Connections – Minsk Calling


In 2007, a gathering of like minds took place in Minsk, Belarus. The occasion was Unsound Minsk and featured Pole along side local artists, and it must have been good as it gave birth to collaborations between artists from Western Europe and Belarus. Alongside the aforementioned Pole, there is Pinch, Buben, Jacek Sienkiewicz & Arciom Kaveluski, Minorscene, The National Fanfare of Kadebostany. That’s right, I never heard of them either until now, and that’s the point. I hadn’t heard of Flying Lotus or Parliament/Funkadelic until I did, get me?  You may have an idea what Pinch and Pole sound like, what about Kassian Troyer?  His contribution would not be out of place on Chris Watson enviromental recording. Top dog!

The following tracks are available as a free download (proper quality too, not that 96kbps bullshit) and cd’s will also be given away at four events that are taking place about now in Krakow and Minsk.

See here for more information.

For this week’s radio program I’m dropping the album in it’s entirety, all backing it up with the following: contributions from Scalper, ‘Zero’ (from his forthcoming debut album which I mentioned last week); ‘Simple’ from the remastered Funcrusher Plus album by Company Flow, and a blast of South Africa’s hip hop crew Basemental Platform, their sound was very left-field like Co-Flow, disjointed beats somehow fitting together in a mind-bending kinda way. I lost the album that I had, but luckily I have two tracks burned on a cd. So that’s the radio program sorted for this week.

Ear Conditioning – Connections Special

  • Pinch Meet Pavel – Poison / Remedy
  • I/Dex vs. Pole – Minsk
  • The National Fanfare of Kadebostany – Untitled
  • Milf meets Minorscene – Constans (White Jack Dub)
  • Jacek Sienkiewicz & Arciom Kaveluski featuring Minorscene – Alfabet
  • Kassian Troyer – Plant Shift
  • Buben vs. Hermann Muntzing – Counterbalance
  • The Vulva String Quartet w/ Eugene, B. Twisted, Uladzimir Likhaswhapka – Live at Cafe Planeta
  • Company Flow – Simple (Def Jux)
  • Basemental Platform – Title Unknown
  • Scalper – Zero

Ear Conditioning is ‘earable at the following times and locations:

Radio Norte 89.4FM Tenerife Tuesday 20h30

Sunhole Radio Tenerife Tuesday 22h00 (Program repeated weekdays at 11h00)

Planet Radio Thursday 23h00

All times are Tenerife / London time.

Tonight / esta noche Txola

The doors of Txola have just re-opened after a little break during August, so, back to work.
As you’ll see, tomorrow is the turn of James Barrie aka Global Souljah, Barcelona-based DJ/Radio Presenter/Music writer.  You can also check Planet Radio for the Global Souljah program.

Por fin, los puertas de Txolo son abierto. Esta noche yo volver a los platos y mańana hay un noche con James Barrie aka Global Souljah. Si puede escuchar  la programa Global Souljah  en Planet Radio, como yo.

Vamos tu queires.


Control+Alt+Dlt v2.0



Power switch ON.

Clipped Beats, Altered Sounds, Fractured Notes, Time-stretched waves all   courtesy of Electricity.

The Long Trail –  “What is at stake is the operating system of audio social reality.”   Kodwo Eshun + Steve (Kode9/Hyperdub) Goodman 

Surf-dancehaul?   Thanks to Diplo and Switch aka Major Lazer for that new genre. That Diplo man, he just don’t stop.  Where was it I read last week that everybody wants to be on Diplo’s dick?  True though neh?

Ear Conditioning – Control Alt Dlt Program

  • Major Lazer / Boom 1 (Mad Decent)
  • Martyn /  The Only Choice (3024)
  • Steve Goodman & Kodwo Eshun – The Long Trail excerpt (mpfree)
  • Martyn / Little Things (3024)
  • Echologist featuring The Spaceape / The Mercy Beat Dub
  • Ras G and The Afrikan Space Program / Veggie Burrito (Brainfeeder)
  • XRABIT + DMG$ / Follow The Leader – Mexicans with Guns Remix
  • Daedelus / Off to the Races (Meanest Man Contest’s Remix feat. Cuzzo)
  • Don Cash / On the Strength 
  • Ghislain featuring Mr. Slaughter  / Get Crazy  (Ninja Tune)
  • TV on the Radio / Dancing Choose – Prefuse73 Remix (4AD)
  • Major Lazer / Hold the Line (Mad Decent)
  • Starkey featuring Durrty Goodz – Gutter (mpfree)
  • Reefer – Let It Go / Flying Lotus Remix (mpfree)
  • Nosaj Thing – Coat of Arms (mpfree)
  • Filastine – La Muerte (Filastine)
  • King L Man – HuhWhat?  (Ear Conditioning)
  • Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens / What Have You Done, My Brother (mpfree)
  • Buddah Music – Zone 05 (The Wire mpfree)
  • The Naturists – Lost in Space  (Interactive)

Ear Conditioning is ´earable on Tuesdays at

Radio Norte 89.4FM, Tacoronte and neighbouring pueblos from 20h30

Sunhole Radio from 22h00

On Thursday, tune into Planet Radio see link for frequencies within Tenerife.

I´ll be hoisting the record bag over to Txola this MayDay Friday.  If your in the area, venga, la dia es la cumpleaño de mi mujer.

Gone to the dogs


Javier Jiminez en el Teatro Leal
Javier Jiminez en el Teatro Leal

This week’s program was a repeat of a show from last October, still sounded fresh though. I try not to be bound to fashion fashion in having to play the latest tendencies all the time. You can read the original post that went with this program here.

