Brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal


I normally take a recorder to capture dj sets, however there is always something falling foul of the correct alignment of the planets: forgetting the press the record button, running out of juice aka batteries when the power cable is too short to reach the socket….there is always a crap reason.  The run of DJ session’s this year has been memorable for more than a minute, from the Las Terasitas beach in Santa Cruz, Mojo Club in Las Palmas, GCMN at Druga Godba Festival in Llubljana, Clandestino Festival, Micromusic TEA, the Keroxen do’s in Tenerife and in Los Jameos del Agua, Womad Fuerteventura and all points inbetween.

Inspired by and for those that turned up throughout the year, and also the people behind the voices or stories and artists contained within.

Ingredients: Guantanamo Stories from Shaker Aamer, recently released from the Yankee enclave in Cuba; political discourse and opinions from Yanis Varoufakis, whose book The Global Minotour has got me wrapped up.  Also some news from Palestine / Occupied Territories via Electronic Intifada. The Arabic discussion before that piece, is taken from a documentary about divorce in Iran.

Regarding the music and sound, contributions from the likes of Batida, Maga Bo, El Mahdy Jr. Kink Gong, The Bug, Kode9, Stereotyp, Tupperwear, Morgan Craft, KingLMan, Kiki Hitomi, Mohammed Al Madloul, Waipoo Petchsuphan, Public Enemy, Stock Hausen & Walkman; MF Doom, SK Simeon, Machinedrum, Oh No, DJ Vadim, Sol Monk, Fun’da’mental, DJ Spinn, Danny Brown, Muslimguaze, Rootsman, 16 Bit vs. Dj Leo, Manolo Viera, Job Ledesma, Mizz Beats, Jeru The Damaja, Nochexxx, Sensational, Walter Gross, theUnderachievers, The Beastie Boys, Audio Two, Gil Scott Heron, Namebrandsound, Source Direct, CDM, and RP Boo. There could be several names missing, hope it doesn’t hurt.

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First DJ set of 2016 to be announced soon in Madrid come early Feb., with an appearance on RNE.  More as it happens. Hasta pronto.  All the beats, and thanks for tuning in.





Hyperdub – Rinse Shows Uploaded


In celebration of the release of the instrumentals from LV’s 2012 album ‘Sebenza’, the label have neatly pooled together nine of their monthly Rinse FM shows from last year, plus an edit of the ‘Sebenza’ pre-cursor Boomslang for free download.

Full story at Dummy plus links to download that LV tune.

The Spaceape – On The Run

I’ve been waiting a long time for this. This, being Xorcism, the album by The Spaceape, yeah, him whose name one is used to seeing with Kode9.  The Spaceape has some new stories to tell, and it is very personal.  So personal that I will leave it to him to share as he will with this new disc. You can read some of his lyrics at his blog which is here. I’ve always felt that his contributions to the albums he did with Kode9 were never really appreciated, he’s vastly underrated in my opinion. But hey, people like Kode9, Martyn, The Bug, Jerry Dammers, Dub Gabriel, call him up, so that’s good enough for me.  This video is the business, shout out to Hiroo Tanaka and Kiki Hitomi

Dead Record Office

Steve Goodman, is known to some as the music producer Kode9 and man behind the label Hyperdub.  To others he is a lecturer at a university in London.

Last year Steve authored a book called  Sonic Warfare,  a history of sonic warfare and the politics of sound.  As a part of  AUDint, with Toby Heys, an electronic media artist, and John Cohrs, a recording engineer and artist, they present an  exhibition in NYC bringing another physical dimension to the printed word,  investigating the use of sound as a weapon, a tool to distress and coerce people into doing what ugly people want them to do.

Infrasound frequencies, those too low to be audible, are sometimes responsible for hauntings and ghost sightings, resonating with the eye to produce hallucinations and tingling, even raising hairs on the back of the neck. It is appropriate then that the centerpiece of the installation at Art in General is the Dead Record Office, more of a haunted shrine than an office, where recordings of Vietnamese ghosts wail and the walls are papered with album covers referring to the history of sonic disruption and warfare

More juice here

AUDint site is here

Kevin Martin talks The Bug, King Midas Sound, Adrian Sherwood


Somebody who is influenced by Crass, Discharge, 23 Skidoo, Killing Joke, Public Image Limited, Joy Division, The Birthday Party, On-U Sound, SunnO))), The Bomb Squad, Kode9, Steely and Clevie and Dave Kelly can’t be that bad can they?

Up now at The Quietus, a freshly brewed interview with the K-Mart.

On ideas for the next Bug album,”….. it’ll be like The Buena Vista Social Club on crack.”

Something to look forward to.

In the meanwhile we’ll have a King Midas remix project and The Bug’s London Zoo in Dub featuring Adrian Sherwood to contend with….life’s shit innit?

Kode9 & The Spaceape

After their performance at the Clandestino Festival a couple years ago, I asked them about how things were proceeding with the follow up to the Memories of the Future album.  ¨It´s coming.¨ However a serious illness got in the way, however all is now good, and they will return with a new album, titled ´Black Sun´ will be released  in April, via Hyperdub.  Prepare your speakers and family for sub-driven poetic insightful observations.