Ear Con94 – Upside Down World

Title for this weeks broth inspired by Eduardo Galeano’s book Upside Down, hence the image above, by illustrator Jose Guadalupe Posada 

Ear Con94 – Upside Down World

Arts the Beatdoctor / Ghost in the Machine (project mooncircle)
fLako / Broken Toy (project mooncircle)
Vision & The Riddle / Mr. Engineer (post)
Twinkle Bros. & Trebuina Family Band / Don’t Betray Me (on-sound)
Ari Up & The Dub Syndicate / Title Unknown (on-u sound)
Stray / Break Your Legs (brownswood)
Dream Continuum / Give A Lil Luv (planet mu)
Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program / 1derful Beings (ramp)
Burial / Street Halo (hyperdub)
Maga Bo / Gondar (senseless)
Future Sound of London / Papau New Guinea Dub (jumpin’ & pumpin’)
Earl Sweatshirt / Home (oddfuture)
Shafiq Husayn / Evil Man (plug research)
Alice Coltrane / The Hymn (impulse)
Marcus Miller / Bass Solo
Plug / A quick plug for the new slot (ninjatune)
Ramadanman / Reclaim (critical)

Broadcasting tonight at 22h00 GMT+1 via Sunhole.net and Saturday at 16h00CET via eFM / Radio Sarajevo

Ear Con71 – is that real?

Apologies to the listeners in Sarajevo, I had this session ready for last Saturday’s excursion via eFM, however there was no innernet connection out Botnik way where I was for the Clandestino event there.

However, back on track for this week.

New material from guitarist Morgan Craft kicking off things, and closing, for that matter. Experimentation is where it is at. The XPRiMentashun continues with Ras G and Shafiq broadcasting from their way out respective corners, dabbling in radiophonics.

German label, Project Mooncircle bring the latest package of their Finest Ego worldwide beat-producer series, this time beatheads from the UK and Ireland stand up.  On it is Seagull Mansions’ ‘Survivor’ which, like Teebs,  was a cut that was included in Gaslamp Killers ‘no track info’ mixtape ‘Hell And The Lake Of Fire Are Waiting For YOU‘.  I’ve had that CD for at least two years slowly slowly the identities of the music used on it is coming to light.  At this rate, I know the complete tracklist in fifteen years or so.  Back to the Mooncircle compilation, it’s out next month, and besides ‘Survivor’, I’ve thrown in T-Wok. More to come from this album over the next few weeks fer sure.

Does Mark Pritchard ever sleep?  With his Afrika Hi-Tech project still rolling via Warp, see new remix from Scratch DVA which is floating out there rightaboutnow, the former Global Communications man steps up again, this time teaming up with vocalist Trim for a project via Planet Mu, Pritch & Trim, simple.  It’s very English, the samples have a ’60’s British comedy film strand to them, or at least to me, I could be way off, if so, sue me.  Planet Mu are on it hard, also firing the Machinedrum album into our faces.  Brilliant programming in their son.

Washington-based Dutchman, Martyn has completed his follow up to his ‘Great Lengths’ album, and for the new joint, Flying Lotus has signed Martyn up, so it’ll come with that Brainfeeder stamp, tough.

There you have it, tune in, if you don’t just please make sure your doing something ya like.  This edition of Ear Conditioning is ‘earable via Sunhole dot net at 11h00-12h00 weekdays until the new show next Tuesday, and for my Sarajevo crew, this Saturday.  There maybe a time change from the usual 16hoo, will check.  All the beats.

Ear Con71 – is that real?

Morgan Craft / A Cycle of Seven 1 (RoughAmericana)
Ras G / Black Dusty Radio (Ramp)
Shafiq / DNA – Splice Mix 3 (All City)
T-Wok / Roll Dat (Project Mooncircle)
Seagull Mansion / Survivor (Project Mooncircle)
Dawoud/ Could It Be
Cleo Brown / Title unknown
Pritch & Trim / Stereotype (Planet Mu)
Renegade Soundwave / Cocaine Sex – Bonus Beats (Mute)
Funkineven / Take Back (Eglo)
Don Drummond / Confucious
Den5hion / Tu feat. Caballo
Aurita Castillo / Chambacu
G.A.F. y La Estrella de la Muerte / Chapultepec (Foehn)
The Underachievers / Move On
Onra / Chop Your Hands (Favorite)
Machine Drum / TMPL (Planet Mu)
Martyn / Viper – Ghost People Edit (Brainfeeder)
Morgan Craft / A Cycle Of Seven12 (RoughAmericana)

Ear Con 36 – Stealth Movements

The Bug being monitored

It started with me looking for a sample from the DJ Food album, ‘Recipe for Disaster’ to chuck into the set at Rollercoaster last weekend.

