Brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal


I normally take a recorder to capture dj sets, however there is always something falling foul of the correct alignment of the planets: forgetting the press the record button, running out of juice aka batteries when the power cable is too short to reach the socket….there is always a crap reason.  The run of DJ session’s this year has been memorable for more than a minute, from the Las Terasitas beach in Santa Cruz, Mojo Club in Las Palmas, GCMN at Druga Godba Festival in Llubljana, Clandestino Festival, Micromusic TEA, the Keroxen do’s in Tenerife and in Los Jameos del Agua, Womad Fuerteventura and all points inbetween.

Inspired by and for those that turned up throughout the year, and also the people behind the voices or stories and artists contained within.

Ingredients: Guantanamo Stories from Shaker Aamer, recently released from the Yankee enclave in Cuba; political discourse and opinions from Yanis Varoufakis, whose book The Global Minotour has got me wrapped up.  Also some news from Palestine / Occupied Territories via Electronic Intifada. The Arabic discussion before that piece, is taken from a documentary about divorce in Iran.

Regarding the music and sound, contributions from the likes of Batida, Maga Bo, El Mahdy Jr. Kink Gong, The Bug, Kode9, Stereotyp, Tupperwear, Morgan Craft, KingLMan, Kiki Hitomi, Mohammed Al Madloul, Waipoo Petchsuphan, Public Enemy, Stock Hausen & Walkman; MF Doom, SK Simeon, Machinedrum, Oh No, DJ Vadim, Sol Monk, Fun’da’mental, DJ Spinn, Danny Brown, Muslimguaze, Rootsman, 16 Bit vs. Dj Leo, Manolo Viera, Job Ledesma, Mizz Beats, Jeru The Damaja, Nochexxx, Sensational, Walter Gross, theUnderachievers, The Beastie Boys, Audio Two, Gil Scott Heron, Namebrandsound, Source Direct, CDM, and RP Boo. There could be several names missing, hope it doesn’t hurt.

Click here or on the image above to get to it.

First DJ set of 2016 to be announced soon in Madrid come early Feb., with an appearance on RNE.  More as it happens. Hasta pronto.  All the beats, and thanks for tuning in.





Morgan Craft – The Living Mythology

cover copy

No software was used for the generation of any sound.
All sounds made by, on, or through solo electric guitar.
Improvised and recorded live.

There is a part on this record that I ‘doubted’ the above sentence, but knowing the Rough Americana crew as I do, I believe in them and any statements that make.  “How the hell did he create that jungle break only with his guitar?” is another way of putting it. Hours, days, months of picking up his stringed instrument to delve into the vibrations that exist between one and two.  150 continuous days in the studio to be exact.

RA, Morgan Craft and Mutamassik always present their respective theories with their music, no change here, you can depend on them to be thorough, consistent and honest. If they were ever presented with a rule book but was burnt upon receipt.

“Science relies on precise mathematics to produce vibratory phenomena that is not seen as music, per se. Never trust anyone who claims that music is mathematics. I think we’ve all heard that before, time and time again, that music is mathematics, to the point where it becomes taken for granted, that music is mathematics. It’s not true. Music is not mathematics. Music can be approximated using mathematics, but will always fall short of the truth.”

Morgan Craft – The Living Mythology Bandcamp

Cover painting: Mutamassik

Rough Americana website

Update: Mutamassik will be doing a set in Berlin this Saturday.  See here for more juice


Apologies to RA for saddling them with my 666th post.

Ear Con71 – is that real?

Apologies to the listeners in Sarajevo, I had this session ready for last Saturday’s excursion via eFM, however there was no innernet connection out Botnik way where I was for the Clandestino event there.

However, back on track for this week.

New material from guitarist Morgan Craft kicking off things, and closing, for that matter. Experimentation is where it is at. The XPRiMentashun continues with Ras G and Shafiq broadcasting from their way out respective corners, dabbling in radiophonics.

German label, Project Mooncircle bring the latest package of their Finest Ego worldwide beat-producer series, this time beatheads from the UK and Ireland stand up.  On it is Seagull Mansions’ ‘Survivor’ which, like Teebs,  was a cut that was included in Gaslamp Killers ‘no track info’ mixtape ‘Hell And The Lake Of Fire Are Waiting For YOU‘.  I’ve had that CD for at least two years slowly slowly the identities of the music used on it is coming to light.  At this rate, I know the complete tracklist in fifteen years or so.  Back to the Mooncircle compilation, it’s out next month, and besides ‘Survivor’, I’ve thrown in T-Wok. More to come from this album over the next few weeks fer sure.

