Ear Con63 – Lean Back

A brief note about this weeks episode:

New shit: The Underachievers, hip hop, sampled some classic beats (like Tribe for example) and crissing them up for now. Jehst, more hip hop, this time from the UK, he’s a producer and vocalist, great spring vibe for this tune, appropriately titled ‘Starting Over’. MCR Riddims give us a remix of ‘Hot’ with Ms. Thing riding it proper.  LV, oh, LV, gorgeous vocals over a clipped, tripped up, bass-laden, synth wave, lovers rock fing.  Ramadanman brings the drum and bass fire with Reclaim, taken from a compilation that’s out now via Critical. Benjamin Zephaniah gets together with Jazzsteppa for ‘Stronger’, a sample of the new Jazzsteppa album due out on Studio Rockers next month. The Elementz are a production team from Nottingham, UK.  They’ve done beats for and collaborated with the likes of Lil Wayne, Skinnyman and Starkey, promoting club events, give courses in sound production, and now they’ve added a label called T.E.P.L. to their bag of tricks.

First up on the label is the Bumpa Riddim, guaranteed to send shockwaves through the dance with bad Juju chants and a bass heavy style designed to make you get low!  Conjuring up a dark carnival ambiance, lashed with haunting conga’s, the Bumpa Riddim sets the precedence for the future sound of T.E.P.L.  That paragraph is from the press release, I thought it was apt, so let the words flow.
Dope shit:  The John Barry inspired Timber from Grantby. A favorite to end a session, ‘Appa’ from Badmarsh & Shri.

Going out tonight at 22h00 GMT via Sunhole dot net, and Saturday between 16h-18h via The Magic Show at eFM Radio Sarajevo

Ear Conditioning 63 – Lean Back

The Underachievers / Shit My Mouth Says
Grantby / Timber (Cup of Tea)
Jehst / Starting Over (YNR)
Ghostpoet / Survive It – Quest Remix (Brownswood)
Souleance / Passarinho (First Word)
Katakresis / La Cumbia Maluada
MCR Riddims / Hot featuring Ms. Thing (MCR)
LV / Lean Back (Keysound)
The Underachievers / Life Intermission
Jazzsteppa / Stronger featuring Benjamin Zephaniah (Studio Rockers)
The Elementz / Hotpantz Riddim (T.E.L.P.)
Ramadanman / Reclaim (Critical)
Wareika Hill Sounds / Proverbs of Proverbs (Honest Jons)
Badmarsh & Shri / Appa (Outcaste)

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Ear Con 47 – Strike!

Beat labs are in full swing, came across some newness from Souleance, who is also known as Fulgeance, a beatmaker from Paris. Passarinho is kinda on the Jneiro Jarel Brazillian tip, lovely smooth vocals over a steady groove, luscious comes to mind.

A compilation of beatmakers fron Russia has arrived courtesy of Finest Ego.  I maybe behind the curve, but this cat Pavel Dovgal has got some weapons, glad to know of him.  I also pulled Long Arm from the same compilation for an outing today.

Martyn may have appeared to have gone underground, but he’s in the midst of his next album which is due to surface next year.  We have the first taste of the new gear with a single on his 3024 imprint.  Out now, two tracks, Left Hander and Shook Up.  Bass music with that Detroit Techno pad smoothness.

Contender for track title of the year.  Consider, Lab Rat Bravely Escapes On Hovercraft Only To Crash Directly Outside of Gates.  That’s a track that didn’t make the final cut to El-P’s instrumental WeareallgoingtoburninHellMegaMixx3.  It’s cop’able here.

A  crew that is on a similar beat path is Odd Future.  Great to see some offkey warped beats and lyrically absurd donuts coming out of Watts, LA.

“Try talking on the blog with your fucking arms cut off.”

Back in 1984, the UK was gripped by a fierce fight between the government of that bitch Margaret Thatcher,  and the coal miners.  The police got used by the state to do the governments dirty work, and the many parts of the media did their best to help her.  On the other side, communities that were to be affected by the closing of mines in the UK received help from all quarters.  Many musicians did what they could.  From Test Department collaborating with the  South Wales  Striking Miners Choir and releasing an album to raise funds.  Billy Bragg, The Redskins, etc. did their bit too.  Under the name The Enemy Within,  drummer Keith LeBlanc got in on the action to produce Strike, along side Adrian Sherwood.  At the time, using vocal samples wasn’t as common as it became, these guys were ahead of the curve.

If hear that sweet voice that is Horace Andy, then you know you’ve found us…..

Ear Conditioning 47 – Strike!

Transmission Time/Dates:

Tonight at Sunhole 22h00 GMT

Friday at 18h00 CET via eFM / Student Radio Sarajevo

  • Horace Andy & Naggo Morris / Heart is Gone (Wackies)
  • Horace Andy & Naggo Morris / Heart Dubwise (Wackeis)
  • Carl Bradley / Slipping into Darkness
  • The Enemy Within / Strike!
  • Pavel Dovgal / Is On Fire
  • Souleance / Passarinho (First Word)
  • Martyn / Left Hander (3024)
  • Mizz Beatz Sactuary (Eglo)
  • Earl / Couch featuring Ace Creator
  • El-P / Lab Rat Bravely Escapes On Hovercraft Only To Crash Directly Outside of Gates
  • Sunn O))) / It Took The Night To Believe (Southern Lord)
  • Pixies / U-Mass (4AD)
  • Parliament / Funky Woman (Invictus)
  • DJ Vadim / Terrorist – GasLamp Killer Remix (Ninja Tune)
  • Long Arm / The Roots (Finest Ego)
  • DOOM / Green Whore Net
  • Samiyam / Catch Me Riding Dirty