Ninja Tune – A documusical

Ninja Tune have revamped their website, put out tons of music this year, the twentieth year of their existence. A documentary of the gathering at a car park in London on a dreary night, goes inside where the sun was shining.

Appearances from The Bug, Kid Koala, DJ Food, Coldcut, Roots Manuva, Daedelus and more

The Way of the Ninja – A King Cannibal blend

The Way of the Ninja, an epic work by King Cannibal.  It’s out 8th November.

“This mix was constructed on planes, trains, hotel rooms and in the studio using vinyl, CDs, Wav files and a DAT in Ableton Live and Logic.

A suitably diverse number of locations, formats and tools for a diverse label like Ninja Tune. A label that spans two thirds of my life, from putting DJ Vadim records on my christmas list (Santa decided to go with Dr Octagon – Instrumentalyst instead) to being turned away from a sold-out show to celebrate the tenth Ninja birthday, i’ve truly grown up to the sounds of this label’s catalogue.

Ninja’s history being so entwined with my own only makes a project like this harder. An ignorant person may not feel guilty about leaving out something from Bogus Order’s Zen Breaks whose record was used for the static sound of needle hitting vinyl that appears a few times in this mix or for leaving out Drome. That problem is then compounded by the next – everyone knows the classics – Timber, Witness, Dark Lady… they’ve been on countless mixes before, but they need to be in here.. perhaps.. perhaps…. perhaps the way out is to get creative with these, to put a new spin on them. Ninja has a rich tradition of getting creative behind the turntables, from Coldcut’s groundbreaking ‘ 70 Minutes Of Madness’ Journeys By DJ mix to the diverse Solid Steel series, so why not try and up the ante a little?

So three months and a little over 250 tracks later i arrive at 74 minutes of music mixed, blended, sliced, diced, torn up and finally rendered to audio. A lot of classics, personal favourites, some slept on and a few exclusive acapellas and instrumentals care of the Ninja family. Sure there are some classics left off – The Crow immediately springs to mind, but as it stands this is The Way Of The Ninja’, not only a Ninja Tune retrospective but the sound of my last 20 years.”