Then in conversation with Studio Rockers man, Tony Thorpe, he said “Chocolate Weasel, what you don’t have the album Spaghettification?  It’s on Ninja, came out about 12 years ago, surely….”  Chocolate Weasel is/was T-Power, (always remember him for the 12″ featuring  ‘Cuba’ that was on Botchit & Scarper, I think, its a white label after all) and a partner, whose name is not presently to hand. Spaghettification is a weird ahead of it’s time sample-laden beat album, that is not out of place now at all.  On a similar path at times, or at least it made me think of Prince Charming on Wordsound.

So getting  back to Ninja Tune, it didn’t stop there. The weekly free downloads promoting the massive Ninja Tune XX release, to commemorating the labels 20 years of beats and pieces came to mind – we are talking Amon Tobin, Coldcut, DJ Vadim, Squarepusher, Speech Debelle, AntiPop Consortium, Roots Manuva, Jaga Jazzist, Poirier, Mr. Scruff, and so on.  If that weren’t enough, The Bug sent a couple tracks from his new EP, soon to come via Ninja.

Around the time I was getting into Ninja Tune back in the day,   I was also coming across the work of Bryn Jones, aka Muslimgauze. Who is this cat that releases albums with titles like Vote Hizbollah? His reworkings of ‘Babylon’ by Unitone HiFi always crushed dancefloor residents.  When in Tokyo we  went record shopping and the selection of albums of his that they had,  tons of his releases instore, like a proper section dedicated to him.  Bryn could knock out five albums in a day easily, no joke.  That is why, many years after he prematurely passed away, you can still find new things you never knew about.  Which brings me to Babylon iz Iraq.  It’s an album of remixes of UniTone HiFi, this time, an albums worth, when I think he may have been asked to do one, but he sent nuff nuff.

This week I was able to take a break from getting seared while painting the roof, and I chose to listen to Morgan Craft’s latest work, Absence of Day and Night.  As with his partner’s productions, it’s available for free at RoughAmericana.  All the sounds on the album are made by Morgan and his guitar.  It’s layered, or gives the impression of being so, it’s works day or night, you can hear yourself think, hear the blood moving through your body, you can sense how your mind comes to decisions, it’s perfect to have as you walk across canyons, forests, taking in view, swallowing meteorites.

As usual, Ear Conditioning can be ‘eard tonight at Sunhole dot net, 22h00 GMT +1.  Repeated daily at 11h00 GMT+1

Ear Conditioning 36 – Stealth Movements

Chocolate Weasel / A Blue Furry Plughole (Ninja Tune)
Chocolate Weasel / Mientes with (Ninja Tune)
Amon Tobin / Eight Sum (Ninja Tune)
Letherete / Dance Brace (Ho Tep)
DJ Food / Scratch Yer Head (Ninja Tune)
El-P / Eat My Garbage 2 (Def Jux/Gold Dust)
El-P / He Hit Her, So She Left (Def Jux/Gold Dust)
Radiohead / The National Anthem (EMI)
The Bug featuring Flowdan / Skeng – Autechre Remix (Ninja Tune)
The Bug featuring Hitomi / Catch A Fire (Ninja Tune)
Chocolate Weasel / Coda (Ninja Tune)
Poirier featuring Burro Banton / Trust None a Dem (Ninja Tune)
Shafiq Husayn / Evil Man – Flying Lotus Remix (Plug Research)
African Head Charge – Throw It Away (On-U Sound)
UniTone HiFi – Babylon – Muslimguaze Remix (Muslimtapes)
Morgan Craft – Absence of Day and Night 9 (RoughAmericana)

Transmission 5 – Hear Me

Plenty in the pot tonight, starting with Vilayat Khan from the Film India album that he shares with Ravi Shankar.

