Brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal


I normally take a recorder to capture dj sets, however there is always something falling foul of the correct alignment of the planets: forgetting the press the record button, running out of juice aka batteries when the power cable is too short to reach the socket….there is always a crap reason.  The run of DJ session’s this year has been memorable for more than a minute, from the Las Terasitas beach in Santa Cruz, Mojo Club in Las Palmas, GCMN at Druga Godba Festival in Llubljana, Clandestino Festival, Micromusic TEA, the Keroxen do’s in Tenerife and in Los Jameos del Agua, Womad Fuerteventura and all points inbetween.

Inspired by and for those that turned up throughout the year, and also the people behind the voices or stories and artists contained within.

Ingredients: Guantanamo Stories from Shaker Aamer, recently released from the Yankee enclave in Cuba; political discourse and opinions from Yanis Varoufakis, whose book The Global Minotour has got me wrapped up.  Also some news from Palestine / Occupied Territories via Electronic Intifada. The Arabic discussion before that piece, is taken from a documentary about divorce in Iran.

Regarding the music and sound, contributions from the likes of Batida, Maga Bo, El Mahdy Jr. Kink Gong, The Bug, Kode9, Stereotyp, Tupperwear, Morgan Craft, KingLMan, Kiki Hitomi, Mohammed Al Madloul, Waipoo Petchsuphan, Public Enemy, Stock Hausen & Walkman; MF Doom, SK Simeon, Machinedrum, Oh No, DJ Vadim, Sol Monk, Fun’da’mental, DJ Spinn, Danny Brown, Muslimguaze, Rootsman, 16 Bit vs. Dj Leo, Manolo Viera, Job Ledesma, Mizz Beats, Jeru The Damaja, Nochexxx, Sensational, Walter Gross, theUnderachievers, The Beastie Boys, Audio Two, Gil Scott Heron, Namebrandsound, Source Direct, CDM, and RP Boo. There could be several names missing, hope it doesn’t hurt.

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First DJ set of 2016 to be announced soon in Madrid come early Feb., with an appearance on RNE.  More as it happens. Hasta pronto.  All the beats, and thanks for tuning in.





Ear Conditioning 40 – Hit the Spot

A strictly vinyl affair for this week, all warts, clicks, skips included. We have something for all those ‘hardcoritos’ that keep pestering me for ‘hardcore’ at parties. “Dem nah know ’bout hardcore. Dis ya hardcore!”

Still on a Keroxen10 induced high – thanks for the over-the-top compliments that have streamed in. You, those that were there made it happen.  Keroxen10 runs until Nov.6.  Also to be checked out is the exhibition of chairs, which is happening in La Laguna.

Boni Kurajica, a Macedonian chess master / electronic musician living in Tenerife is part of the team behind Keroxen10, and his group Tupperwear have a new ep out via Ruin Rec0rds, and that starts our adventure this week.  The busy man also has new release out with his other project G.A.F., and they will be performing at Womad Las Palmas next month.

Back to now, also in the potaje de music que es mi programa, hay temas de October, es un tema brutal, en el stilo de drum y bass, poca mas lento, pero con ganas.  Tambien un clasico de jungle, Supacat con Wu-Tang Clan, no lo se quien el productor, lo sientom mi suena (?) Congo Natty.

Semana pasada en Keroxen, el chico Hyperpotamus mi pregunto “What is that Aisha Bosle track you played?” It was this baby, although this video is The Kominas version.

Ear Conditioning 40 – Hit The Spot

  • Tupperware / Rumor Vitreo (ruin)
  • Radiohead / Climbing up the Walls – Zero7 Remix (Parlophone)
  • Prefuse 73 / Five Minutes Away (Warp)
  • RjD2 / The Proxy (Def Jux)
  • The Bug featuring Cutty Ranks / Gun Disease (Rephlex)
  • Renegade Sound Wave / In Dub (Mute White Label)
  • Trouble Funk / Pump Me Up (Sugarhill)
  • October / Dub Junglism (Z Audio)
  • Overtone / Give It Away – Inverse Cinematics Instrumental Mix (Redbud)
  • David Shire / Goodbye Green, Hello Garber, Goodbye Hippie  from the Taking of Pelham 123 (MGM)
  • Lata Mangeshkar / Mohabbat Ki Jhoot Kahani from the film Mughal E Azam (Odeon)
  • Black Chow / Purple Smoke (Hyperdub)
  • Flying Lotus / Disco Balls (Hyperdub)
  • DJ Disk / Holidisk Inn (Bomb)
  • Source Direct / The Crane (Source Direct)
  • Supacat & Wu-Tang / Scalp Dem – Jungle Mix (White Label)
  • Dilinja / It Ain’t Too Loud  (Valve)

This edition of Ear Conditioning will be out there tonight via Sunhole dot net at 22h00 GMT+1 and on Friday 20h00 GMT+1 at eFM, Radio Sarajevo