Ear Con85 – Forced Retirement

Ear Con85 – Forced Retirement

Death awaits you.
We are all going to die.
Before then let us eat the food that landed on the plate this year.
We Smoked Trees with DJ Manny,
Death Gripped your throat, Gonjasufi got The Lows
The theater of the Mind of Finn Peters cast a purple glow while
Congo beat movements from DRC Music Project infected what remained.
A visit from the Danny Drive Thru and the Black Gestapo cleared the way for some Professional Fuckery by the Underachievers.
Bouncy Inner Troubles from Chilean beatmaker fLako broke out while
Loka and DJ Food watched the Tower Falling
He hit her so she left, the green sun rose.
Then there was silence.
Time to die.

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Portishead producer/musician Geoff Barrow recently bumped into Thom Yorke at Paddington station, where the Radiohead frontman told him the band had just finished their latest album, The King of Limbs. “… I went, ‘Fuck off! Fucking hell, man, in the time you’ve done another record we can’t find two notes that we like that we can put together.’ And we can’t. And then we get really scared of trying it.”

Portisheasd curate I’ll Be Your Mirror for All Tomorrow’s Parties in London this weekend, Grinderman, PJ Harvey, a reunited Company Flow on the bill.

The source for the above quote is from the The Guardian/Observer interview

Ear Conditioning – Transmission 19.01.2010

Yesterday, Lamin of the Dutty Artz crew informed me that he’s got his latest mix “a series of emotions” within a thirty minute plus capsule, posted up on the DA site.  Subsequently we exchanged a few emails about the tracklist and more.  We have a shared liking of Shlohmo, a lanky nineteen year-old producer from out Cali way. His’ Tomato Squeeze’ comes in after the ten minute contribution from the second volume of Manouâat Amazighia, which I picked up in Agadir last July during the Timitar Festival.
Leading up to the release of their Hegioland album, Massive Attack come with another remix from an album track, this time She is Danger tackle ‘Girl I’m in Love’ featuring Horace Andy.  I’m finding this remix a bit more to my liking than the previous one’s associated with this album.  Looking forward to the Flying Lotus and Burial ones that are due.
Continuing on the beat tip, we’ve got Onra, Ras G, Busy, Paul White, J. Dilla, Mustang, and Dorian Concept.  Mustang is one of the aliases of Alex Attias, who I believe has moved back to his native Switzerland after years in London.  Part of the ‘broken beat’ scene with New Sector Movements, 4Hero/2000 Black, Domu, Bugz in the Attic, which in turn were all centered around the record distributor, (the name of which I can’t remember).  I heard his Purple Moon track on the Coldcut/Solid Steel show that used to run on London’s BBC station.  The next day or so, I went around to the distributor, which was around the corner from the Virgin office where I worked, Alex was there, and he gave me his last remaining white label.  Top geezer!
Mutamassik, returns with another cut from last year’s Commo EP.  That and Dr. No’s Ethiopium have been on heavy heavy rotation here this week.
Delve into the links, and enjoy the beats.
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  • Taslit-Laârbi Ihihi from Manouâat Amazighia Vol. 2
  • Shlohmo – Tomato Squeeze
  • J. Dilla featuring Phat Kat (Rapster)
  • Portishead – Silence (Island)
  • Onra – Apocalypse Now
  • Mutamassik – Commo the Rag (Run Riot)
  • Blue Daisy – Wolf  (Black Acre)
  • Paul White – Ultra Violet (One Handed Music)
  • King Midas Sound – Outer Space (Hyperdub)
  • Ras G – 1derful Beings
  • Bim Sherman – What Sweet Yo So
  • Mustang – Purple Moon
  • Massive Attack – Girl I Love You / She is Danger Remix (Virgin)
  • Busy – Ecleptic Armilla (Beat Dimensions Vol.2)
  • Dorian Concept – Fort Teen

Tunes from the Missing Channel – Cuentacuentos Los Silos

Ram Skull - Brian Dettmer

With this weekend’s Cuentacuentos storytelling event in Los Silos in mind, (where I’ll be supplying some sounds on Friday night en el Patio Exconvento San Sebastian a las 23h)  I’ve got some African Head Charge, Tony Allen & Jimi Tenor, and field recordings from Chris Watson and La Casa de Africa lined up.  Also stepping up to shine are Portishead, Floating Points (electronica), Scalper (NZ hip hop),  John Baker of the BBC Sound Workshop, Taslit-Laârbi Ihihi (Amazigh), Mohsen Sharifian (Iran or Armenian, much google), Samiyam (Brainfeeder), a couple minutes from the Paul White album , Sounds from the Skylight, the spacious electronica of Porcelain by ASC ,  Mike Slott, and more from the new King Midas Sound album.

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Ear Conditioning / The Coup


I may have written this before, and if so, I apologize, however where ever we (as in Fun-da-mental) have been this year, we are always asked for our opinion about Barak Obama.  Maybe it’s because we, along with millions of others were so dismayed, among other things with the previous President of the Free World, that Obama had the wishes of those same millions in his hands.  In recent months, I always answered the Obama question with what I perceived to be his lack of action regarding the recent coup in Honduras.  It has been pointed out that the US ambassador in Honduras during this coup was the same ambassador that was in Venezuela when the attempted coup took place there back in 2002.  Therefore the ‘change’ that we have come to expect with the new administration has not really come to fruition.  Yes of course, it’s early days and man can’t do everything within the blink of an eye, but Jesus H. Christ man!  Yesterday I saw an interview that Obama did and he was asked about the situation in Honduras, and he said that he hoped that the elected president of Honduras be returned to office sooner rather than later.  Unfortunately CNN for some reason seem to have buried this interview from the majority of their viewers. In an interview with the exiled president, Zelaya,the CNN interviewer took the view that he, Zelaya, was against the rule of law, and that Zelaya should bend over backwards to appease those that moved him from office.  As usual, things are never as clear as they seem, and CNN and other media groups seem to be doing the work of the elite while pretending to be giving a fair and balanced report of the goings-on.

Bill Maher said recently, and it pained him to say so, that he wished Obama was a bit more like his predecessor, G.W. Bush, for the simple reason that Bush did what ever he wanted to, even bypassing Congress to get his way, and no one really batted an eye.  Obama on the other hand is playing too safe, trying to appease even those that can’t stand him. Fuck them Obama, and do what you know is right, unless of course your pretending to implenting the change you promised.

The video below contains youth, passion, committment.  If you have something against either of those three, turn elsewhere now.

As for the program, well lined up for this week, more from the new ep of Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program; Martyn’s remix of Efdemin; Rodrigo y Gabriela with a track from their new album 11:11; The Canaries favourite son that is El Guincho returns with his Antillas track remixed; We kick things off with Silence by Portishead.

  • Portishead / Silence (Go Beat/Island)
  • Rodrigo y Gabriela / Orion
  • Four Tet & Burial / Moth  (Fat Cat)
  • Poirier featuring Face T / Enemies (Ninja Tune)
  • El Guincho / Antillas Prins Thomas Diskomiks (Young Turks/XL)
  • Bob Holyrod / Rafiki (Hi Life Mix)
  • Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program / 1derful Beings
  • Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program / Lisa Bonet
  • Speed Camera Shy / Blindspot by the Lighthouse – Hashashan remix
  • Oscar David Montesinos – Nińo contra golpe de estado
  • Efdemin / Acid Bells Martyn Remix

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