EarCon93-Suck it Dry

This week’s set is ready to go in about two hours via Sunhole dot net (22h GMT+1).

Featuring the goodness from Bonobo, New Order, Public Image Ltd., Laximikant Pyarelal (from the Bollywood Bloodbath album on Finders Keepers): from Project Mooncircle, in celebration of their 10 years in the game and roughly 100releases, DZA and Gards from KC; Also visitations from Busy, Funkadelic, Samiyam, Flying Lotus, De La Soul, Dream Continuum, and Kuhn, in the hands of Philip D. Kick (who is also part of Dream Continuum, or so I gather.)

More details on the tracklist later on.

As usual you can catch the repeat on Sunhole, weekdays at 11h GMT+1, and on Saturday at 16h CET at eFM

Public Image Ltd – How We Made Metal Box

Jah Wobble and Keith Levine talked to The Guardian’s Dave Simpson about the environment that existed at the time of recording the album Metal Box

“Metal Box was created with instruments and notes, but no talking between us. It’s telepathy – Wobble and me just have that, even now. We don’t compose; we allow the music to happen. None of it was written before we went in the studio, but everybody had loads of ideas. We just said to the engineers, “Keep the red [recording] button on.” We made up Death Disco on the spot. Wobble had this bassline and I played Swan Lake over it. People thought I was classically trained, which was bollocks”.

Read article in full here

Update: News of new album by Public Image Ltd. See here, at Stool Pidgeon.  Listen to new track One Drop at this cloudspot

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John Lydon

Digging for tunes for the Filastine gig, and dug out Flowers of Romance.

What a range of music.  Flowers of Romance, Socialist, Four Enclosed Walls, F.F.F., Religion, Public Image, Annalisa, Careering.

Fucking brilliant.

Then this interview.  Worth reading and listening to.


Just writing that gave me power.


Me being a former worker at the band’s label, Virgin Records, I know where he’s coming from.

Do you remember the reasons record companies gave you for not wanting to release your music in the ’80s?
Yeah. “That’ll never sell.” “That’s too different.” And “you have to go mainstream if you want any radio play.”

Have you spoken to any of those people in retrospect?
Well, as time went by, all of these alleged ‘musical geniuses’ were replaced by even dimmer-witted ‘musical geniuses’.

The record companies are all imploding now, aren’t they? For the past 10 years in particular, especially EMI and Virgin. What they’ve become is accountant led. They’re warehouses for distributing old stock. But they’re very selective about what that old stock is. They don’t mind paying the likes of Janet Jackson $80 million to sign her up, but they wouldn’t spend two shillings on me.

Courtesy of John Lydon and Self-Titled Magazine