Does Mark Pritchard ever sleep?  With his Afrika Hi-Tech project still rolling via Warp, see new remix from Scratch DVA which is floating out there rightaboutnow, the former Global Communications man steps up again, this time teaming up with vocalist Trim for a project via Planet Mu, Pritch & Trim, simple.  It’s very English, the samples have a ’60’s British comedy film strand to them, or at least to me, I could be way off, if so, sue me.  Planet Mu are on it hard, also firing the Machinedrum album into our faces.  Brilliant programming in their son.

Washington-based Dutchman, Martyn has completed his follow up to his ‘Great Lengths’ album, and for the new joint, Flying Lotus has signed Martyn up, so it’ll come with that Brainfeeder stamp, tough.

There you have it, tune in, if you don’t just please make sure your doing something ya like.  This edition of Ear Conditioning is ‘earable via Sunhole dot net at 11h00-12h00 weekdays until the new show next Tuesday, and for my Sarajevo crew, this Saturday.  There maybe a time change from the usual 16hoo, will check.  All the beats.

Ear Con71 – is that real?

Morgan Craft / A Cycle of Seven 1 (RoughAmericana)
Ras G / Black Dusty Radio (Ramp)
Shafiq / DNA – Splice Mix 3 (All City)
T-Wok / Roll Dat (Project Mooncircle)
Seagull Mansion / Survivor (Project Mooncircle)
Dawoud/ Could It Be
Cleo Brown / Title unknown
Pritch & Trim / Stereotype (Planet Mu)
Renegade Soundwave / Cocaine Sex – Bonus Beats (Mute)
Funkineven / Take Back (Eglo)
Don Drummond / Confucious
Den5hion / Tu feat. Caballo
Aurita Castillo / Chambacu
G.A.F. y La Estrella de la Muerte / Chapultepec (Foehn)
The Underachievers / Move On
Onra / Chop Your Hands (Favorite)
Machine Drum / TMPL (Planet Mu)
Martyn / Viper – Ghost People Edit (Brainfeeder)
Morgan Craft / A Cycle Of Seven12 (RoughAmericana)

Ear Con68 / Bug + Wattage Ear Raid2

The  Bug Man took some time out from the studio and touring to have a holiday.  Where better to come than here?

K-Mart is definitely one of the hard working and most committed people I have ever had the luck to to come across.  I heard plenty of new and old crackers this week.  Some of that new Bug stuff, which he will drop on us in due time.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the King Midas Sound remix album,  It’s a remix album with a difference, that’s all I’m sayin’.

This week’s set put together by sharing time and tuneage like when we  both lived in BabyLonDonZooLand.  Could not fit everything in 60minutes, part three will come soon, dig this for now.

Going out tonight via sunhole dot net at 22hGMT and eFM on Saturday at 16h CET, as part of The Magic Show.

Ear Con68 / Bug + Wattage Ear Raid 2

Ezekiel Honig / Distant Breakfast Highway
Clouds / Lots Of Calls From No One (Deep Medi )
Echologist / The Mercy Beat feat. The Spaceape  (Resopal Red)
Ricardo Villalobos / Unflug
Ding Dong / Bad Man Forward  – The Bug Remix feat. FlowDan (Greensleeves)
Lee Scratch Perry / Blackboard Jungle (Studio One)
Samiyam / Taco Delay (Brainfeeder)
Earl Sweatshirt / Earl (Odd Future)
The Beastie Boys / Make Some Noise – Bug Remix (Capitol/EMI)
King Abid / Yezzi Mil Viss (Also Records)
Obba Supa / Arabic Shisha (Word is Bond)
DOOM / Gazillion Ear – Thom Yorke Remix (Lex)
MachineDrum / TMPL
Kode9 and The Spaceape / Green Moon (Hyperdub)
Stray / Break Your Legs (Brownswood)
Shackleton / Death Dub – King Midas Sound Remix (Honest Jons)
Morgan Craft / Absence of Day and Night 11 (Roughamericana)

Ear Con62 – Viña Rock Fest’ Warm Up

This weekend I’ll be doing a set at the Viña Rock Festival in Villarrobledo, Spain. Adding some percussion concussions will be Ventor de la Guardia. His band, Line and I have been spending a lot of time in the same studio over the last couple months, recording our respective projects.  As for the festival, I’m looking forward to seeing Kid Koala, who’ll be playing the night before us. Ghostface Killah was supposed to be down, but in typical Wu-Tang fashion he ain’t making it. Okay, that dig was unfair, reason for the no-show is something to do with passport stroke visa issues, has meant he’s canceled his whole Euro-tour.

