Daniel Edlen: Vinyl Art


Arizona-based artist Daniel Edlen has been collecting vinyl since he was a teenager at art school. One day he combined his two passions of art and music, and started painting musicians on to their records. ‘The Beatles were the first,’ he says, ‘of course.’ He uses acrylic paint and prefers to use records that would otherwise be thrown away, although the flipside can still be played. ‘I like the tangibility of vinyl, the memories,’ he says. ‘I remember what the cabinet smelled like with my dad’s records, the sound of the shrink-wrap crinkling, the feel of the record in your hand as you flip it from one side to the other.’

Custom-made records can be purchased at vinylart.info

More fotos: The Guardian


Ya Dig.

Dig It: 1. To approve of,

To Dig: 1.  As in Crate Digging, to search for records or breaks, samples.

I dig the following clip from the Jackie Brown film, love Samuel’s vocal presence.  The phrase is a killer.  It’s within my dj sets, it’s appropriate, it’s dj battle material.

Here Hear


What do we have hear (sic)?

Ways the re-use vinyl that’s what.

Not that I plan on finding other ways to use what vinyl I have, lord no?

I just liked the picture, courtesy of Web Urbanist.

Now sports….

As I mentioned in an earlier post, on the way back from Urkult Festival, I had one day of record shopping in the noisy big smoke we call Londin.  It had been a year since I was back ‘home’ and so many record shops have closed down since.  Actually a lot of everything has closed down with new things in their place, waiting their turn to experience the financial slaughter.

One place that hasn’t shut down in Soul Jazz Records.  Seems to be a good place to hook up with Kevin ‘Da Bug’ Martin.  He pointed me in the direction of some joints by Onra (Vietnamese beats-master) and Dorian Concept (Viennese beat-maestro in the vain of  Flying Lotus, but very importantly, not a copy of FlyLo).  I didn’t even listen to them, “Carl, add these to the pile please.”   Kev’s missus, Kiki, gave me a  cd by  N’danka N’danka.  Japanese band / artist with excellent hypnotic / tribal drumming, frenzied Idris Muhammad style hi-hat action.  Highly recommended.

Our man in New Zealand, Stinky Jim runs a label called RoundTripMars, and he’s on a bit of a frenzy at the moment, with tons of records coming out.  He supplied a taster of the upcoming split seven inch featuring Jefferson Belt and UniTone HiFi.  The Jefferson track features an almighty Rastafarian spoken-word piece delivered over a weird electronica movement, very unique. RoundTripMars, they don’t do twee.

Skintologist Fritz Catlin dropped their latest production on me last week…the aptly named Biotic Dub.  It does exactly what is says on the label.

So I raise my glass to good friends with excellent taste helping me bring it home.

Ear Conditioning / Here Hear

  • Portishead / Silence (GoDiscs!/Island)
  • Jefferson Belt / The Creeping Tings of the Earth (RoundTripMars)
  • Gaslamp Killer / Hell and the Lake of Fire
  • Nosaj Thing / FWD
  • N’danka N’danka / Gallop  (Lastrum)
  • Onra / The Anthem  (Baked Goods)
  • Speech Debelle / Go Then, Bye – Photomachine & El-B Remix (Ninja Tune)
  • Skintologists / Biotic Dub
  • UniTone HiFi / Sneeze Off  (RoundTripMars)
  • Hue Jah Fink / Out of Reach – Tempest Mix
  • DVA / Nasty Nasty Nasty – Sukh Knight Remix
  • Daby Toure & Skip McDonald / Past Time (Real Word)
  • Silkie / Test (Deep Medi Musik)
  • Joker / Untitled RNS (Tectonic)

This weeks program is available at the following stations and times:

Sunhole Tuesday 22h00 (Repeated every morning at 11h00)

Planet Radio Thursday 23h00

Radio Norte next Tuesday 20h30 (This weeks show will go out next Tuesday at R.Norte)

The Spanish daily newspaper El Pias, recently had  ‘the best clubs/bars in Spain’ list, and I’m glad to report that Txola was one of the three clubs/venues/bars listed for Tenerife nightlife lovers.  Hold tight, Txola will re-open end of this month.

Also for those out Isla Baja way (that’s here in Tenerife) I’ll be returning to Los Silos to take part in the Boreal Festival Sept. 26th. We’ll be bombin’.  Big thanks to Juanjo for thinking of me.

Hasta luego.