Tony Thorpe & Si Begg

Globestepping, is a project headed by my good spar Tony Thorpe aka The Moody One Boyz.  Music librarians / publishers Boosey & Hawkes have deep vaults of recordings from all about, and they are getting contemporary producers to twist and bend as they see fit.  Si Begg, (Noodles,  Tresor,Ninja Tune)  joins Tony on lead track ‘Kongotronic’, a rolling UK-bass-meets-funky number with bright synth stabs and distant African vocals. The B-side sees Bobby Friction favourite Nuphlo (Universal, Nasha, High Chai) bring the desert storm to ‘Dusty Path’, and Mixmag “one to watch” Pempi (Studio Rockers, On U Sound) puts a zen flavour on ‘Chai Garden’

Ear Con86 – The Last Trip (of the year, that is.)

Ear Con86 – The Last Trip

Chris Watson / El Divisadero – from the album ‘El Tren Fantasma’ (touch)
Ta Ku / Zine High (project mooncircle)
Nuphlo / Nona (studio rockers)
Postman / Friday Night
Asher D & Daddy Freddy / Ragamuffin Hip Hop (music of life)
Royalty vs. Ben Sharpa / Halley’s Trail vs. Hegemoney acappella
The Moody Boyz / Congotronic (Boosey & Hawkes)
School of Seven Bells / Babelonia – Sepalcure Remix
Mark Ernestus / Mbalax Mix
Gonjasufi / Timeout, from the forthcoming ‘MU.ZZ.LE’ release (warp)
King L Man / Ossie Davis eulogy for  Malcolm X
Chris Watson / Aguascalientes – from the album ‘El Tren Fantasma’ (touch)

The train departs from Sunhole Station at 22h GMT tonight, and on Saturday from platform eFM / Radio Sarajevo at 15h GMT

Thanks to all passengers that came aboard at some point in 2011, and thanks to the stainless steel providers of this music and sound.

Ear Con 69 – Eat As Much As You Want

Ear Con69 – Eat As Much As You Want

Mutamassik / High Alert – Interlude for Grampa (Soundink)
Ras G / 14.303 Vs. Tell-lie-version (forthcoming on Ramp)
Teebs / Untitled 10 (Brainfeeder)
G.A.F. y La Estrella de la Muerte / Let’s Fuck (Foehn)
Prince Francis / Rockfort Shock
Jackie Opel / I Am What I Am (Rio)
The Bug feat. Cutty Ranks / Gun Disease (Rephlex)
DHS / The Forbidden (Hangman)
Hype Williams / Badmind (soon come from Hyperdub)
Flying Lotus / Zodiac Shift – Sonnymoon Remix
Company Flow / End to End Burners – The Lost Mix (therealelp)
Dub Gabriel feat. The Spaceape / Is This Revolution (coming soon via Destroy All Concepts)
Silkie / Head Butt Da Deck (Deep Medi)
Blackdown / Lata (Keysound)
Filastine / Hungry Ghosts (Soot/Jarring Effects)
Nuphlo / Atma (Meerkat)
23 Skidoo / Just Like Everybody (Fetish)
The The / The Sinking Feeling (Some Bizarre/CBS)
G.A.F. y La Estrella de la Muerte / Sky Before Us (Foehn)

This sixty-minute collection of sound will be transmitted today via Sunhole at 22hGMT+1, and via eFM/Radio Sarajevo, Saturday at 16hCET

Nuphlo – 40 Thieves

Tony Thorpe’s Studio Rockers label is working with Nuphlo, here’s the vid’ for 40 Thieves.

The 12″ vinyl release  is backed with the delighfully glitchy ‘Scatterbrainz‘  with tabla rhythms amalgamated with quick-fire ragga vocal snippets – all of which are skilfully crafted and infused with elements of dancehall, glitch and dubstep.
Also there is ‘Mahal‘ which, literally translated from the Hindi means ‘Palace’ and takes its inspiration from the 1949 Bollywood horror hit of the same name.