This weeks radio set has the usual mixture of old and new, fast and slow.  The new is represented by Kode9 & The Spaceape, The Dirtbombs, Young Montana? and Jon Phonics.  Mr. Phonics has connections with Chakra Sounds, who came to my attention through the album by Obba Supa, which was off the hook fresh.  So for that alone, if Chakra’s name is on it, I’ll check.  Mr. Phonics does not disappoint.  Young Montana? was given the Mary Anne Hobbs seal of approval as best unsigned act/producer, and the California label AlphaPup are on the case.  AlphaPup is run by Daddy Kev, he the mastering engineer for Flying Lotus, and head honcho at  beat head heaven, the Low End Theory club in L.A.

Have to throw in some more Mutamassik and Morgan Craft, really into their respective albums which came out within the last twelve months, oh we are so lucky.  Get them, they are even free dammit.

From this region where I reside we have some freshness from Postman aka Abstract Grooves, the appropriately named ‘Perfect Beat is Killing You’.

I’m on a mission to spread the gospel according to On-U Sound, as a friend recently said, “People have to know”.  Hence I close with two classic dub cuts from Dub Syndicate.

Tune in if your ranking, tonight at Sunhole at 22h00 GMT+1 and Saturday via eFM / Radio Sarajevo, 18h00 CET.

Download option

Ear Conditioning 62
Morgan Craft / Absence of Day and Night 1 (Rough Americana)
Jimi Hendrix / Am The Gods Made Love (Polydor)
Cooly G / Love Dub [Refix] (Hyperdub)
Kode9 & The Spaceape feat. Cha Cha / Black Sun (Hyperdub)
Soil & “Pimp” Sessions / Pop Korn – WAFA Remix (Brownswood)
Gerardo Frisina / Latin Seeds
Tino / Intro Latin Beat (Tino Corp.)
Tino / H-Bomb (Tino Corp.)
Young Montana? / Repetition (AlphaPup)
Mr. Oizo / The End (Brainfeeder)
Salem / Asia – oOoOO Remix (Merock)
The Dirtbombs / Bug in the Bassbin – Kyle Hall Remix
Mutamassik / DounDoun/TheCrux (Rough Americana)
Fun-Da-Mental / Pollution (Nation)
Postman / Perfect Beat is Killing You
Jon Phonics / Bruk Out (Chakra Sounds)
Ricky Ranking / Can’t Kill I – Flootsramental (Banana Klan)
Dub Syndicate / Hi Fi Gets A Pounding (On-U Sounds)
Dub Syndicate / Reggae Raga (On-U Sounds)

Ear Con 57 – Electronic Waltz

Mix up, mix up.

Jumped all over the Kode9 mix for the Essential program on BBC and the xlr8r give-away that i linked to yesterday.  Extracted the Kode9 produced joints from the forthcoming second album from he and The Spaceape.

Also this week, new material from one of the best loved Canarian bands, Las Ratas.  Known for their rap/rock direct assault, they have upped their game by producing a ‘rock opera’ based in the nearby Western Sahara.  The new work,‘Sahara 1975’ tells a story of friendship and love between two young men who is torn by the exodus of the Spanish after the invasion of Morocco on the Saharan territory, in the historical event that became known as the ‘Green March’.  Flamenco guitars, pianos, violins, subtle electronic touches provide beds for a fine cast of vocalists,  such as Luis Morea, Andrew Mollo, Javier Ruibal, Ivan Mura, Julio Tejera, Alfredo Llanos, Elisa Falcon, Olga German.  This is such a leap I think they have left most bands behind by some serious mileage.  It’s a work of tremendous determination, ten years from initial concept to completion.

Finally, somebody produced some instrumental hoip hop with some cumbia flavour, his name is Katakresis, you can sample his free goodies at his soundcloud page, which is below, here his name is in the playlist. He’s also done a refit with a Mos Def acap’ that was floating around recently.

If you tune in and hear some ‘housy 4×4’ stuff, that’s most probably the African Government tune by Mr. Raoul K. Simple and effective I think.