Clouddead – Apt A (1)
The Herbaliser – Tee and Beer Ft Jean Grae (accapella)
The Bug – Warning ft Flowdan
Funki Porcini – Michael’s Little Friend
Prefuse 73 – Radio Attack Pt.2 – re-edit
Dj Vadim – My Radio (The Inaugeration)
The Herbaliser – Intro
Jaga Jazzist – The Thing Introduces
Kid Koala – Slew Test 2
Journeyman – Mama 6 Pt. 1
Dj Vadim – Building Tension In 2 Dimensions
Coldcut – I’m Wild About That Thing (The Lost Sex Tapes: Position 1)
The Herbaliser – Scratchy Noise
Dj Food – They Walk Music
Dj Food – A Bunch’a Keyboards
DJ Food – A Trick Of The Ear
Infinite Livez – Propa III feat Gandhi Warhol
King Cannibal – Dirt Ft Daddy Freddy (accapella)
Mr Scruff – Is He Ready?
Lotek Hi-Fi – Dazzla Interlude
DJ Vadim – In Control Vol. 3 (feat. DJ Plus One)
DJ Vadim – The Terrorist feat Motion Man (accapella)
Thunderheist – LBG (instrumental)
DJ Vadim – Who Me feat Demolition Man
Sixtoo – Bonus Beat
K-The-I??? – Just Listen feat Busdriver
Poirier – Wha-La-La-Leng feat Face-T (accapella)
Poirier – Jusqu’en Haut feat Omnikrom
Spank Rock – Primetime (Original Demo Version)
DJ Food – Mumble
Roots Manuva – Do Nah Bodda Me (Xrabit Remix)
Poirier – Wha-La-La-Leng feat Face-T (Uproot Andy Remix)
Dj Food – £3 Skank
DJ Food – Half Step
New Flesh For Old – 186000 Miles (Skitz Mix Instrumental)
Roots Manuva – 9 Dubs A Year
Super Numeri – Beaks
Roots Manuva – Again Again Again
Roots Manuva – Witness (1 Hope)
Ghislain Poirier – Get Crazy feat Mr. Slaughter
Roots Manuva – Witness Dub – Big Dada
Mr Scruff – Hold On
DJ Food – Sexy Bits (Jazz Brakes Volume 5)
Mr Scruff – Test The Sound
DJ Food – The Food Song
London Funk Allstars – Give It To Me Raw
London Funk Allstars – Broadcasting Live From Planet Blapps!
Up, Bustle & Out – Coffee At Senor Roody’s
The Herbaliser – Get Your Head Down
TY – So You Want More feat Roots Manuva (refix)
Coldcut – More Beats & Pieces (Daddy Rips It Up)
DJ Food – Dark Lady
Coldcut – More Beats & Pieces (Beans & Pizzas Strictly Kid Teeba Jam)
London Funk Allstars – Flesh Eating Disco Zombies Versus the Bionic Hookers From Mars
Amon Tobin – Verbal (Prefuse 73 Dipped Escalade Mix)
Dj Food – Scratch Yer Hed
Amon Tobin – Sordid
The Herbaliser – Wall Crawling Bits
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Anger (Rare Force 2 Meg Mix)
The Herbaliser – Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks
The Herbaliser – Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks (Instrumental)
The Herbaliser – Gadget Funk
DJ Food – Mr Quicke Cuts The Cheese
The Herbaliser – Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks (Bonus Beats)
Bogus Order – Return Of Brother Zen
DJ Food – All Covered In Darkness (Instrumental)
Thunderheist – Sweet 16 (Eli Escarbar Remix)
Thunderheist – Sweet 16 – Big Dada
Spank Rock – Backyard Betty (accapella)
The Qemists – Hurts Less feat Jenna G (My Digital Enemy Remix)
Bogus Order – Zen Bones
Zero dB – A Pomba Girou feat Heidi Vogel
Zero dB – A Pomba Girou (Dave Da Gato Remix)
Coldcut – Walk A Mile In My Shoes feat Robert Owens (Tiga Remix)
Hexstatic – Bass Invader (Kris Menace Remix)
Wagon Christ – Cris Chana
Pest – Pat Pong (Solid Groove Mix)
Hexstatic – Bust
Spank Rock – Top Billin’ From Far Left
DJ Food – Your Mother
Spank Rock – Bump (Switch Remix)
Coldcut & Hexstatic – Timber
Spank Rock – Rick Rubin (accapella)
Hexstatic – Toys Are Us
Coldcut – True Skool feat Roots Manuva (Switch Remix)
Zero dB – A Pomba Girou feat Heidi Vogel
Mr Scruff – Cat & Mouse
Zero dB – Bongos, Beats & Basslines (Dibaba Remix)
Wagon Christ – The Funnies
Diplo – It’s All Part Of A Bigger Plan
Bonobo – 1009
Hexstatic – L-Virata
Dj Food – Eyes Cream
Dj Food – Nocturne
Neotropic – Sideshow Man
Dj Food – Break
Dj Food -The Ageing Young Rebel feat Ken Nordine (accapella)
Coldcut – Walk A Mile In My Shoes feat Robert Owens (instrumental)
Coldcut – Walk A Mile In My Shoes feat Robert Owens
Coldcut & Hexstatic – Timber
Journeyman – Estarlay
Chocolate Weasel – The Nonsensical Ramblings Of A Lunatic Mind?
The Cinematic Orchestra – All That You Give feat Fontella Bass
DJ Food – Moody Roadie
East Flatbush Project – Tried By 12 (Squarepusher Remix)
Bonobo – D Song
Coldcut – Noah’s Toilet
DJ Vadim – Melodies In Vertical Theory
