REmix / MashUP Culture

Mutamassik tipped me off to her latest text re: MashUp’s:

In whatever blaze of creative brilliance it may have started, ‘Mash-up’ has become synonymous with ‘Skim-Skam‘ (aka Lay-Z!), my term for the current musical/journalistic/PR trend that nonchalantly quotes and glibly references African, Jamaican, Arabic, Celtic, etc music (i.e., music embedded in a culture that means alot more to it’s people than an outsider could ever understand) without going deep (Skim), regurgitating it back out into the world with an air of ‘Uh-huh, got it‘  and making a career out of it (Skam).   {Seems to have become an especially useful cover for people who really have no ideas of their own, but still want to appear cool by affiliating themselves with whatever they’re ‘mashing up’}.

Then an email about this documentary Walking On Eggshells over at Boing Boing landed in the inbox.  It features DJ Ripley, Michael Cunningham, Eclectic Method, and DJ Earworm  among others.

Ear Conditioning – Transmission 19 – CS Gas

Listen via Sunhole dot net, tonight at 22h0 (Tenerife.London)

  • Doudou N’Daiye Rose – Rose Rhythm (Virgin France)
  • Flying Lotus – Melt (Warp)
  • African Head Charge – Belinda (On-U Sound)
  • Poirier – Militaris Riddim  (Ninja Tune)
  • Farook Sharma – Bellydance
  • Unknown Artist – Oh Mother, the handsome man tortures me  (Sublime Frequencies)
  • Future Sound of London – Papau New Guinea Dub (Jumpin’ and Pumpin’)
  • Matty G – 50000 Watts – Loefah Remix
  • Oh No – Excalibur (Stones Throw)
  • El-P – Garbage No.1 (DefJux)
  • El-P – Dirtier Than Thou  (DefJux)
  • El-P – Sparrow [Escape from the tombs]  (DefJux)
  • Mutamassik – Commo the Rag
  • Bugskill – Floppy Disk (Digitalis)
  • Jneiro Jarel – Cosmic Congo (Label Who)
  • Jneiro Jarel – Jaws of Clover  (Label Who)
  • 2nd Gen – Slowburn featuring Mau  (Mute)
  • Alice Coltrane – Blue Nile
  • Cannibal Ox – Scream Phoenix (Def Jux)
  • The Echologist – The Mercy Beat featuring The Spaceape
  • I.R. featuring Deeder, The Ghost – Galdinos 2010 / D.WattsRiot Mix  (Indigenous Resistance)
  • Daedelus – Fin de Siècle (Brainfeeder)

Mutamassik – The Making of ‘That which death cannot destroy’

Mutamassik has written about the circumstances that existed during the making of her latest album.  She tells it straight and comes proper, no pussy-footing around decorated with sugar and other additives.

The making of ‘That which death cannot destroy’, a studio tour into stabbing strings, thundering drums, howling conviction.  Going from a predominantly raw urban experience (see: childbirth on Medicaid in Brooklyn, many etcs.) to a raw, rough, rugged rural experience has taught me many things.

Let me give props where props are due:  A decade plus+ in the streets of New York City and Cairo cut my teeth; half that time in Nature, however, has kicked my ass.  Not just once, but continuously.  This has been a boot camp.  If inner city life made me hard, Nature made me harder.

During the making of my latest record, I was mostly wearing a parka, long johns, 2 pairs of socks, 2 sweatshirts, pants and a hat and every time I exhaled a condensed pulmonary fog clung to the air undisputed-by-modern-science measuring the harshness of the situation (I’d take the parka and hat off when I got sweaty on drums and cello).  I have to frequently cuddle my DAT which I record my masters onto to get it’s digi-electronic guts warm enough to function.

Go here for the full read and to download the album if you haven’t already.

A little bird told me she will return to Gothenborg this year for a follow up to her Clandestino Fstvl appearance of 2008.  More as it happens.

Ear Conditioning 12 – The Endemic Void

This is the tracklisting for the program that was transmitted yesterday at Sunhole dot net. The program is repeated weekday mornings at 11h00, so it’s there for the week.

