Ear Con 110: It’s normal, we live in a strange universe


John Zorn: Peur sur la ville – (From The Big Gundown LP, Icon)
Mr. Zorn records a tribute to Ennio Morricone. Stellar list of collaborators on-board for this excursion.

Owiny Sigoma Band: Yukimwi (Brownswood)
Reminds me of seeing King Sunny Ade & His African Beats live and direct. Solid drum on the one funk.

Ibo Combo: Ti Garcon (Haiti Direct CD)
Had to buy this when recently in London, Haitian music like I never heard before. I am familiar with the Voodoo drum stuff, but the big band stuff? Never, until recently, it was a no-brainer.

Earl Sweatshirt: Uncle Al

Strange U: Strange Universe in Africa (Eglo)
“Dear Eglo Promo, I’m feeling the track, however I think it’s a bit distorted.”
Eglo Promo: “It’s supposed to be like that.”

Tricky: Nothing’s Clear (The Hard Cell, Earth Recordings)
The first time I heard Tricky, on this benefit album to highlight sickle cell disease, which is a disease known to affect mainly Afro-Caribbean-Americans, if you didn’t know.

3D & Jupiter Bonkonji: 3D on Jupiter (BattleBox)
Sparse worming synth, thudding affective kick, great vocal tone and presence.

Giganta: Is Ma Beat (Werkdiscs)
New producer from Greece, good on ya girl, keep it coming. On a 2Step vibe, I’m not keen on pitched vocals however there are a few joints on this ep i went back to a few times.

Tao: Riot in Lagos – Future Forces Inc. Remix (Language)
Mid-late 90’s output from Tony Thorpe’s Language label. Tao, originally from Japan made an album while in London, Here he tackles Ryuichi Sakamoto’s classic. Not one I’d have the nuts to tackle.

Nico: Copies (No U-Turn)
While in a studio several years ago, in walked a man who knew the engineer I was working with. It was Nico, I’d never seen him, but I had his music. “Pleased to meet you”, and I remember him getting around to saying “You liked that bass sound eh?” That mean’t ‘his bass sound’, oh yes, dark and nasty.

Charles Mingus: Better Git It In Your Soul (From Ah Um LP)
One of my early DJ partners Angus Angus, played this on his program last week, I caught the tail end of it with drum solo. I made a call, “What was that track before the Tackhead beat?”

Chris Watson: Haefest (Touch)
A regular on radio and tv, although you may not know it. Chris Watson records natural sounds, and was a founding member of Cabaret Voltaire, a group that introduced me to different manner of presenting and expressing music and sound.
Haefest is a cut from an album that takes its inspiration from Eadfrith, the Bishop of Lindisfarne, writing and illustrating the Lindisfarne Gospels during the late 7th C. and early 8th C. He would have been immersed in the sounds of Holy Island whilst he created this remarkable work. This production aims to reflect upon the daily and seasonal aspects of the evolving variety of ambient sounds that accompanied life and work during that period of exceptional thought and creativity.

Socos Dúo: Mariel (These Times We Are Living LP, Ear Conditioning)
Yes, our first record, coming out next month. Pleased.

Ear Con 110: It’s normal, we live in a strange universe by D.Wattsriot on Mixcloud

Flying Lotus remixes Massive Attack

Could somebody please explain why this didn’t I come out? Or did I miss this living in my safe mid-Atlantic African European home?

I’m talking about Flying Lotus’ remix of Girl I Love You by Massive Attack, featuring the mellifluous voice of Horace Andy.  You will float, powered by a fat kick drum riddim, claps, and whisps of melodic dust and sparkles.

Fact Mag have a piece on seven crucial Flying Lotus remixes.  Good to see they have his turn on King Midas Sound’s ‘Lost’ in there too.
More here, and you’ll find the link to FlyLo’s soundcloud here

It is Flying Lotus’ week innit, with his album, Until The Quiet Comes now out.  It’s a solid work. He’s the don of ‘beat music,’ got his space and mojo working in sync. Good on you sire.

