Massive Attack / Splitting the Atom 2

Massive Attack_3

Over at the Guardian’s music blog, they be hosting Bulletproof, another track from the forthcoming ep from Massive Attack, this time it’s a collaboration featuring Guy Garvey from Elbow.

I need to listen to this a few more times before it sinks in, or before I can overcome certain expectations which cloud judgement and ears.

Looking forward to the release of the whole project regardless.

Massive Attack – Splitting the atom EP


Easily one of the best moments of working at Virgin Records UK was being around when the first noises made by Massive Attack surfaced.
Some of us would stay late in the office, playing Daydreaming over and over and over again, trying to figure out what was that sound while passing the rizla. What is this music?

There weren’t a name for it yet, besides Massive Attack music.

The rest is history, however history does not stop, so here is the latest offering, a track from Splitting the atom EP, which is due out in October.

The title track features long-time collaborator Horace Andy.  Was that the faintest bit of AutoTune on Horace Andy’s voice?

The EP will also feature Tunde Adebimple of TV on the Radio on a recording titled ‘Pray for Rain’.  Martina Topley-Bird is also on a track.

Roll on October.

On a related issue (not to AutoTune),  man has heard that Burial and The Bug have been / are being  considered for a Massive Attack remix project.  “Rass” is all I can say really.