Rollercoaster Fstvl

This summer music lovers here in the Canary islands are having do to without most of the festivals that generally take place during this period, there’s no Eolica, Aguaviva, Salpica festivals in Tenerife. In Lanzarote, Costa de Musica looks like it ain’t gonna happen. Government financial assistance ain’t around like it used to be, you know the crisis.  The ‘crisis’ was the excuse for Puerto Muerto de la Cruz council not funding the Mueca street festival and the Ecological Film Festival,  however the politicians that fought over Mueca soon embraced each other with the announcement of the planned train line that is to run all through people’s back yard, living rooms etc.  They are some callous son’s of bitches, no doubt.

Anyway with all this doom and gloom about, the producer of the Eolica Festival, has managed to secure a slice of the little financial pie that is left for cultural events and is putting on the Rollercoaster Festival, the idea being people need a little pick-me up since there ain’t been much happening here on a certain level all summer.

La entrada para Rollercoaster es muy barato, 10€ en venta anticipada.  Se quiere  màs informacíon, pulse aqui.