Massive Attack & Burial

Daddy G and 3D aka Massive Attack come back with the long-promised reworking of something from from last years ‘Heligoland’ album by Burial. ‘Paradise Circus’ is that something. Burial is a natural for getting into the MA material and upon one listen, he doesn’t disappoint here, it’s one hell of a floater, a giant cushion for a torn heart.  Also slated for release on this limited edition 12″ is a new track, ‘Four Walls’. Check them for yourself here

On-U Sound / Adrian Sherwood – 30 Years at The Controls

“Rock and roll, what an empty generation.”

One of the initial notices of existence regarding the On-U Sound crew was the Major Malfunction album credited to drummer Keith LeBlanc, with Doug Wimbish on bass, Skip McDonald, keys and guitar and Adrian Sherwood mixing.  The cut up samples, robotic yet human nature of this work, it’s subtle and direct political nature, crossing racial lines, embracing the good, the bad and the damn ugly, percussion concussions, grabbed me by both ears and slammed me headfirst into many a speaker stack.

“Technology works, technology delivers.”

The search began, reading album sleeves, seeing the same names pop up, remixes by Adrian Sherwood here and there, Tackhead, Sugarhill musical crew of Wimbish, LeBlanc and McDonald. Listening to African Head Charge on my Walkman, sounds panning from the left side of my head to the right and seemingly moving to the front lobe then back, pausing midway to drop some rootical knowledge and dub science.  A psychedelic Africa indeed, never heard anything like that before.

“Adjust the treble and bass.”

So enamored with this sound when in London, I knocked on the door of the address that was  on the sleeves of these’On-U Sound’ productions.  A Japanese woman opened the door of the house, “Uh, is this On U Sound, I’m looking for Adrian Sherwood?”  The woman who introduced herself as Kishi invited me in.  In my head, juvenile enthusiasm was on, I was saying “Damn, that’s Kishi, Kishi!” Kishi Yamamoto was Adrian’s wife back then and she was responsible for the majority of the label artwork and also played keyboards. They didn’t know me from Jack, I arrived unannounced but yet here a fresh pimply yout’ living in Toronto who had a program on CKLN Radio was now standing in the living room / mixing studio of musical royalty, being offered tea, and more records to fuel my program and passion.  A massive mixing desk was on the wall, yes, on the wall, not on a table as normal,  it took up less space this way.

Pay It All Back

I used to have a cassette that had the first Public Enemy album on one side and on the other was “As The Veneer of Democracy Starts To Fade”, by Mark Stewart and The Maffia.  That shit was coarse, nothing like it existed before, apart from Public Enemy in a way, that’s why that cassette was so important to me.  Those two albums showed the possibilities that existed and they still do to this day.  When revolution has become a marketing tool and rebellion stale, put on those albums now, as the charge is still there, ready to inspire and set fire.  The world of control domination politics, statistics that blow minds, sounds that carry the hurt and aspirations. Reflect the time of the past, then and now. Techniques are being constantly refined to maintain the status quo that has been in place for hundreads of years  – yes that’s how I spell hundred.

You gotta check The Quietus interview with Adrian, it delves deep, really sets the record straight as to the conditions of the time that went into creating such an influential sounds.  Adrian and crew have touched thousands, from Massive Attack – vocalist Shara Nelson worked with Adrian that’s how come they knew her, Depeche Mode, Adrian did several remixes for them, Peter Gabriel,  Living Colour, Primal Scream – Echo Dek, what a great piece of work.

Me and my man Angus and a quite a few others would travel across London or up and down the country to catch On U Sound nights, legendary, two queues, one to get in, one to get out, ha!

You get the drift, enough blabbing from me, check that article and seek should you feel what’s been written.

Ear Conditioning 53 – Trapped in the Room With You

Ear Con 53 – Trapped in the Room With You

What’s that damn noise?