That’s enough scribbling for now, time to eat, later.

Ear Con57 – Electronic Waltz

  • Morgan Craft / Absence of Day and Night 2 (Rough Americana)
  • Las Ratas / Title unknown (Creativa Canarias)
  • Seiji / Second Nature (Bitasweet)
  • Maga Bo feat. Teba / Abaphantsi  (Soot)
  • Tha Greensella / Represent (CIAfrica)
  • Mr Raoul K / African Government
  • The Dirtbombs / Bug in the Bassbin – Kyle Hall Remix (Scion A/V)
  • Katakresis /La Cumbia  Malvada
  • Junip / Always – Prefuse 73 Remix (City Slang/Mute)
  • Earl Sweatshirt (Odd Future)
  • Hodgy Beats/ Laxin featuring Ace Creator (Odd Future)
  • 40 Winks / Sales over soul (Project Mooncircle)
  • Kode9 / Essential Cuts
  • Kode 9 & The Spaceape featuring Cha Cha / Time Patrol Dub (Hyperdub)


Tune in via Sunhole tonight 22h00 GMT (repeated weekday mornings at 11h00 GMT)

Saturday via The Magic Show at eFM / Radio Studentski Sarajevo 16h00-18h00 CET

Morgan Craft – For the love and return of Music

For the Love and Return of Music.  By Morgan Craft

Music has been sold out.  Finally this elephant in the room will be talked
about and acknowledged, so let’s not waste any more time.  I believe that
the state of music today is the worst in history, full stop.  There, I
said it.  Can’t you breathe a little easier now that we’ve gotten that out
into the open?  This is not a new development.  It’s old news in fact.
We’ve allowed ourselves to be led into a cul-de-sac and diverted from the
truth; the truth that music, or the essence which animates great music,
has almost completely disappeared from the landscape, the same as the
Mekong giant catfish or golden headed langur.  And yet we all still carry
the memory, deep in our subconscious, of times when music was not just a
diversion but an actual force which could lift us above the mundane or
confusing world around us, a music that resonated in our souls.  All of
our debates about the collapsing industry are keeping us from what we
really want to say but don’t want to admit.  Namely, that the music of
today doesn’t inspire us.  It doesn’t carry with it that dimension of
wonder and possibility.  We’re all responsible.  We all sat back and
watched as certain forces systematically narrowed and flattened its higher

What is music?  Music is emotionalized sound.  Music is energy.  It can be
used as a weapon or it can be used to heal.  Sound is the result of that
mystery of mysteries, existing independently of us as much as the stars in
space.  Emotion is the result of the human experience.  So the source or
nexus of music is midway between the human and the divine.  Without our
emotional engagement, sound remains ordinary, even dull.  Wouldn’t you say
there is something intrinsically unique about this art form?  It is
invisible, and its ability to cross borders remains unparalleled.  These
facts alone should alert us to the special qualities of emotionalized
sound.  Is there a limit to what is possible through music?  Has
everything been heard?  My feeling is that we’ve only scratched the
surface and that this period in history will usher in a new sonic approach
that will help us contribute to this new world.  We need music to come
back to us.  I’ve missed it terribly.  We need it to come back and show us
a positive way forward by filling our hearts with the assurance that what
we dream is truly possible, and more.  But what will it take?

If music is to be saved it will take a new kind of musician to do it, a
magician of the sonic realm, one who is fully conscious of what is at
stake and what it will take.  This new musician is once again an
adventurer, for the inspiration s/he seeks lives out on the frontiers of
the heart, mind, and soul.  It is a spiritual realm, a diving deep into
oneself in search of that which is real, timeless.  It will require the
patience and diligence of an ox, but it’s not without reward.  The
inspiration uncovered could be seen as a key, spark, or seed that is alive
and in motion, with the musician as go-between, carrying it into the
world.  Once this seed is planted it grows into initiative, which in turn
grows into creation.  The creative person is the properly aligned person.
Creative in all walks of life, in every pursuit, in every situation.  As
all of the political and economic promises continue to trip, stumble, and
fall short of real change, the inspired individual is the one true
currency.  Without this, all of our oil and gold would be so much black
water and yellow rock.

I feel that music wants to come back, is ready to come back.  It had to
wait for its freedom in order to speak without consequences or copyright
infringements.       But, life works in strange ways.  Perhaps without the
ridiculous demands and foibles of a corrupt, and now moribund, music
industry, we wouldn’t be as hungry and ready to really hear again from our
hearts.  Whatever the case may be, we stand poised to create a new habitat
for this force called music.  And I, for one, am grateful.



