The Robert Wyatt Story


Came across Robert Wyatt through his version of ‘Shipbuilding’, an Elvis Costello tune, if I remember correctly. After that, it was album ‘Old Rottenhat’ that took my breath away. It has a very simple, minimalist presentation on the face of it, programmed drums, keyboards and synths and our man’s voice. I found this an education, learning about the wrongs committed in East Timor, which was invaded and the world powers turned a blind eye to a slaughter. Another stand out song is The Age of Self.
“They say the working class is dead, we are all consumers now.
They say we have moved ahead, we are all just people now.
There’s people doing frightfully well, there’s others on the shelf
Never mind the second kind, this is the age of self…”

Below is a BBC Documentary about the man.

The Long Emergency

Xlterrestials cover  the liquid black gold thats spilling into the ocean at an alarming rate.  I read this morning that the estimate provided by BP about the amount of oil could be again, seriously way way off track.  That is 70,000 barrels.  Yep, that’s right.

Photos: The Guardian

Recommended reading. The Long Emergency by James Howard Kunstler, looks at the consequences of peak oil, climate change, wars over water, the economic/political vision or lack thereof. Picked it up in London a couple years back.              Typical of the books I read, no happy ending.