More from Shafiq Husayn, Paul White, Dr. No’s Ethiopium, a new joint from Dub Gabriel with U-Roy;  Massive Attack with longtime collaborator Horace Andy; Rap newness from Profisee and Emprom; Bottom end movers from Cessa, who I don’t think bother a myspace page/website, they just throw their energy into their music; Some old joints from the 1983 album of Flying Lotus, one featuring the suave vocals of Laura Darlington aka Mrs. Daedelus, who will be on his new album due in a few months…..uh, got word today of a full album to come from Manusa, who are part of CIAfrica.  Word via the keyboard/screen is that DJ/rupture is working on a mixtape for them too.  In the meanwhile soak up the Manusa tune here, or download the CIAfrica History 3 via the above link.

Hyperdub kick of the new decade in fifth gear, courtesy of DVA, and the link strengthens with Zomby having a go at Martyn’s ‘Hear Me’.

My man Scalper has a new website up and running to check it for the goods, click up dis.

For the program, tune in via Sunhole, tonight at 22h00, or if next week suites you better sir, go to Radio Norte, which are one week behind in terms of transmitting the program, meaning you can catch last weeks program tonight at 21h00.

Until next time, PEace.

  1. Vilayat Khan – Fire Dance (Él Records)
  2. Shafiq Husayn – Intro_ Electra (Rapster)
  3. Shafiq Husayn – All Dead (Rapster)
  4. Paul White – An illusion interlude (One Handed Music)
  5. Paul White – Dream State /Dam Tales (One Handed Music)
  6. Manusa – Combinasions (CIAfrica)
  7. Muslimgauze vs. Rootsman – Mecca
  8. Dr. No’s Ethiopium – Excalibur (Stones Throw)
  9. Dr. No’s Ethiopium – Butta (Stones Throw)
  10. Dub Gabriel featuring U-Roy – Luv ‘n Liv  (Destroy All Concepts)
  11. Massive Attack featuring Horace Andy – Girl I Love You / She is Danger remix  (Virgin)
  12. Martyn – Hear Me / Zomby mix (3024)
  13. DVA – Natty (Hyperdub)
  14. Cessa – Question (Missing Link Sounds)
  15. Profisee and Emprom – Zoning / RVLT Remix (Cloak & Dagger)
  16. Bullion – Say Goodbye to What (One Handed Music)
  17. Flying Lotus – Shifty (Plug Research)
  18. Naggo Morris – Flour Power (Barcelona Raval Sessions)
  19. Scalper – Threepointonefour (Border Music)
  20. Flying Lotus featuring Laura Darlington – Unexpected Delights (Plug Research)
  21. Public Enemy -Final Count Of The Collision Between Us And The Damned (DefJam)

Ear Conditioning / Transmission 4 – Extremities

From one corner to another, hence the title of this week’s adventure.  Starting with South African township business with Malombo, heading to some Balkan horny horns courtesy of the ever dependable Crammed Discs.  Montreal’s Poirier heads down south for a collaboration on another dependable source of quality tuneage that is Zizek.

Another joint from the forthcoming Massive Attack album, Hegioland.  This time the featured vocalist is Damon Albarn.

In shops now  is volume four of Starkey’s Street Bass Anthems.  Pulled from this album is Slugabed’s psychotic rinse of ‘Simon Says’ by Pharoahe ‘fucking’ Monch.

Someone that is definitely waking people up is Jay Electronica.  His ‘Exhibit C’ has taken the rap world by storm, it’s just a right pisser that you can only get the track from the US itunes store.  Am I missing something?  Anyway to sooth those of us that don’t have access to US iTunes is the J.Dilla beat of  ‘Suckas’.

On the subject of beats, Flying Lotus takes on ‘Evil Man’ by Shafiq Husayn.  This is from a new 10″ vinyl that also features a remix of Cheeba by J.Rocc, as well as the original mix of Evil Man.

William S. Burroughs has something to say as Public Image Limited, Diplo, Dalt Wisney and Drumcunt, who I wrote about yesterday.

Plenty to get your ears around this week.

Tune in tonight via Sunhole at 22h00.

Radio Norte are back on the case, and you can catch up with last weeks program tonight at 20h30…apparently.

