William Burroughs Documentary

Dangerous Minds have been on fire lately, pulling all manner of musical, political, social, weird shit out of the wired world.  They recently provided a link to the BBC program Arena and their documentary of the William of Burroughs.  Top business.  Tons of my favourite audio  come from him, that gravely voice from beyond addressing the governments and syndicates of the world “Pay it all back.”, yes, as used by the On-U Sound stable: Keith le Blanc, Mark Stewart, Tackhead, Adrian Sherwood,… and who knows who else.


”Don’t let them see us, don’t tell them what we are doing!
Premature, premature, reconversion, reconversion blues.”

Shall I show them the blues?

“No! No! No!
Premature! Premature! Premature!”

Are these the words of the all powerful boards and syndicates of the Earth?
I say to all: these words are not premature, these words may be too late.

Minutes to go. Minutes to go. Minutes to goo. Minutes to green goo.
What I have to say is everywhere now
Rub out the word Jew and you rub out the word Hitler
The answer comes before the question
My words are for all – for all,
I repeat for all!
No one is excluded!
Free to all who pay, free to all who paying pay, for all to see,
for all to see!
In Piccadilly, in Times Square, Place de la Concorde,
In all the streets and plazas of the world!

Pay, pay, pay!
Play it all, play it all, play it all back!
Pay it all, pay it all, pay it all back!

The documentary is viewable here

Ear Con 41 – Ears for Vision


John Baker, your work, groundbreaking, thank you.

Oh No, man that Dr. No’s Ethiopium has been a great companion this year.

Vijaya, how much can you put into one song?

Prince Far I, what a talent taken away in his prime by senseless violence.

Creation Rebel and Adrian Sherwood, ahead, way ahead.

DJ Shadow:  Great programming and outlook, love the way he placed this 12″ in unknown locations at record shops in Eastern Europe, go seek.

Babylon Residence: “Can you play some African stuff?”  I drop this.

Public Enemy: What can I add?

Tebbs:  Skywalking the clouds

Niobe: Gorgeously silky

Ear Conditioning 41 – Ears for Vision: Will be in the outernet 22h00 (GMT+1 tonight) via Sunhole dot net, repeated weekdays at 11h, and as part of the Magic Show on Sarajevo’s eFM on Friday from 18h00 (CET+1)

John Baker / Vendetta – Ice Cream Man (Trunk)
Vijaya Anand/ Aase Hechchagide Desire Soars Up High) (Luaka Bop)
Oh No / Butta (Stones Throw)
Oh No / All My (Stones Throw)
King L Man / Untitled Tribe (Ear Con)
Prince Far I / Mansions of Invention (Pressure Sounds/On-U Sounds)
Creation Rebel / Space Movements Part1 (On-U Sound)
Tikiman / Never Tell You (Rhythm & Sound)
J. Dilla & Black Thought / Reality Check (Stones Throw)
DJ Shadow / Def Surrounds Us (Island)
Teebs / Why Like This (Brainfeeder)
Anti Pop Consortium / Volcano – Four Tet Remix (Ninja Tune)
Gaslamp Killer / Carpool Dummy (Brainfeeder)
El-P / Meanstreak (In 3 Parts) (Def Jux/Gold Dust)
Public Enemy / Too Much Posse (Def Jam)
Babylon Residence / Epikstar Riddim (Dutty Artz)
Niobe / Ghost Wharf Quartet

Mark Stewart – The Pop Group/The Maffia

We Are All Prostitutes

Welcome to Liberty City

As The Veneer of Democracy Starts To Fade.   This album hit me hard growing up in Toronto.  I had a c90 with Veneer on one side, and Public Enemy’s first album on the other.  Yeah, that’s right, heavier as Henry VIII’s food bill.  Politically and  musically, it’s brutal, informative, it demands your attention, cuts a swath through mediocracy with a rusty but funky knife.

Quietus inteview with Mark Stewart here

Yesterday, Moody Boy Thorpe called me to tell me how good The Pop Group show on Sunday was.

Review of last Saturday’s Pop Group show by Sean O’Hagan (always liked Sean as a writer)

Ear Conditioning – People Are Strange



Mente - Cat

More field recordings from Chris Watson, things like the sea, beetles and whales coming up for air.

New joints from Tony Allen & Jimi Tenor, (now that’s a collaboration outta this universe); Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry doing Black Sabbath, then bass-line warped by Pempi, soon to come on On-U Sound; a couple joints from the Nueva Cumbia album compiled by Sonido Martines for /rupture’s Soot label; Mungo’s HiFi with Earl 16 remixed by LD.

Not new but fresh still, Grantby (where are you?); Stina Nordestam getting the Techno Animal treatment, and nuff more.


  • Chris Watson – Lioness threatening…(Touch)
  • Tony Allen & Jimi Tenor – Sinuhe (Strut)
  • Elsa – Sonido Martines Remix (Soot)
  • Fauna – Piratas del Zanjo (Soot)
  • Chris Watson – Deathwatch Beetle (Touch)
  • Mungo’s Hi Fi – International Roots featuring Earl 16 – LD Remix (Dub Police)
  • Positive Mind (Studio Rockers)
  • Salvador Dali – Talks about Paranoia
  • Mike Slott – Cadeting (Rush Hour)
  • Yoggyone – Preparation (Electrons Libres)
  • Flying Rhythms – Typhoon
  • Grantby – Timber (Cup of Tea)
  • Heliocentrics featuring Vast Aire – Sirius B. (Now Again)
  • Joker – Untitled RSN (Tectonic)
  • Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry – Iron Man Dub – Pempi Remix (On-U Sound)
  • Stina Nordestam – People are strange – Techno Animal Remix (eastwest)
  • Chris Watson – 10m (Touch 7″)
  • Chris Watson – Southern Right Whale (Touch)

Ear Conditioning is ‘earable at Sunhole, Tuesday 22h00, (repeated weekdays mornings at 11h00)

Mente – Cat by Jesus de Miguel