Lykke Li / I Follow Rivers – Tyler, The Creator Remix
Massive Attack / Girl I Love You So feat. Horace Andy (Virgin)
Dorian Concept / Toe Games Made Her Giggle (Ninja Tune)
Jneiro Jarel / Gosohaurd (Label Who)
Pixies / Bone Machine – Live
Pixies / U Mass – Live
Pixies / Isla de Encanta – Live
Audio Shrapnel in Mix Mode

Transmission times:  Sunhole – Tonight 22h00 GMT (Repeated weekday mornings at 11h00 GMT)

Friday via The Magic Show at eFM Studentski Radio Sarajevo 18h00 CET

Ear Con 46 – I.E.D.

Sad news via Anne Haak aka Mohak,  the passing of one half of the Argentinian Cumbia-tronic producers Fauna. Federico Rodriguez died on the weekend, last day of their current tour, I don’t think he was even thirty yet. Links to Fauna download packages via the Fauna in the tracklist below.  I was hoping to have them perform a festival next year.  We’ll be spinning some Fauna material to keep that flame burnin’.

Good to see Massive Attack are onto the Jneiro Jarel train.  He’s been roped in to remix the track Atlas Air from the Heligoland album.  The Atlas Air remix package, released to support charity War Child is available now.  Also on the freshly unwrapped goods tip, car battery energizing label Eglo come with a new platter of synth plunderings from Arp 101, and UK rapper DELS, gets the clutter off his chest with new single for Big Dada.

It’s all in there for this weeks show, the blues from John Lee Hooker, Indian film music, cumbia, beats, Afrobeat, industrial strength noise from 2nd Gen, frizzed circuitry from Ras G, and tons mo’.  That Akoyo Afrobeat track is good one to put on when a toilet break is needed during the dj set, especially when it gets rammed at Txola, which reminds me, I will be there this saturday night, manning the decks from 11pm ’til 2am.

Ear Con46 – Improvised Explosive Device

  • Intro: 2nd Gen/And,Or vs. The Beatnuts
  • Massive Attack / Atlas Air – Jneiro Jarel’s Lavender Remix (Virgin)
  • Tricky / Pondersosa – Dobie’s Rub Part 1. (Island)
  • Aurita Castillo / Chambacu
  • Mech / El Baile del Vivo (+0)
  • Fauna / Piratas del Zanjon – Frikstailers Remix – Sonido Martines presenta: Nueva Cumbia Argentina (Soot)
  • Arp 101 / Flush (Eglo)
  • Bugskull / Subterranian Life (Digitalis)
  • Vilayat Khan / The Kite Song – The River Le Fleuve (El Records)
  • Lata Mageshkar / Title Unknown
  • Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program / 1derful Beings (Ramp)
  • 2nd Gen / Slowburn featuring Mau (Mute)
  • John Lee Hooker / House of Blues (Pye)
  • Akoyo Afrobeat / B.F.B.F. Panama
  • Cannibal Ox / Pidgeon Instrumental by El-P (Def Jux)
  • DELS / Trumpalump (Big Dada /Ninja Tune)

As usual you can catch Ear Conditioning via Sunhole dot net tonight at 22h00 London/Tenerife time and Friday  with The Magic Show at eFM / Radio Sarajevo 18h00 CET

Mark Stewart – The Pop Group/The Maffia

We Are All Prostitutes

Welcome to Liberty City

As The Veneer of Democracy Starts To Fade.   This album hit me hard growing up in Toronto.  I had a c90 with Veneer on one side, and Public Enemy’s first album on the other.  Yeah, that’s right, heavier as Henry VIII’s food bill.  Politically and  musically, it’s brutal, informative, it demands your attention, cuts a swath through mediocracy with a rusty but funky knife.

Quietus inteview with Mark Stewart here

Yesterday, Moody Boy Thorpe called me to tell me how good The Pop Group show on Sunday was.