Transmisson 4 – Extremities

  • Malombo / Perefere…takenfrom Rhythm of Resistance LP (Virgin America)
  • Flat Earth Society / Psychoscout (Crammed Discs)
  • Koĉani Orkestar vs. Señor Coconut / Usti, Usti Baba (Crammed Discs)
  • Poirier featuring Boogat / Kalima Shop Titi – Uproot Andy Mix (Zizek)
  • Marcelo Fabian / Sed de Mal
  • Massive Attack featuring Damon Albarn / Saturday Come Slow (Virgin)
  • Slugabed / Slugabed Says….taken from Starkey Presents Street Bass Anthems Vol. 4 (Seclusiasis)
  • Diplo / Sarah (Big Dada)
  • Shafiq Husayn / Evil Man – Flying Lotus Remix (Plug Research/K7)
  • Jay Electronica / Suckas
  • Dalt Wisney / R2FUX from Beat Dimensions Vol.2
  • Drumcunt / Bonnie Tyler_Snow White (Bunkland)
  • Public Image Limited / F.F.F. (Virgin)
  • Blue Daisy / Strings Detatched

Human Fat Reduction Unit


Human Fat Reduction Unit.

That’s what the advert said.

Gotta get me one of them things.

No, the title will be sufficient.

Kicking of this week’s musical shower is a look at the new work from Shafiq Husayn, one third of Sa-Ra Creative Partners, who have already released an album this year.  Busy, busy, busy.  The music is soul on a 21st century level, dope beats, a full bottom end, and liquid synths cooking up a vibrant brew.

Yesterday was the release of the third and final ‘L.A.’ EP installments from Flying Lotus, so I had another one of those juvenile ‘gotta get the record as soon as the shop opens’ moments.

When will this affliction end?

Among the record bins of Wild Pytch Hip Hop record shop in London, I came across a promo 12″ from the latest release in the Arabesque series – featuring the vocals of Mariem Hassan who I managed to see perform at Womad Las Palmas last year.  The aspirations of her fellow Berber people are within her music and lyrics.

My former employer, EMI,  maybe  sucking it pretty hard right now, but they do have an archive many would like to get a look at.  As we have seen with the releases by Honest John’s, which have released several compilations that have their origins as EMI recordings, the label Finders Keepers have released a seven inch vinyl ‘I am very Sorry‘, licensed from EMI Pakistan.  Featuring the talent of soaring vocalist Noor Jehan, the music is typical a Indo-Pak affair – tons of strings, horns, quirky synth lines, drama induced by a hundred or so changes within a four minute lifespan.  Quality.

Soon after I returned to work at Virgin (0wned by EMI) millions of pounds / dollars went towards paying the severance package of Charles Koppleman, the former top man at EMI USA.  Fifty million dollars was what he got for running the company into the ground.  Fifty million, can you fucking believe it?  I couldn’t.  Human Fat Reduction Unit indeed.  So come on you little record companies, help get EMI out of their debts, there are thousands of tracks waiting for you to license for re-release.

Martyn’s remix of Efdemin has an underlying calypso / carnival vibe (well to me anyway) which kinda sets up the adventures of Ghislain Poirier and Ize.  After those workouts, it was fitting to bring the curtain down with the glorious string-laden work of Ekkehard Ehlers.

Oh, before I sign off, news just in on the Poirier front, his ‘Busy Signal’ workout is available here.

Ear Conditioning / Human Fat Reduction Unit

  • Shafiq Husayn – Album Teaser mixed by DJ Lefo
  • Flying Lotus / Endless White (Warp)
  • Zomby / Expert Tuition [from the One Foot In Front of the Other EP]
  • Mariem Hassan / Magat Milkitna Dulaa – Mock & Toof Remix (Mo’Zik)
  • Noor Jehan / I Am Very Sorry (Finders Keepers 7″)
  • Tommy McCook / Persian Ska (Treasure Isle 7″)
  • Flying Lotus / Parisian Goldfish – Take Remix (Warp)
  • Nickelus F / Cowboys featuring Portishead – Thank You Version
  • Green Dog / Afristepdub
  • Efdemim / Acid Bells – Martyn’s Dark Mix  (Curle 10″)
  • Four Tet and Burial / Wolf Cub (Text)
  • Ghislain Poirier / Immigrant Visa featuring MC Zulu (Ninja Tune)
  • Ize / Tronku di Mundo
  • Ekkehard Ehlers / Plays John Cassavettes Pt.2, taken from Uproot, mixed by DJ/Rupture (The Agriculture)

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Note:  All times are London/Tenerife time.