Chrome ‘Melody’


A pre-internet tune that could be released today an’ nobody would be any wiser.  It was on ‘The Family Album‘, compiled by Tony Thorpe for his Language label than ran in the early-mid ’90s.  I think the producer was either Optical or Matrix, which was totally out of step with that they were doing at the time. Definitely forward thinking on the beats.  And Chrome, the rapper, where is he?

“24hours of flick-through brainwashTV shite, Trapped in a maze ’til you sleep and day and rise and night, That’s when we are in our element, Wanna hear the bass-line roar, fuck the radio, that’s too innocent…”

JJ Doom

“It’s really hot but it’s got air-conditioning,” says Doom, when asked if his mask might make things a bit stuffy on a hot day like today. “It sits a little bit away from my face,” he adds, and this is important because it means he can still drink beer during the interview. “That,” he adds with a chuckle, “is the main thing.”

In the lead up to the release of the album Keys to the Kuffs from Jneiro Jarel and DOOM, the Guardian’s Paul Lester gets time  with MetalFace himself.
Read more here. You can stream the whole album too, it’s out on Monday.  Big up Jneiro on the beats!

Bite the Thong!

Update: Fact Magazine got an interview with Doom too.

Iraq war veteran jailed over rap. Eh?

Today’s Guardian newspaper has this story about Marc Watercus, a soldier who produced a rap about the army extending his time in the battlezone, cussing out his superior officers. The Army didn’t like it, and now he’s being held in jail awaiting trial.

The song includes lines saying the army “fucked me over”, and a warning that he would shoot his officers and “watch all the bodies hit the floor”.
More on the story here, and the song is here.

Scalper – Flesh & Bones


When I first heard that a London-based rapper of Pakistani origin was producing/performing under the name Made in Britain, I was intrigued.   Using the same name as the  film starring Tim Roth was quite some lateral thinking. I didn’t have to look to far for him, as he became a frontman for Fun-da-mental during our Erotic Terrorism phase.

Scalper (aka Made in Britain) is now based in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand, and is dropping his debut album Flesh & Bones early 2010.

My man has been working hard.

There will be a single featuring the guitar chilling supa cris’ beat of Zero, with it’s reference to Public Enemy. On the flip will be Black Glory.  I only just got the tracks an hour ago, and they are my rewind champions of the week.  The vocals are produced in a manner that they seep into your skull box and re-wire the nerve endings.  Sounds like fun huh?!

His tracks are also available here