Next week  Ear Conditioning shall be joining the family of Planet Radio, which is based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

They’ve got some of the most open-minded pinchadiscos / dj’s on the island, which should make for some interesting listening.

Did i say interesting?  Yes, I did.  On that note, it was good to see Concha Buika a couple weeks back at the Teatro Leal, in La Laguna.  Her event was part of the International Working Women’s Month.  Ever since the Teatro Leal re-opened after years of closure, the programming has been applauded by many, however don’t be surprised if the programming at the Teatro Leal takes a nose-dive, as the artist director, has been removed from his job.  Not because the theatre has been sold out for practically every event that has been hosted there since it re-opened last year.  Not because the artist director was found to be claiming extra expenses such as holidays etc.  Not because he was caught shagging a hostess in one of the stalls.  Not because he talked loudly during performances. Nope, he’s being replaced because he is not a member of the Coalition Canarias, which is the political party that runs the council in La Laguna.  Another fucked up reason why this island is the way it is.  Expect to see Teatro Leal hosting school plays featuring the son of the La Laguna mayor and other foolishness which will only serve to boost the ego’s on CC personel.

Ear Conditioning Playlist for 31 March / marzo

  • Asha Bosle – Jhunka Jhulade (Super)
  • Bap’s Three Bips & A Bop – Oop-Pop-A-Da (Blue Note)
  • Overtone – Give It Again (Redbud)
  • Trouble Funk – Drop the Bomb (Sugarhill)
  • Fear+APC+Pulsinger+Kaos – Title unknown (!K7)
  • Root Down – Title Unknown (White Label)
  • G.A.F. – Two More Things I Need to Tell You (Ruin)
  • Panda Bear – Comfy in Nautica (UUAR)
  • African Head Charge – Dervish Chant (On-U Sound)
  • Lungiswa Plaatjies – Title Unknown (Melt2000)
  • Diplo – Diplo Rhythm feat Sandra Melody, Vybz Cartel & Pantera Os Danadinhos (Big Dada)
  • Atki 2 – WinterBuds (The Agriculture)
  • Clouds – Too Much (The Agriculture)
  • DJ Food – The Sky at Night (Ninja Tune)


Ear Conditioning is ‘earable, Tuesdays at:
Radio Norte 89.4FM 20h30

Planet Radio  21h00

Sunhole Radio   22h00

Hey soundbwoy, you wanna turn that goddam music off?

The Ear Conditioning radio program will soon be moving from Radio Norte to a new home at Planet Radio, which I’m pleased to say covers all of Tenerife.  Ever since I moved to Radio Norte, due to my inability to communicate perfectly in Spanish, I never spoke directly about what I was playing on the program, and although I was generally fine with it, I gradually felt a slight nagging in a corner of my brain, that people were missing out on one of the foundations of what I/we do as radio presenters.  I mean, I’ve got nothing wrong with mix programs, but yeah, we are communicators, and while people can check the blog, it’s good to know right there and then what is being played.  So, there will be some changes to the program when it gets onto Planet Radio, which should happen within a few weeks.  The program will still be going out on Sunhole however, there my boys too ya know.

For those folks in Gran Canaria, I will be playing at the Bass Gordo event on Friday 27 March / marzo en Sala Paraninfo  Also on the bill, from Sweden, LoopTroop Rockers, and local crews, Alma Sin Dueńo and U+O.  With a name like Bass Gordo (Fat Bass) there should be sufficient wattage and speakers to handle some bottom end.  Finally!  You don’t know how hard it is to play in clubs and events here.  Bass is like a foreign entity in these parts except when Jah Ras takes out his sound system.



Clandestino Festival, which takes place in Gothenborg, Sweden in June,  has just  announced the line-up.  I’ve been helping out on the curating side since last year’s edition, and we are pleased to say that we got Konono No.1, Leila, Buju Banton, Speed Caravan, Bass Fiction aka Kode9 + The SpaceApe set and ready to go.  More info here.  Flights are available via Cryin…uh RyanAir, among others.  See you there.

Ear Conditioning Playlist / March 24 2009

  • Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou / Sé Wé Non Nan (Analog Africa)
  • Broki / Mi Ritmo (ABCD)
  • Seńor Coconut / Mucha Fritura – From Freezone 5 (SSR/Crammed Discs)
  • Schlachthofbronx / Landergschwister Isatalerghettoschuten (mpfree)
  • Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry vs. Kode 9 / Yellow Tongue  (On-U Sound)
  • The Bug featuring The Space Ape  (NinjaTune)
  • Santo Gold + Diplo: Presents…..The Clash / Ghetto Defendent (Mad Decent)
  • Warrior Queen / Check It (Mad Decent)
  • Santogold vs. Benga / Unstoppable / Night Dub  (Mad Decent)
  • Shawty Lo vs. Skream / They Know / Stagger  (Mad Decent)
  • Mighty Zulu Nations vs. Mala/Digital Mystikz  (Ear Conditioning)
  • Radiohead / Reckoner – Flying Lotus remix (mpfree)
  • King L Man / Aziz Visitation (Ear Conditioning)
  • Jazzsteppa / Taylor Rain (Studio Rockers)
  • Squarepusher / Title Unknown  (Warp)
  • Public Enemy / Shut ‘Em Down – Pete Rock Remix (DefJam)
  • Peteres Boom & Chime / Title Unknown (Stonetree)
  • King L Man / Huh What? (Ear Conditioning)

Ear Conditioning is currently ‘earable on Tuesday at the following locations:

Sunhole (Internet) Radio  22h00 GMT (and repeated randomly during the week)

Radio Norte 89.4FM  20h30 (Repeated Saturday 22h30)