  • Black to Comm / Void (Type)
  • Moussa Doumba / Keleya
  • Dub1 / Sound of Trumpet
  • Gonjasufi / Kowboys and Indians (Warp)
  • Rubberoom / Space and Time
  • Mos Def / Universal Magnetic  (Rawkus)
  • Fauna / Piratas del Zanjon – Frikstailers remix
  • Mutamassik / ElGabbaraNox (Rough Americana)
  • Filastine / Batalha (PostWorld Industries)
  • ASC / Porcelain
  • Cooly G / Love Dub Refix (Hyperdub)
  • Flying Lotus / Heat Wave 2 – (Blu Jemz Beat Machine)
  • Wesley Willis / The Frogs (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
  • Bad Brains / Banned in DC (Caroline)
  • Bad Brains / Supertouch (Caroline)
  • Bad Brains / Jam (Caroline)
  • Mighty Zulu Nation – King L Man Mix

Ear Conditioning 11 – Foreign Affairs


Surprises, don’t you just love ’em?  One of the joys of going to music festivals such as Womad Las Palmas for example, is the unknown.  Who are we going to see?  For the  majority of artists and festival go’ers it will be the first time encountering each other.  Chancing upon Trio Chemirani was a highpoint of going to Womad about three or four years ago.  They played early on the first day, a percussive trio, an Iranian family, a  father and his two sons, playing the zarb, a drum that isn’t technically a drum. Makes sense yes?  As the zarb is played with all ten fingers, this presents melody, as well as rhythm, dope let me tell say.

Been listening to the Gonjasufi album alot since it’s release last week.  Funkadelic, Chic, Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits, Mustafa Ozkent and more  come to mind, and it’s still original get me?  It’s well worth the price of admission.

Last Friday I handed over my contribution to the Galdino 2010 release, which I wrote about in the previous post.  A little bit of tweaking to be done at Tuff Gong, and we are set.  Adrian Sherwood is on the case as well, so it should be a quality package, as well as a damn good cause to publicize.

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry takes on Black Sabbath, then Pempi went an’ dark’d it up with a bass frenzied attack. Eh? yeah, I know.  When I dropped it at Txola last Friday, the one called Jose, was all WTF?! in my face.  Now if we can get some bass-bins in the joint, then there’s gonna be some serious trouble.  The newly-installed town-council enforced dB limiter as a right pain in the ass, so now we are only tickling people with the sound, and dat nah right.

On the subject of bass music, had to dig out Horsepower Productions, some quality pressure if I remember correctly.

The show as usual as it turns and twists, but not enough the throw you off the deep end, which maybe it should do actually.

In that case, I’ll try again next week, so for now….eat this.

Ear Conditioning (Week 11) – Foreign Affairs

  • Palestinian Radio
  • Trio Chemirani – Reng é Rāchel (émouvance)
  • Vilayat Khan – Morning Raga /Jalsaghar The Music Room
  • Portishead – Silence (Island)
  • Zinc – Faster (Bingo/Polydor)
  • Horsepower Productions – Special 131 (Tempa)
  • Maga Bo – Homeboys (Soot)
  • Reso – Channel Pressure (Civil Music)
  • Low Limit – Turf Day (Rush Hour)
  • I.R. featuring Deeder Zaman, Paxato Singers, the ghost,  Zumbi – Galdino 2010 D.WattsRiot Rmx (Indigenous Resistance)
  • Mutamassik – DounDoun (Rough Americana)
  • William S. Burroughs
  • Nochexxx – Smashing Your System featuring Sensational (Werk)
  • Other Weapons – Who You Be [Instrumental]  (Destroy All Concepts)
  • Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry – Iron Man Dub / Pembi Remix (On-U Sound)
  • S.U.A.D. – Epileptic – Martyn’s Remix (Z Audio)
  • Gonjasufi – Rebirth (Warp)

This transmission will be floating out there via Sunhole Radio from 22h00 GMT  tonight and maybe Radio Norte next week Tuesday at 20h00 GMT.  Sunhole also repeat the program every weekday morning at 11h00.

Update: The above program is now available to listen at your convenience via Pod-O-Matic.

Transmission 7 – That Which Death Cannot Destroy

The title for this week’s transmission is the title of the new album from Mutamassik, which was released/unleashed yesterday.  I may be wrong, I think you can download from her RoughAmerica website.  Egyptian breaks, emphasis on breaks, stings, percussion, bells, audio snatches from the radio, tension, suspense,  elements of Ennio Morricone, crunched beats, scratched fragments coming at you from left, right, and head-on.  Mutamassik is on her own path, avoiding a path that has become somewhat well worn as of late.

