Adbusters – Meme Wars: the Creative Destruction of Neoclassical Economies

Adbusters, those dastardly culture-jammers, producers of the Canadian magazine of the same name, has been kicking it to the capitalists and informing us plebs for 20 years.  They have a new book, Meme Wars: the Creative Destruction of Neoclassical Economies.  If you don’t like words, there are lots of pictures too that get the points across.

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Franco, come back you weren’t that bad!

In light of the recent 25S public action in surrounding the parliament in Madrid, and the ensuing violence, which neatly overshadowed the purpose of the action, the Spanish Interior Ministry is proposing an amendment to the so called Public Safety Act which prohibits the collection, treatment or Internet diffusion imaging agents in the exercise of his office unless endanger his person or the transaction in which they are working. The Director General of Police, Ignacio Cosidó has advanced, thus, is to “find a balance in protecting the rights of citizens and security forces.”

Specifically, the new rule will prohibit “the recruitment, reproduction or processing of images, sounds or information of members of the security forces in the exercise of its functions as may endanger his life or risk the operation that is developing”.

They warn of “increasing violence against police” and the existence of “a culture of violence that undermines the foundations of a democratic society.”

Public Safety? We are not safe, that is obvious. Democracy as it was taught to me is school is a lot different that what we are breathing now.  How easy for them to justify their blatant bullshit.

Eat A Dick Assholes

Fact: Violence is sewn into austerity plans.  Reading Greg Palast’s book Vulture Picnic, he refers to documents from The World Bank, after it ordered a thirty-fold increase in the cost of cooking oil in Ecuador.  It warned the government to expect ‘social unrest, which the bank said should be met with ‘political resolve’.  Palast writes, “What? It seems to me the Bank and its partner, the IMF, were saying in euphemistic fashion that the harsh austerity programs would lead to mayhem in the streets adn the government should get the police readied for the crackdown”.  Joseph Stiglitz, former head man at The World Bank and IMF, who apparently is very critical of what he calls free market fundamentalists, said in response, “We had a name for it: the IMF riot. When the IMF has nations down and out, it takes advantage and squeezes the last pound of blood out of them.  They turn up the heat until, finally the whole cauldron blows up.”

The government here and bloody everywhere is very ‘ready’ to deal with our frustrations, which are being forced upon us.  Have you seen the kit the police have? Every single one of those bastards is wearing thousands of euros worth of stuff, helmet, visors, batons, its fucking roller ball on the street which the public being pummeled by pumped-up humandriods. Rollerball was supposed to be a fucking movie Rajoy, a fucking movie man.  The veneer of democracy is continues to fade like it ain’t no big thing.  This is deep shit we are talking, on many levels, levels that I have no idea about, however I do feel that I am getting a little bit closer to a truth I may not be able to comprehend.

There are lots of politicians that have something really great to give society shame they are being beaten up and thrown in jail for being democratic.  Yes, I mean us.

It’s the e-Con-omy stupid – Faultlines

Spotted at Dangerous Minds:

Al Jazeera’s Fault Lines program brings it home:

The richest 1% of US Americans earn nearly a quarter of the country’s income and control an astonishing 40% of its wealth. Inequality in the US is more extreme than it’s been in almost a century — and the gap between the super rich and the poor and middle class people has widened drastically over the last 30 years.

You have to give it to the Koch Brothers for convincing middle-class Americans to pester their governmental representatives to vote against common sense, to vote against themselves, while the Koch Bros. are ‘worth’ $40 Billion.

Deficit Crisis – Tax the Rich

A compelling article by Greg Philo on the deficit and the UK governments plans to tackle it, which are against what the majority of people polled want.

I met Greg Philo when Fun-da-mental interviewed him for a film.  The subject at the time was the public perception of the what they call ‘the Palestine/Israel conflict.  H’s the Research Director at Glasgow University, Media Section, and the results of one of his studies showed that most teenagers in Britain where under the impression from radio, television, that it was the Palestinians that where living on stolen land, that they were the oppressors and not the victims.  He knows his field.

As for today’s issue, a one-off tax of just 20% on the wealth of the richest 10% of the country  would pay the national debt and dramatically reduce the deficit, since interest payments on the debt are a large part of government spending. So that is what should be done. This tax of 20%, graduated so the very richest paid the most, would raise £800bn.  £800bn is some serious t’ing yes.

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