Ear Con 111: Keroxen Closing Night


I got a date tomorrow, the end is near, so I am preparing the digital record box…..whilst searching the deep recesses of hard drives and bending shelves for tunes for the closing night of Keroxen, I came across these documents. Some Keroxeneros like it rampt up to the max, with rave, jungle, d&b having taken a solid hold over the island back in the day. Got them covered with some modern d&b courtesy of Om Unit, then delving into the Congo Natty archive. Coincidentally, he is scheduled to play here tomorrow night also. Soundbwoy clash in Tenerife then! This goes out to all those that put in some effort to make Keroxen what is is – be it the organizers, volunteers, punters, all the artists of all persuasions, sponsors, officials at the town hall and those that hold them to their word.

“Rock and roll, what an empty generation”

Ear Con 111: Keroxen14 / Closing Box

Cigar Box – Al Dobson Jr.
The War – Om Unit feat. Jehst
Title unknown Ras11  Congo Natty
Title unknown – Hizbollah CD
Taboola – DJ Scotch Bonnet
Him Da Biz – Cooly G
Run Quick – NAH feat. GIVV
Breathe, rest, dig, rule – NAH feat. GIVV
Tomorrow – Hector Plimmer
Taipan Showers – Strict Fact
Stupid Wind – Sol Monk
P.L.O. Style – Wu Tang & Jimi Hendrix
Killer Dub – Vital Dub
Urania – Mono/Poly
Title unknown ‘Flex Bside’ – †€Ω§HµΩ
Close Your Eyes And Count To Fuck – Run The Jewels feat. Zach de la Rocha
Hard 2 Be – Machinedrum
Mother India – Moody Boyz Strollin’ Remix Fun-da-mental
Wait – Mala

D.WattsRiot entrevista en Diario de Avisos


Blah blah blah en español.


Entrevista completa del proyecto KingLMan, entre otras cosas, en Diario de Avisos

Click below if your Spanish is better than mine, or do that Google Translate thang, lord knows I do.


KingLMan: Vultures´ Bazaar feat. Earl 16 – Video Testing Testing One Two

As a label, this is our first thing.

Big thanks to Earl 16,  Javier Afonso for his creative ills, Rubén ´Liquid´Fernandéz for the bends and aerodynamics, Richard at Espacio Cultural El Tanque, Pura, Harjinder, The Queen, Lazaro Wheels.

Keroxen 12

The engines for this year’s Keroxen have started, plans being made, groups being contacted, art being arted.

We are going to need help to make this happen, with the government cutting drastically the amount of money being spent on culture, it’s down to those
in the front row all the way to the back that are going to make the difference.  The line-up so far is impressive, more details and the end of the video.

Vídeo promocional Keroxen12 from Keroxen on Vimeo.

Keroxen10 – Open

The opening night of Keroxen10 was off the scales, so far gone I ain’t looking to get return ticket yet.

The location was El Tanque, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, an old gas storage tank now converted into a cultural space. It’s large and empty, however in the hands of curator / programmer Nestor Torrens and his team, the tank was decked out with 5kms of hanging cloth (to act as baffles for the sound) and the path illuminated by plastic water carriers with some fibre optic blue light. Class.

Music on the night was provided the extraordinary Hyperpotamus, who held the crowds attention moving between five mics, singing, sampling, looping, layering, dancing. This entertainment, this is fun.

Taha-gwana took the stage to presenting a collaboration between Sarharian / Moroccan / Canary Island musicians. Traditional gnawa music, massive drums from El Hierro (one of the Canary islands) colliding with highly grained distorted effects mixed by members of Tupperware.

To Boni, Simone, Nestor, Reiko, Daniel/Tecnico de Sonido, sorry I can’t remember the woman on Lights, and the whole damn crew, the breakers, and the public that turned out and turned in on, I can’t say thanks enough for being a part of this event, something real extraordinary.

Keroxen10 takes place every weekend between now and Nov.6th, with a performance from Lydia Lunch, that’s right, Lydia Lunch.

Seek to be destroyed. Program is here.

Photos: Alby Ojeda

Rollercoaster Fstvl

This summer music lovers here in the Canary islands are having do to without most of the festivals that generally take place during this period, there’s no Eolica, Aguaviva, Salpica festivals in Tenerife. In Lanzarote, Costa de Musica looks like it ain’t gonna happen. Government financial assistance ain’t around like it used to be, you know the crisis.  The ‘crisis’ was the excuse for Puerto Muerto de la Cruz council not funding the Mueca street festival and the Ecological Film Festival,  however the politicians that fought over Mueca soon embraced each other with the announcement of the planned train line that is to run all through people’s back yard, living rooms etc.  They are some callous son’s of bitches, no doubt.

Anyway with all this doom and gloom about, the producer of the Eolica Festival, has managed to secure a slice of the little financial pie that is left for cultural events and is putting on the Rollercoaster Festival, the idea being people need a little pick-me up since there ain’t been much happening here on a certain level all summer.

La entrada para Rollercoaster es muy barato, 10€ en venta anticipada.  Se quiere  màs informacíon, pulse aqui.