Ear Con97 / What, you again?

Ear Con97 / What, you again?

This edition of Ear Con will be transmitted at 20hCET via The Magic Show on eFM / Radio Sarajevo, and on Tuesday via Sunhole dot net, and 22h GMT+1. There is plenty in there to sink your teeth into.

Memotone / It’s out there waiting (a future without)
Earl Sweatshirt / Home (oddfuture)
Magnificent Ruffians / Intro
Magnificent Ruffians / Spanglish Conquistatores feat.
Blest One & Dkoldis (magnificentruffians.bandcamp.com)
El-P / The Full Retard (fat possum)
Prince Far I & The Arabs / Mansion of Invention (trojan)
Prince Fatty vs. Hollie Cook in Dub / Shadow Dub (mr.bongos)
Andy Fairly / Segue (on-u sound)
Anenon / Acquiescence (non projects)
Elkat and Moleskin / Hurt – The Elementz Remix (hit & hope)
Mutamassik / Ni itu rekkez
Face-T / What?
Middleswood Sessions / Nowhere in Between (middleswood)
Schlachthofbronx / Juego (disko b)
Filastine / Colony Collapse – Squeaky Lobster remix (post world industries)
Amenta / Stormy Weather (first world)

Ear Con 60 – Purple Moon

This weeks sixty minutes of thang holds the following in it’s mouth, Diplo remixing Travis Barker, Daedelus remixed by Sepalcure, Citymouth, more from the man of the moment, Tyler The Creator, getting worked over by J.Pants. One of my favorite records of the last 10 years is Charlie Watts, yes he of the Rolling Stones, in collaboration with Jim Keltner.  The songs on their album are named after influential drummers and percussionists.  I’m going with Airto for this week.

Last Friday, DJ Floro dropped a set at Txola, bliss, great selection across the board.  He also blessed me with volumes two and three in his Republica Afrobeat series.

Kode9’s set on the Essential Mix from a few weeks back had me looking in my broken beat section, so and i have to give Mustang’s ‘Purple Moon’ a spin, frenetic drum programming at it’s best.

Tune in tonight at 22h GMT via Sunhole dot net, or Saturday via eFM Radio Sarajevo at 18h00 CET

Gotta run

Quantic / En Focus featuring Trinidad from Republica Afrobeat Vol.2 (Love Monk)
Al Green / Love Ritual – Bwana Mix from Republica Afrobeat Vol.2(Love Monk)
Travis Barker / Can a Drummer Get Some – Diplo Remix
SECT featuring Ben Westbeech / In The Park (!K7)
Rhythm and Sound featuring The Chosen Brothers / Mash Down Babylon (Burial Mix)
Citymouth / Holodecker (Dropping Gems)
Charlie Watts  Jim Keltner Project / Airto – remixed by Modaji (Higher Octave/Virgin)
Mustang / Purple Moon (2000 Black)
Mike G / Forest Green (Odd Future)
Daedelus / Tailor Made – Sepalcura Remix (Ninja Tune)
Jazzsteppa / Raising The Bar featuring The Foreign Beggars (Studio Rockers)
MF Doom / Vomit – 3.33 Remix
Prince Far I / Final Chapter (Daddy Kool)

Download at Mixcloud

Ear Con 41 – Ears for Vision


John Baker, your work, groundbreaking, thank you.

Oh No, man that Dr. No’s Ethiopium has been a great companion this year.

Vijaya, how much can you put into one song?

Prince Far I, what a talent taken away in his prime by senseless violence.

Creation Rebel and Adrian Sherwood, ahead, way ahead.

DJ Shadow:  Great programming and outlook, love the way he placed this 12″ in unknown locations at record shops in Eastern Europe, go seek.

Babylon Residence: “Can you play some African stuff?”  I drop this.

Public Enemy: What can I add?

