Grinderman talks New Album,The Process,Robert Fripp.

Spotted at everything that is Robert Fripp:

The Vine in Australia interviewed Warren Ellis of Grinderman/Bad Seeds, and gives forth in preparation for the launch of their second album, due out next month on Mute.

Despite this album being quite distinct from the first one, you’ve named itGrinderman 2. Why was that?

Oh, I guess it’s just like … Grinderman 2, y’know. (Laughs) Jaws 1, Jaws 2, Jaws 3.

I heard the version of ‘Heathen Child’ with Robert Fripp on it. How’d that come about?

Well, it came together after the fact, actually. The album was together and we had remixes [of the single] with people like Andy Weatherall and A Place To Bury Strangers. It’s one of those ideas record companies seem to have. We tried it last time to see what might come up. It was just a way to try and open things up a bit more, because all that stuff is usually very closed with the Bad Seeds. Grinderman is very much an attempt for us to open things up and engage in the ever-changing musical world. And try to get our music in different places, y’know.

Interview in full and version of Heathen Child with Robert Fripp is here

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Really got me in the mood to dig out some more Robert Fripp, it’s been too long.