Morgan Craft, a Tuscany-based guitarist. Craft has played with a wide
spectrum of musicians, including experimental composers Butch Morris and
Christian Marclay, guitarists Pete Cosey and Marc Ribot, and improvisers
Daniel Carter and Ikue Mori. He founded Circle of Light Recordings in
2001, which just released his seventh solo album, Absence of Day and
. For more information about Morgan Craft, visit:

Ear Con 36 – Stealth Movements

The Bug being monitored

It started with me looking for a sample from the DJ Food album, ‘Recipe for Disaster’ to chuck into the set at Rollercoaster last weekend.

Then in conversation with Studio Rockers man, Tony Thorpe, he said “Chocolate Weasel, what you don’t have the album Spaghettification?  It’s on Ninja, came out about 12 years ago, surely….”  Chocolate Weasel is/was T-Power, (always remember him for the 12″ featuring  ‘Cuba’ that was on Botchit & Scarper, I think, its a white label after all) and a partner, whose name is not presently to hand. Spaghettification is a weird ahead of it’s time sample-laden beat album, that is not out of place now at all.  On a similar path at times, or at least it made me think of Prince Charming on Wordsound.

So getting  back to Ninja Tune, it didn’t stop there. The weekly free downloads promoting the massive Ninja Tune XX release, to commemorating the labels 20 years of beats and pieces came to mind – we are talking Amon Tobin, Coldcut, DJ Vadim, Squarepusher, Speech Debelle, AntiPop Consortium, Roots Manuva, Jaga Jazzist, Poirier, Mr. Scruff, and so on.  If that weren’t enough, The Bug sent a couple tracks from his new EP, soon to come via Ninja.

Around the time I was getting into Ninja Tune back in the day,   I was also coming across the work of Bryn Jones, aka Muslimgauze. Who is this cat that releases albums with titles like Vote Hizbollah? His reworkings of ‘Babylon’ by Unitone HiFi always crushed dancefloor residents.  When in Tokyo we  went record shopping and the selection of albums of his that they had,  tons of his releases instore, like a proper section dedicated to him.  Bryn could knock out five albums in a day easily, no joke.  That is why, many years after he prematurely passed away, you can still find new things you never knew about.  Which brings me to Babylon iz Iraq.  It’s an album of remixes of UniTone HiFi, this time, an albums worth, when I think he may have been asked to do one, but he sent nuff nuff.

This week I was able to take a break from getting seared while painting the roof, and I chose to listen to Morgan Craft’s latest work, Absence of Day and Night.  As with his partner’s productions, it’s available for free at RoughAmericana.  All the sounds on the album are made by Morgan and his guitar.  It’s layered, or gives the impression of being so, it’s works day or night, you can hear yourself think, hear the blood moving through your body, you can sense how your mind comes to decisions, it’s perfect to have as you walk across canyons, forests, taking in view, swallowing meteorites.

As usual, Ear Conditioning can be ‘eard tonight at Sunhole dot net, 22h00 GMT +1.  Repeated daily at 11h00 GMT+1

Ear Conditioning 36 – Stealth Movements

Chocolate Weasel / A Blue Furry Plughole (Ninja Tune)
Chocolate Weasel / Mientes with (Ninja Tune)
Amon Tobin / Eight Sum (Ninja Tune)
Letherete / Dance Brace (Ho Tep)
DJ Food / Scratch Yer Head (Ninja Tune)
El-P / Eat My Garbage 2 (Def Jux/Gold Dust)
El-P / He Hit Her, So She Left (Def Jux/Gold Dust)
Radiohead / The National Anthem (EMI)
The Bug featuring Flowdan / Skeng – Autechre Remix (Ninja Tune)
The Bug featuring Hitomi / Catch A Fire (Ninja Tune)
Chocolate Weasel / Coda (Ninja Tune)
Poirier featuring Burro Banton / Trust None a Dem (Ninja Tune)
Shafiq Husayn / Evil Man – Flying Lotus Remix (Plug Research)
African Head Charge – Throw It Away (On-U Sound)
UniTone HiFi – Babylon – Muslimguaze Remix (Muslimtapes)
Morgan Craft – Absence of Day and Night 9 (RoughAmericana)