King Midas Sound – New movements


King Midas Sound open a new chapter

Vocalist Roger Robinson explains: “We’ve set our sights on where drone melancholy and fuzz blisteringly collide. The sweet voices on Waiting for You have a hint of bitterness now. One journalists who’d seen some of the live material described it as an apocalyptic “My Bloody Valentine in Dub” I think that goes some way to  describe what it’s like.” Read more at Fact

New single Aroo / Funny Love will be released next week.

King Midas Sound System / The Bug @ Keroxen12

King Midas Sound System

The Bug
It was a top night, the crew that built the sound system worked damn hard, basically worked 24hours straight through. We had 10 columns of speakers arranged in a circular fashion….and to think somebody (Kevin) said “One of my monitors isn’t working!”  Well, to be fair, he didn’t say it, he had to shout!

Millions of Thanks to the Keroxen team for having the faith.  We’ll be back
Moments captured by Klallam Digital Works.

Kevin Martin talks The Bug, King Midas Sound, Adrian Sherwood


Somebody who is influenced by Crass, Discharge, 23 Skidoo, Killing Joke, Public Image Limited, Joy Division, The Birthday Party, On-U Sound, SunnO))), The Bomb Squad, Kode9, Steely and Clevie and Dave Kelly can’t be that bad can they?

Up now at The Quietus, a freshly brewed interview with the K-Mart.

On ideas for the next Bug album,”….. it’ll be like The Buena Vista Social Club on crack.”

Something to look forward to.

In the meanwhile we’ll have a King Midas remix project and The Bug’s London Zoo in Dub featuring Adrian Sherwood to contend with….life’s shit innit?

King Midas Sound – ‘Waiting for you’

King Midas Sound

Yes, a great way to start the weekend, and a great way to rinse my head of the tacky ’80’s-themed track I’ve been working on all day.  Freshly arrived in the inbox a little while ago…the album from King Midas Sound, the project of Roger Robinson and Kevin Martin.

King Midas Sound mutated from a chance discovery during a collaboration between the two for for Kevin’s other project as ‘The Bug’.

Kevin had employed the skills of Roger as a highly respected poet, but when Roger opened his mouth to sing in a fragile falsetto, everything changed and King Midas Sound was born.

The album can’t be readily compared to Kevin’s previous production work. Although there is a militancy to the beats as always, King Midas Sound is more like the aftermath to  the fierce battleground dancehall of the Bug, Roger’s voice is like a paranoid and vulnerable soul resting inside a blanket of  bass and heavy vertiginous atmosphere.

As opposed to Roger’s spoken word pronouncements and The Bug’s fierce battleground dancehall, King Midas Sound is more like an opiated aftermath; a sound somewhere between Gregory Issacs and Vincent Gallo, nestled inside an intimate blanket of bass and vertiginous atmosphere.

On three of the album cuts, the duo becomes a trio, as the bittersweet backing vocals of Hitomi (Dokkebi Q) adds a further disorientating swirl around the mix like memories gatecrashing the present.

“What genre is it” you ask?  Blues.

‘Waiting for you’ will be released November 30.

Hyperdub on the case again!

King Midas Sound

King Midas Sound Cover

This just hit my inbox,  the artwork and music  from the forthcoming Dub Heavy – Hearts and Ghosts EP from King Midas Sound (Kevin ‘The Bug” Martin and Roger Robinson)  on Hyperdub.  Tune into your fav’ radio programs to hear the goods.  Everybody from /Rupture, DJ Ripley, Kid Kameleon, Stinky Jim, MAH, will be on this harder than two day old shit.

I’ll def’nutt-ly be dropping a slice from the reverb-drenched  EP on this week’s Ear Conditioning program.

Tomorrow at Radio Norte 20h30 GMT, and Sunhole 22h00 GMT.

Thursday Planet Radio, 23h00 GMT.