The Gaslamp Killer is a big fan of the Finders Keepers label, hence when approached to do a mix with the first twenty releases of the label, it was pure joy.  The catalogue is perfect for his psychotic/delic/out there  pallet.

If your a fan of King Midas Sound, Dokkebi-Q may interest you, as both groups share the vocalist that is Hitomi. Dokkebi-Q is rough digital noise steppas business, well Goibbledygook anyway.

A personal situation has directed me to have The Bug and Wayne Lonesome’s  Fuck Y-Self on rewind this past week. The opening salvo is perfect.

I must admit I had my head elsewhere when the first Wu Tang album dropped, although I did get onto several of the individual projects, and when time came for the second Wu album, I was already to step to the London concert that was planned around the release date.  I think a work conference kept me away from the gig, but I didn’t miss anything as only a couple of the members showed up.  Anyway, if you haven’t already, you must check the Wu Tang meets the Beatles mash up.  No, it’s not as bad as it sounds, or rather looks like with words.  The man who did this put time, thought and effort into it, and it ain’t no cheap bullshit thing.  Using obscure Beatles material and cover versions, this is a project EMI would love to have done themselves. Available via free download at this spot You can read about it here And, while your at it, check the MF Doom stuff  that TC remixed.  It’s on the money. UPDATE: I guess due to the popularity of the Wu Tang / Beatles thing, Apple Corp. and / or EMI have got in touch, and it’s no logner available….well, not through

Filastine returns from a cleansing period to drop an EP of mixes from his Dirty Bomb release.  Extra Dirty Bomb features Deep Throat X, Cardopusher, Jahcoozi, and Maga Bo among the cast of collaborators.

Ear Conditioning – Transmission 7 will be broadcast tonight on Sunhole Radio at 22h00, and then next week Tuesday 21h00 and Saturday  20h00 at Radio Norte 89.4FM

  • James Blake – Air & Lack There Of  (Hemlock)
  • Dokkebi Q – Gobbledygook (DokkebiQ)
  • Unknown Artist – Oh Mother, the Handsome Man Tortures Me (Sublime Frequencies)
  • The Gaslamp Killer Mixes Finders Keepers – Tracks Three & Four (Finders Keepers)
  • Filastine – No Lock, No Key featuring DJ Collage (Post World Industries)
  • The Bug featuring Wayne Lonesome – Fuck Y-Self  (Rephlex)
  • RSD – Murderation
  • Matty G – 50,000 Watts / Loefah Remix
  • Zomby – Spliff Dub / Rustie Remix (Hyperdub)
  • Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program – Dishwater
  • ODB & Kelis – Got Your Money from Wu Tang vs. The Beatles (Tea Sea Records)
  • Manusa – Black President
  • Massive Attack  – Paradise Circus featuring Hope Sandoval / Gui Boratto Remix (Virgin)
  • Mutamassik – DounDoun/The Crux (Rough Americana)

Ear Conditioning – Transmission 19.01.2010

Yesterday, Lamin of the Dutty Artz crew informed me that he’s got his latest mix “a series of emotions” within a thirty minute plus capsule, posted up on the DA site.  Subsequently we exchanged a few emails about the tracklist and more.  We have a shared liking of Shlohmo, a lanky nineteen year-old producer from out Cali way. His’ Tomato Squeeze’ comes in after the ten minute contribution from the second volume of Manouâat Amazighia, which I picked up in Agadir last July during the Timitar Festival.
Leading up to the release of their Hegioland album, Massive Attack come with another remix from an album track, this time She is Danger tackle ‘Girl I’m in Love’ featuring Horace Andy.  I’m finding this remix a bit more to my liking than the previous one’s associated with this album.  Looking forward to the Flying Lotus and Burial ones that are due.
Continuing on the beat tip, we’ve got Onra, Ras G, Busy, Paul White, J. Dilla, Mustang, and Dorian Concept.  Mustang is one of the aliases of Alex Attias, who I believe has moved back to his native Switzerland after years in London.  Part of the ‘broken beat’ scene with New Sector Movements, 4Hero/2000 Black, Domu, Bugz in the Attic, which in turn were all centered around the record distributor, (the name of which I can’t remember).  I heard his Purple Moon track on the Coldcut/Solid Steel show that used to run on London’s BBC station.  The next day or so, I went around to the distributor, which was around the corner from the Virgin office where I worked, Alex was there, and he gave me his last remaining white label.  Top geezer!
Mutamassik, returns with another cut from last year’s Commo EP.  That and Dr. No’s Ethiopium have been on heavy heavy rotation here this week.
Delve into the links, and enjoy the beats.
Tune in at the usual spot, Sunhole Radio tonight at 22h00
  • Taslit-Laârbi Ihihi from Manouâat Amazighia Vol. 2
  • Shlohmo – Tomato Squeeze
  • J. Dilla featuring Phat Kat (Rapster)
  • Portishead – Silence (Island)
  • Onra – Apocalypse Now
  • Mutamassik – Commo the Rag (Run Riot)
  • Blue Daisy – Wolf  (Black Acre)
  • Paul White – Ultra Violet (One Handed Music)
  • King Midas Sound – Outer Space (Hyperdub)
  • Ras G – 1derful Beings
  • Bim Sherman – What Sweet Yo So
  • Mustang – Purple Moon
  • Massive Attack – Girl I Love You / She is Danger Remix (Virgin)
  • Busy – Ecleptic Armilla (Beat Dimensions Vol.2)
  • Dorian Concept – Fort Teen