Review of last Saturday’s Pop Group show by Sean O’Hagan (always liked Sean as a writer)

MP frees

For all us miserable sods, who don’t wanna pay for being miserable, there are some free songs from Massive Attack at RCRDLB. One is the She is Danger remix of Girl I Love You featuring Horace Andy and the remix by Gui Boratto of the Hope Sandoval voiced Paradise Circus.  No need to give your first born, just follow the link.

For a dose of freeness with the name Flying Lotus attached to it, go to the Warp site for three tracks, including the previously mentioned Gonja Sufi track ‘Ancestors’.


Massive Attack – Splitting the Atom Video

These guys ain’t joking, they never did.

The video for Splitting the Atom is available for viewing over at Pitchfork, or if you Twitter, which I don’t, you can watch it, plus other films/videos associated with the Heligoland album, through your Twitter account.  If your on Facebook you can check out the remix package, featuring reworkings by Ryuichi Sakamoto and Yukihiro Takahashi (two-thirds of Yellow Magic Orchestra), She is Danger, Tim Goldworthy, Breakage, and Gui Boratto.

My former colleagues at the Virgin marketing department have been working overtime on the strategy for this album, no doubt.  (Hey Matt, can you send me an album please?)

Splitting the Atom video here, well, back there at where it says video.

Heligoland is released next Monday.

Transmission 5 – Hear Me

Plenty in the pot tonight, starting with Vilayat Khan from the Film India album that he shares with Ravi Shankar.

More from Shafiq Husayn, Paul White, Dr. No’s Ethiopium, a new joint from Dub Gabriel with U-Roy;  Massive Attack with longtime collaborator Horace Andy; Rap newness from Profisee and Emprom; Bottom end movers from Cessa, who I don’t think bother a myspace page/website, they just throw their energy into their music; Some old joints from the 1983 album of Flying Lotus, one featuring the suave vocals of Laura Darlington aka Mrs. Daedelus, who will be on his new album due in a few months…..uh, got word today of a full album to come from Manusa, who are part of CIAfrica.  Word via the keyboard/screen is that DJ/rupture is working on a mixtape for them too.  In the meanwhile soak up the Manusa tune here, or download the CIAfrica History 3 via the above link.

Hyperdub kick of the new decade in fifth gear, courtesy of DVA, and the link strengthens with Zomby having a go at Martyn’s ‘Hear Me’.

My man Scalper has a new website up and running to check it for the goods, click up dis.

For the program, tune in via Sunhole, tonight at 22h00, or if next week suites you better sir, go to Radio Norte, which are one week behind in terms of transmitting the program, meaning you can catch last weeks program tonight at 21h00.

Until next time, PEace.

  1. Vilayat Khan – Fire Dance (Él Records)
  2. Shafiq Husayn – Intro_ Electra (Rapster)
  3. Shafiq Husayn – All Dead (Rapster)
  4. Paul White – An illusion interlude (One Handed Music)
  5. Paul White – Dream State /Dam Tales (One Handed Music)
  6. Manusa – Combinasions (CIAfrica)
  7. Muslimgauze vs. Rootsman – Mecca
  8. Dr. No’s Ethiopium – Excalibur (Stones Throw)
  9. Dr. No’s Ethiopium – Butta (Stones Throw)
  10. Dub Gabriel featuring U-Roy – Luv ‘n Liv  (Destroy All Concepts)
  11. Massive Attack featuring Horace Andy – Girl I Love You / She is Danger remix  (Virgin)
  12. Martyn – Hear Me / Zomby mix (3024)
  13. DVA – Natty (Hyperdub)
  14. Cessa – Question (Missing Link Sounds)
  15. Profisee and Emprom – Zoning / RVLT Remix (Cloak & Dagger)
  16. Bullion – Say Goodbye to What (One Handed Music)
  17. Flying Lotus – Shifty (Plug Research)
  18. Naggo Morris – Flour Power (Barcelona Raval Sessions)
  19. Scalper – Threepointonefour (Border Music)
  20. Flying Lotus featuring Laura Darlington – Unexpected Delights (Plug Research)
  21. Public Enemy -Final Count Of The Collision Between Us And The Damned (DefJam)