Grinderman talks New Album,The Process,Robert Fripp.

Spotted at everything that is Robert Fripp:

The Vine in Australia interviewed Warren Ellis of Grinderman/Bad Seeds, and gives forth in preparation for the launch of their second album, due out next month on Mute.

Despite this album being quite distinct from the first one, you’ve named itGrinderman 2. Why was that?

Oh, I guess it’s just like … Grinderman 2, y’know. (Laughs) Jaws 1, Jaws 2, Jaws 3.

I heard the version of ‘Heathen Child’ with Robert Fripp on it. How’d that come about?

Well, it came together after the fact, actually. The album was together and we had remixes [of the single] with people like Andy Weatherall and A Place To Bury Strangers. It’s one of those ideas record companies seem to have. We tried it last time to see what might come up. It was just a way to try and open things up a bit more, because all that stuff is usually very closed with the Bad Seeds. Grinderman is very much an attempt for us to open things up and engage in the ever-changing musical world. And try to get our music in different places, y’know.

Interview in full and version of Heathen Child with Robert Fripp is here

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Really got me in the mood to dig out some more Robert Fripp, it’s been too long.

A World of Possibilties

I reached out for some ambient movements this week.  As I put my hands on the second CD in the Virgin ‘Ambient’ series, and looked at the tracklisting, saw Robert Fripps’s contribution, and I recalled doing the press for a Robert Fripp / David Sylvian project that came out on Virgin Records back in the day.  When I met Robert he embarked on the story of how the man behind EG Records, had ripped off Robert and several other artists on the label.  For our next meeting, Robert came loaded with photocopies of all the documents relating to his case.  I don’t know how he carried them all to be honest, hundreds of pages of correspondence, legal papers, faxes, telexes, notes etc.  He is one serious dude.  When he does something, be it King Crimson, whatever, he doesn’t do things by halves.  Just noticed that he’s performed on a new work by Grinderman, i didn’t expect that one at all,  Mr. Fripp has no limits.  That is the vague theme of today’s program / mix, let it all out, live it, do what ya want.

Example, rapper/producer Oh No, and his Dr. No Ethiopium project.  Not what you would have expected.

Jneiro Jarel, he behind Shape of Broad Minds, doing exactly what he wants, no follow fashion.

Daedelus, the same, off on his own tanget.

Silkie, embracing a lot of music of the last 20 years to create his own vision of now and a possible future.

You get the picture.

Ear Conditioning 33 – A World of Possibilities

  • Daedelus / An Armada Approaches (Brainfeeder)
  • Oh No / Pardon Me (Stones Throw)
  • Oh No / Madness (Stones Throw)
  • Samiyam / Return (Hyperdub)
  • Foreign Beggars featuring Jesht & Kashmere – Om Unit Andromedan Battlemix
  • Robert Fripp / Water Music (Virgin)
  • CV313 / Subtraktive – King Midas Sound Remix
  • The Bug featuring Warrior Queen / Poison Dart – Skream Remix (Ninja Tune)
  • Silkie – Techno 22 (Deep Medi Musik)
  • S.U.A.D.  / Epeleptic – Martyn’s No Strobe Mix
  • Shape of Broad Minds / Raiders of the Lost Mix (Lex)
  • Voyager / Arrival (Underworld/Virgin)

Transmission: Tonight Sunhole dot net 22h00 London/Tenerife Time