Ear Conditioning Transmission 12.01.10

Still in the mode to wish prosperity, justice, health, love to those that thoroughly deserve it for twentyten, dos mil dies, 2010.  We’ve got two years before than Mayan shit kicks off, so let’s do it like its 1999.

Powers that be do their very best to complete fuck this up for the majority of the worlds population, but within that majority are those you in turn do their best to fight the power, fight the amnesia, fight the those that should know better, fight the racists, suppress the anger to laugh at the ignorance, oppress the oppressor, see through the deceit and return fire with whatever materials are at their disposal.

The first new program of the year presents a cut from the new Scalper album, Flesh & Bones. My former collegue in Fun-da-mental is now based in Auckland, Aeoteroa / New Zealand.  If only the immigration authorities had known what was behind the smile of Nadeem Shafi, they might have thought twice about letting into the country.  You can find him by following the trail of bloodied remains.  Flesh & Bones will be released next month.

Mutamassik is holding her own with a track from last years Commo EP.  She’s got production skills that I am in search of.

I had no idea until last week that Oh No is the brother of Madlib.   For his latest project Dr. No’s Ethiopium, think Mulatu Astatke, the Ethiopiques, Mahmoud Ahmed on the the Beat Konducta tip, and your at the right place.

Maga Bo is currently a little bit north of here, dropping his sound grenades in Portugal, Germany and Holland.  In case you didn’t feel like showing up, his Outra Terra Mix tape is streamable at his site, which is reachable on by pinching his name at the beginning of this paragraph. It’s 100% Bo-productions with input from the phat likes of  Jahdan Blakkamoore (Brooklyn), BNegão (Rio de Janeiro), Poirier (Montreal), Filastine (Barcelona), Pacheko (Caracas), Fletcher (Cape Town), Dr. Das (London), Matona (Zanzibar), Abena Koomson (NYC), Teba (Cape Town), Xuman (Dakar), Speed Freaks (Rio de Janeiro) and  many more.

Poirier releases the Low Ceiling EP  next month on Ninja Tune,  his management have been kind enough to share it with us, so we are going with the suitably titled Marathon – you have to be physical fit for dis one.

Grenouille was called in to sprinkle some of his dust on King L Man’s Red Label No. 1.

And that’s the lot radio-wise for this week.  Tune into Sunhole Radio Tuesday at 22h00 (GMT) for the shot.

Ear Conditioning – The Adventure / Transmission 12.01.2010

  • Unknown Preacher and Gospel Choir  – I am a Witness
  • Scalper – Abacus (Border)
  • Poirier – Marathon (Ninja Tune)
  • Mutamassik – 5 x 8 Cell (Run Riot)
  • Oh No – Adventure (Stones Throw)
  • Oh No – Pussy (Stones Throw)
  • Maga Bo – Outras Terras Mix
  • King L Man & Grenouille – Red Label No.1

In case you do feel like showing up, I’ll be at Txola, La Laguna on Friday, and Saturday I’ll be doing it with Famille Bou Bess and maybe other guest vocalists at Cafe Quilombo in La Orotava.  This night is a benefit for an friend of FBB who was illegally placed in prison after being charged with piloting a boat with thirty Africans without papers through the gates of European paradise.  He needs some funds to fight his case, so if your up for helping out, it would be great.  It’s only three euros.