Ear Conditioning 39 – Infinite Boiling

Vibrations in the air formed this phrase and was caught by my ears….

Infinite boiling softens the stone.

Ear Conditioning 39

Tonight at Sunhole Radio 22h00 GMT+1 (Repeated weekdays 11h00)

Friday at eFM / Radio Sarajevo  20h00 GMT+1

Jimi Hendrix / And the Gods Made Love  (Polydor)
Jilala Wedding Procession from Moroccan Trance Music: Jilala, Gnaoua
Flying Lotus / M Theory (Warp)
Twinkle Brothers & The Trebunia Family Band / Don’t Betray Me (On-U Sound)
Andy Fairley / Precinct of Sound (On-U Sound)
King Midas Sound / Frequencies (Hyperdub)
Sonido Martines / Rebajadas van a Brooklyn (Soot/Dutty Artz)
Tom Zé / Curiosidades – Amon Tobin Remix (Luaka Bop)
The Melvins / Civilized Worm
Boogie Down Productions / I’m Still No.1
Public Enemy / Rebel Without a Pause (Def Jam)
The Cramps / TV Set (EMI)
Boards of Canada / You Could Feel The Sky (Warp)
Ninja Tune XX Presents King Cannibal ‘The Way Of The Ninja‘  / Welcome To Our Ageing Sideshow (Ninja Tune)
Jimi Hendrix / Moon, Turn The Tides…Gently, Gently (Poydor)

Ear Con 27 – Don’t Spit Here

When in London a couple weeks ago, getting prepped for the Fun-da-mental – Taqwacore gig, the local council where FDM head-honco Aki  Nawaz and many a man from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan live,  has embarked on a program to highlight the ‘nastiness’ of spitting pan, the equivelent of chewing tabacco.  Anti-pan spitting propaganda competes with the beautiful sari’s for your attention.

A day after returning home, the “King of Ghetto-Tech” Maga Bo came to Tenerife on his way to  the Fuerteventura en Musica festival.  One of the digital gifts he dropped on me was the Audiofile Collective’s ‘Do Not Spit Here and There‘  project.  If you’ve never been to the Indian sub-continent, this CD is a very good  Lonely Planet audio guide.  If you have been to the Indian sub-continent, it’s  a very good  audio photo –  field-recordings of prayer calls, dhols, traffic horns, markets, radio scans, airplanes, discussions, cinema audiences and the like neatly mixed, like twenty-four hours compressed into 30 minutes, Chris Watson style.

A healthy portion of ‘Do not spit here and there’ take up the opening of todays program. The Kominas, with whom we shared the Meltdown festival stage come in with their edgy take on matters.

As usual, being in London meant meeting up with Kevin ‘The Bug’ Martin at Sounds of the Universe, before it was ‘tart o’clock’.  At Sound…we delved into re-pressings of Ruddy & Redeye Original Sounds 7’s, like Wayne Marshall’s Gunshot, and Errol Bellot’s What A Wonderful Feeling.  I also picked up one of the first  tunes I recall, U-Roy’s ‘Welding’.

Tody’s program also opens it’s doors to The Dead Kennedys’ Kill The Poor, Cutty Ranks, Kode9, an exclusive from Adrian Sherwood featuring Congo Ashanti Roy and the late Mikey Dread inna bass-heavy drop – Blackanized from Glasgow with ‘What a G’waan?’;  Ricky Ranking with his first outing for Roots Manuva’s Banana Klan label….oh speaking of Roots Manuva, The Bug gave this head a blast of a couple tunes from the version album of London Zoo, and yes, finally the long desired pairing of Roots and The Bug will come out soon.  Oh check this too, Public Enemy remixed by The Bug.  Yeah, that’s right, now your panting like the cats outside my house that are in serious heat.

Also kicking the stuffing out of weak speakers is Timeblind with the environmentally sound Rastabomba, giving a discourse on the use of solar panels and other The Man trick you to using dere tings when all the goodness is here all about, and how dem/we pollute all de wata, unnastand?

Hopefully you’ll dig it, tune in via Sunhole dot net at 22h00 tonight

More as it happens

Hank Shocklee Interview



The Ex-Berliner, a guide to all good in Ex-Berliner-world caught up with the Hank Shocklee of The Bomb Squad during Hank’s recent visit to Germany.  

On Sampling:

“….our creative landscape, as time moves on — you know, we’re in 2009, so thus we have a history of music, or an embodiment of music, that’s extensive. And you’re talking about years, or decades I should say, of music. And we’ve been listening to it, and so music is our backdrop wherever we go. We can go into a restaurant, the theater, the car – everywhere we go we’re hearing this music. So thus, the part of the creative, you know, impetus now of making music comes from listening to other people’s music. And getting inspiration and sampling pieces of that music.”

Click here for the good read.

Just Another Damn Song!

  • Frederic Galliano / Le Poussiere (F Communications)
  • Nettle meets Hrvatski / Unciviliz: Uncivilibertarian (The Agriculture)
  • Ray aka Saul Williams / Sha Clack Clack (Immortal)
  • Dodo / Iridium (Sideburn)
  • John Zorn / Battle of Algiers (Icon)
  • John Lurie / Are You Warm Enough? (Crammed)
  • Flying Lotus / Roberta Flack – Mike Slott Reflunk Mix (Warp)
  • Future Sound of London / Papau New Guinea Dub Mix (Jumpin’ and Pumpin’)
  • Bad Brains / At the Movies (Victory)
  • Bad Brains / Just Another Damn Song (Caroline)
  • Bad Brains / Attitude (Caroline)
  • Cutty Ranks meets Diplo / Dutty Six Pack (Mad Decent)
  • Hue Jah Fink / Out of Reach – Darkest Dub (Binary Feedback)
  • Cottie / Warrior Charge featuring 2Nice (Studio Rockers)
  • S.U.A.D. / Epileptic – Martyn’s No Strobe Mix (Z Audio)
  • Blackdown / Crackle Blues – Burial Mix (Keysound)
  • Q-Tip / Renaissance Remix featuring Lil’ Wayne, Busta Busta & Raekwon
  • Public Enemy / Son of Public Enemy – Flava Whop Version (Def Jam)
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