the “grey area of dance music”.  I’ve culled Ta-Ku to drop for now…his name stuck out ‘cos I came across him for the first time last week, and it hit me hard, so I was in there, faster than a bullet from a gun when it hit my inbox.

UK rapper Jehst has a new album, so we got two tracks to share from that, ‘Starting Over’ which I have played previously here, and then ‘Two Point Four’, the blissful movements and play of the vocals in the background do the trick.

This man called Finn Peters is on it.  An ep to come through Mantella Records, sparse beats, electronic environmental studies, odd brain samples all in place.

Yo, where is the soul brother? It’s here, via Dego, he of 4Hero, has a new album lined up, so it’s my pleasure to bring some of that to you. Tonight’s contribution features long-time collaborator Bembe Segue.  Fat bass lines, lovely keys, soothing stuff this ya!

For ages I’ve been wondering what ever happened to Dobie, he was a producer based in London, had a release on Howie B’s Pussyfoot label.  I vaguely recall Brownswood doing something, never heard it, no matter, he is back, now with Big Dada, and they got him on the work quick quick with a remix of Wiley’s ‘Numbers’.  Dobie, we await your own fresh beats sir.

The Tribe joint is a tune that wasn’t completed before they split or something, it’s only got Q-Tip’s verse, where was Phife?  Somehow this made out of the studio and onto wax.

One of the first parties I played upon arriving in Tenerife was an event put on by the people behind Colectivo Drone, and that is where I met Tomas aka Postman.  He’s a local beat maker and has a new free ep out via a label that I can’t recall at the moment.  He passed me some of his tunes that comprised his recent set during the recent Magma Festival which took place here a couple months back.

We go out with Starkey, a resident of Killadelphia, with the second tune with the title ‘Sunshine’.  It’s got these ‘ravey’ synths, which I’m not really a fan of, however, it drops into some nasty wobbleque bass isht, and the vocal sounds like it’s sayin’ “Ear Raid”, which I have a strong liking to.

Tune in if ya can, should you wish, tonight at Sunhole dot net at 22h00 GMT+1 (repeated weekdays at 11h GMT+1) and then Saturday at eFM at 16h CET.

NuYorican Soul / Black Gold Of The Sun – 4Hero Remix (Talkin’ Loud)

Ta-Ku / Hey Kids (Brownswood)

Jesht / Two Point Four (YNR)

Finn Peters / Yellow

A Tribe Called Quest / Practice Session

Katakresis / La Cumbia Malvada

Jehst / Starting Over  (YNR)

Dego / Sunshine featuring Bembe Segue & Dave Okamu (2000 Black)

Gonjasufi / Candylane – Bayk’d Remix

Keith LeBlanc / Technology Works-You Drummers Listen (World)

Postman / Friday Night (Nulogic)

Wiley / Numbers – Dobie Crunch Music Remix (Big Dada)

Starkey / Sunshine (Civil Music)

Ear Conditioning / Transmission 4 – Extremities

From one corner to another, hence the title of this week’s adventure.  Starting with South African township business with Malombo, heading to some Balkan horny horns courtesy of the ever dependable Crammed Discs.  Montreal’s Poirier heads down south for a collaboration on another dependable source of quality tuneage that is Zizek.

Another joint from the forthcoming Massive Attack album, Hegioland.  This time the featured vocalist is Damon Albarn.

In shops now  is volume four of Starkey’s Street Bass Anthems.  Pulled from this album is Slugabed’s psychotic rinse of ‘Simon Says’ by Pharoahe ‘fucking’ Monch.

Someone that is definitely waking people up is Jay Electronica.  His ‘Exhibit C’ has taken the rap world by storm, it’s just a right pisser that you can only get the track from the US itunes store.  Am I missing something?  Anyway to sooth those of us that don’t have access to US iTunes is the J.Dilla beat of  ‘Suckas’.

On the subject of beats, Flying Lotus takes on ‘Evil Man’ by Shafiq Husayn.  This is from a new 10″ vinyl that also features a remix of Cheeba by J.Rocc, as well as the original mix of Evil Man.

William S. Burroughs has something to say as Public Image Limited, Diplo, Dalt Wisney and Drumcunt, who I wrote about yesterday.

Plenty to get your ears around this week.

Tune in tonight via Sunhole at 22h00.

Radio Norte are back on the case, and you can catch up with last weeks program tonight at 20h30…apparently.

Transmisson 4 – Extremities

  • Malombo / Perefere…takenfrom Rhythm of Resistance LP (Virgin America)
  • Flat Earth Society / Psychoscout (Crammed Discs)
  • Koĉani Orkestar vs. Señor Coconut / Usti, Usti Baba (Crammed Discs)
  • Poirier featuring Boogat / Kalima Shop Titi – Uproot Andy Mix (Zizek)
  • Marcelo Fabian / Sed de Mal
  • Massive Attack featuring Damon Albarn / Saturday Come Slow (Virgin)
  • Slugabed / Slugabed Says….taken from Starkey Presents Street Bass Anthems Vol. 4 (Seclusiasis)
  • Diplo / Sarah (Big Dada)
  • Shafiq Husayn / Evil Man – Flying Lotus Remix (Plug Research/K7)
  • Jay Electronica / Suckas
  • Dalt Wisney / R2FUX from Beat Dimensions Vol.2
  • Drumcunt / Bonnie Tyler_Snow White (Bunkland)
  • Public Image Limited / F.F.F. (Virgin)
  • Blue Daisy / Strings Detatched

Control+Alt+Dlt v2.0



Power switch ON.

Clipped Beats, Altered Sounds, Fractured Notes, Time-stretched waves all   courtesy of Electricity.

The Long Trail –  “What is at stake is the operating system of audio social reality.”   Kodwo Eshun + Steve (Kode9/Hyperdub) Goodman 

Surf-dancehaul?   Thanks to Diplo and Switch aka Major Lazer for that new genre. That Diplo man, he just don’t stop.  Where was it I read last week that everybody wants to be on Diplo’s dick?  True though neh?

Ear Conditioning – Control Alt Dlt Program

  • Major Lazer / Boom 1 (Mad Decent)
  • Martyn /  The Only Choice (3024)
  • Steve Goodman & Kodwo Eshun – The Long Trail excerpt (mpfree)
  • Martyn / Little Things (3024)
  • Echologist featuring The Spaceape / The Mercy Beat Dub
  • Ras G and The Afrikan Space Program / Veggie Burrito (Brainfeeder)
  • XRABIT + DMG$ / Follow The Leader – Mexicans with Guns Remix
  • Daedelus / Off to the Races (Meanest Man Contest’s Remix feat. Cuzzo)
  • Don Cash / On the Strength 
  • Ghislain featuring Mr. Slaughter  / Get Crazy  (Ninja Tune)
  • TV on the Radio / Dancing Choose – Prefuse73 Remix (4AD)
  • Major Lazer / Hold the Line (Mad Decent)
  • Starkey featuring Durrty Goodz – Gutter (mpfree)
  • Reefer – Let It Go / Flying Lotus Remix (mpfree)
  • Nosaj Thing – Coat of Arms (mpfree)
  • Filastine – La Muerte (Filastine)
  • King L Man – HuhWhat?  (Ear Conditioning)
  • Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens / What Have You Done, My Brother (mpfree)
  • Buddah Music – Zone 05 (The Wire mpfree)
  • The Naturists – Lost in Space  (Interactive)

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