Tebbs:  Skywalking the clouds

Niobe: Gorgeously silky

Ear Conditioning 41 – Ears for Vision: Will be in the outernet 22h00 (GMT+1 tonight) via Sunhole dot net, repeated weekdays at 11h, and as part of the Magic Show on Sarajevo’s eFM on Friday from 18h00 (CET+1)

John Baker / Vendetta – Ice Cream Man (Trunk)
Vijaya Anand/ Aase Hechchagide Desire Soars Up High) (Luaka Bop)
Oh No / Butta (Stones Throw)
Oh No / All My (Stones Throw)
King L Man / Untitled Tribe (Ear Con)
Prince Far I / Mansions of Invention (Pressure Sounds/On-U Sounds)
Creation Rebel / Space Movements Part1 (On-U Sound)
Tikiman / Never Tell You (Rhythm & Sound)
J. Dilla & Black Thought / Reality Check (Stones Throw)
DJ Shadow / Def Surrounds Us (Island)
Teebs / Why Like This (Brainfeeder)
Anti Pop Consortium / Volcano – Four Tet Remix (Ninja Tune)
Gaslamp Killer / Carpool Dummy (Brainfeeder)
El-P / Meanstreak (In 3 Parts) (Def Jux/Gold Dust)
Public Enemy / Too Much Posse (Def Jam)
Babylon Residence / Epikstar Riddim (Dutty Artz)
Niobe / Ghost Wharf Quartet

InnerOuterWider Space


This week’s program delves into space.

Usually the week of Womad Las Palmas the program is kinda dedicated to the festival, but change is good, so we’ll save the muesli-eating, sandal-wearing stuff for another time okay.

As I was saying, space….the result of speaking with the Bugman Martian over the weekend. We spoke of influences, gigs we’d like to witness, the death of record shops, blah, blah, blah.  Adrian Sherwood was/is a major influence on us both and the work he did on the Primal Scream album ‘Echo Dek’  is a favourite without a doubt.  Speaking of Adrian, then you have to mention Prince Far I.  Through his work with Adrian I was introduced to the voice of Prince Far I.  Yeah, he was the man too, however he was senselessly cut down over some stupidness in Jamaica. Bloody annoying, finding out about an artist, musician, writer, politician whatever, wanting to find out more, to see them live, and to find out they are six feet under…bloody annoying indeed.  But I digress…so we have more explorations from 4Hero, from the Macro Dub Infections album that Mr. Martian compiled for Virgin Records.  4Hero weren’t ones to play safe, and witnessed by their contribution, The Paranormal in 4 Forms, not your typical drum and bass fare, at all.  Which reminds me, Roy Ayers, with whom 4Hero collaborated several times will be at this years Womad Festival, so if your in the area and fancy some quality, get your butt down to Las Palmas, it’s free.

  • King Midas Sound – Outer Space (Hyperdub)
  • Augustus Pablo – Pablo in Moonlight City (Pressure Sounds)
  • Roots Manuva – Tears (Big Dada)
  • Matty G – 50000 Watts – Loefah Remix
  • Mark Stewart – Loner (Crippled Dick)
  • Salvador Dali
  • Flying Lotus – Parisian Goldfish – Take Remix (Warp)
  • Paul Schultz – Throat Full of Stars (Virgin)
  • King Midas Sound – Earth a Kill Ya (Hyperdub)
  • Primal Scream vs. Adrian Sherwood – Wise Blood (Creation)
  • Prince Far I – Shuffle and Deal (Blood and Fire)
  • Dr. Alimantado – Mash It Up (Blood and Fire)
  • 4 Hero – The Paranormal in 4 Forms (Virgin)
  • Asian Dub Foundation – Witness – DJ Scud Remix (Nation)
  • Prince Charming – Transcendental Expectorations (Wordsound)

This episode of Ear Conditioning is ‘earable at Sunhole Radio, tonight 22h00 (GMT), and repeated weekday mornings at 11h00 until next Tuesday.