Fact Magazine’s Angus Finlayson digs deep into what is Hyperdub, the label outta London headed by Steve (Kode 9) Goodman.

Starting in late 2007, the label embarked on a series of releases that would elevate it from a relatively minor player in dubstep to master of its own strange destiny. Quarta 330’s marvellously gauche chiptune remix of ‘9 Samurai’ fired the starting gun, followed by singles from Ikonika, Darkstar, Zomby and of course Kode9 himself. Suddenly, after the greyscale deep-isms of most dubstep, melody was back on the agenda: soured, synthetic, radioactive melody, swaggering, garishly articulated synths that spoke in some foreign tongue, rhythms that stumbled and bounced their way to the edge of dysfunction, lingering there, locked in a perverse game of chicken with the dancing faithful.

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Dubstep meets Scientist

Going full circle and still forward.
Lord have mercy, the dub legend that is Scientist has mixed tracks some of the top bass producerss (Kode 9 and The Spaceape, King Midas Sound, Mala, Shackleton, Pinch, Loefah, RSD)  for Tectonic. How high, low, deep, deeper still and weighty is Scientist Launches Dubstep Into Outer Space going to be?  We’ll find back end of November.

Infinite boiling ain’t gonna soften this stone.

More juice, full tracklisting at RA

Ear Conditioning: Attack Sustain Delay Release

Cumbia/work song/balkan mix-up from Thornato (courtesy of Gen Bass); the bass interrupted air of Kode 9; Pillow talk from Jose James and the appropriately named Jordana de Lovely; Iraqi Choubi Choubi from Ja’afar Hassan; Beats from Reso; Edgy funk from 23 Skidoo.
That and a little bit more comprises Ear Conditioning for this week.
‘earable at Sunhole tonight at 22h00.
(It maybe on Radio Norte at 20h30, but they seem not to pay their staff, so the staff can’t be arsed to upload the program)
Ear Conditioning – Attack Sustain Delay Release
  • Thornato – Rose Work Song (mpfree)
  • Mos Def – Casa Bey (Downtown)
  • John Baker – Decimal Currency (Trunk Recordings)
  • Ja’afar Hassan – They Taught Me (Sublime Frequencies)
  • 23 Skidoo – Vegas El Bandito (Illuminated)
  • King Midas Sound – Meltdown (Hyperdub)
  • José James – Love Conversation featuring Jordana de Lovely  (Brownswood)
  • Reso –  Channel Pressure
  • Lloyd Robinson – Cuss Cuss
  • Kode 9 – Sinogrime Minimix (mpfree)
  • Kode 9 vs. LD – Bad (Hyperdub)
  • LD – The King of Kong (Dub Police)
  • Moondog – Bumbo (Astralwerks)

Chemical Specialist




This week’s installment of Ear Conditioning, named after the contribution of Creation Rebel. Razor-wire guitar, pounding dub and a moving b-line.


Also lined up, a new cumbia thing from La Vagancia, that DJ/Rupture pointed me to.


Like many, we’ve been sucked into the sphere of  that Stones Throw –  Brainfeeder hip hop, and the influence is evident on the productions of Yoggyone.  Coming out of France, Mr. Yoggy1 doesn’t dissapoint.  


I’m trying to get Famille Bou Bess (who I’m currently working with) to ween on some  hip hop other than the obvious stuff like Tupac, Fiddy Pence, Dr. Dre.  Hearin’ Aid will do just nicely – offkey alternative shit.


Ear Conditioning / Chemical Specialist Program 12.05.09


  • The Roots + Lata Mageshkar / In The Music  
  • La Vagancia / Title Unknown
  • Los de Abajo / Actitud Calle
  • Moondog / Oo Debut
  • Hearin’ Aid / Title Unknown
  • Au Revoir Simone / Shadows – It’s A Fine Line Remix
  • Creation Rebel / Chemical Specialist 
  • Chris Rock / Obama
  • Yoggyone / Rhodes Interlude
  • King Midas Sound / Ting Dub
  • De La Soul / Stakes is High
  • Major Lazor / Hold The Line – Poirier Remix
  • Princes du Kuduru / Mwangole
  • Yoggyone / Harder and Harder featuring Kissey Asplund
  • King L Man / Huh….what?
  • El-P / Exceprts from We Are All Going To Burn In Hell MeggaMixx2 
  • Dr. Who Dat / Viberian Twilight (Lex Records) 
  • The Rootsman vs. Muslimgauze / Damascus
  • Kode 9 & The Spaceape / Nine


Ecucha Martes / Tuesday:  Radio Norte 89.4FM Tenerife  20h30;   Sunhole  22h00

Jueves / Thursday: Planet Radio  23h00 GMT

Update:  Just got wind of a remix by Jneiro Jarel (aka Dr. Who Dat?) for TV on the Radio. It’s here