The Herbaliser – Mr Chombee Has The Flaw
Jaga Jazzist – Lithuania
Coldcut – Give It Up
Hexstatic – Vector
Mr Scruff – Wail
mika – Drop The Other (Scuba’s Vulpine remix)
Funki Porcini – Nothing To Do
Shuttle – Tunnel
Dj Food – Sexy Bits (Jazz Brakes Volume 5)
Neotropic – Sunflower Girl
Fink – See It All (Emika remix)
Amon Tobin – Kitchen Sink (Boxcutter remix)
The Bug – Ganja feat Flowdan
Daedelus – Touchstone feat Paperboy & Taz Arnold (accapella)
Fink – Sort Of Revolution (Sideshow dub)
Clouddead – Physics Of A Unicycle
Yppah – Playing With Fireworks
Emika – Double Edge
Daedelus – Make It So (XXXChange Remix)
Bonobo – Animals
The Bug – Ganja feat Flowdan
The Qemists – Dem Na Like Me feat Wiley (Subscape Dub)
King Cannibal – The Grind & Crawl
Daedelus – I Took Two
Ghislain Poirier – Blazin feat Face T (Modeselektor Remix)
Wiley – Gansters
Shuttle – Tunnel (High Rankin Remix)
Coldcut – Atomic Moog (Cornelius Remix)
The Bug – Poison Dart feat Warrior Queen
Coldcut – Just For The Kick
Fink – Sort Of Revolution (Sideshow dub)
DJ Food – Akaire
The Bug – Skeng feat Killa.P & Flowdan (Kode 9 Remix)
Amon Tobin – Kitchen Sink (Boxcutter remix)
The Bug – Fuckaz feat Spaceape
Amon Tobin – Big Furry Head
Amon Tobin – Foley Room
Amon Tobin – Kitchen Sink
Cougar – Rhinelander
Emika – Double Edge
Homellife – Buffalos
Hex – No
Two Fingers – What You Know feat. Sway (Emalkay instrumental)
Jammer – 10 Man Roll feat Boy Better Know
Rhys Chatham & Martin Wheeler – Neon
Two Fingers – High Life (Instrumental)
Hexstatic – Wonka (Dj Kentaro Remix)
WIley – Bow E3
Two Fingers – High Life feat Sway
Real Life – Sublime
WIley – Bow E3 (Instrumental)
Jammer – Better Than (Lorn Remix)
Mr Scruff – Whiplash
Juice Aleem – Tings Get Heat Up
Ghislain Poirier – Diaspora
Bonobo – Nightlife (Zero dB Reconstruction)
Neotropic – Sunflower Girl
Wiley – My Mistakes (Accapella)
Neotropic – Money For Old Rope
King Cannibal – Flower Of Flesh And Blood
Kid Koala – Slew Test 2 ** ….. really The Slew Robbing Banks (Doin’ Time)
Pop Levi – Police Sign
Dj Shadow – Bring Madlib Up
Cougar – Thundersnow
Poirier – Get Crazy feat Mr Slaughter
Dj Food -The Ageing Young Rebel feat Ken Nordine
Dj Food – The Beat, The Beat, The Beat*
Dj Food – Moody Rudy
Hexstatic – Solid Steel Rock School (Accapella)
Poirier -Immigrant Visa feat MC Zulu
The Heavy – Oh No ! Not You Again !!
Pop Levi – Police Sign
Poirier – Karnival
TTC – Girlfriend
The Death Set – Impossible (Positive Outlook Etan Remix)
Ghislain Poirier – Get Crazy feat Mr Slaughter (accapella)
Bonobo – Nightlife (Zero dB Reconstruction)
Amon Tobin – Like Regular Chickens (Dillinja Mix)
King Cannibal – The Untitled
Super Numeri – Beaks
Ghislain Poirier – Get Crazy feat Mr Slaughter
Funki Porcini – King Ashabanapal (Dillinja Mix)
Neotropic – 15 Levels Of Magnification (Arcon 2 Remix)
Saul Williams – Elohim (1972) Part 2 (Instrumental)
Coldcut – More Beats And Pieces (Meet The Weasels Mix By T Power)
Coldcut – Re:volution (Instrumental)
Sixtoo – Horse Drawn Carriage
Happy Campers – No Mind (The Zen Experience)
Mr Scruff – Snack
Quincy – Bruce Lee MC
Dj Food – Fungle Junk
2 Player – Extreme Possibilities (Wagon Christ mix)
Funki Porcini – King Ashabanapal (Dillinja Mix)
DJ Kentaro – Trust (Le Jad Remix)
Sixtoo – Boxcutter Emporium (Part 1)
Two Fingers – Bad Girl feat Sway & Ce’cile – (King Cannibal Remix)
Amon Tobin – Reanimator
Amon Tobin – Creatures (Hidden Agenda Defocussed Mix)
The Qemists – Drop Audio feat MC I.D.
The Herballiser – Herbal Blend (Ingredients)
Amon Tobin – The Nasty
Amon Tobin – Wire & Snakes
Cujo – Traffic
DJ Food – Fungle Junk (Lemon D Jazz Excursion Remix)
2 Player – Sometimes (2 Player Vs The Herbaliser)
Roots Manuva – Juggle Tings Proper
Bus Driver – Just Listen feat Busdriver
London Funk Allstars – Never Can Get Enough
Coldcut & Hexstatic – Timber (LPC’s Civilisation Mix)
King Cannibal – Aragami Style
Clifford Gilberto – Restless
Neotropic – Train To Katoomba
The Cinematic Orchestra – Time & Space (Live At The Royal Albert Hall)
The Herballiser – Herbal Blend (Ingredients)
Dj Food – Break
The Qemists – Stompbox (Spor Remix)
2 Player – Extreme Possibilities (Wagon Christ mix)
Anti Pop Consortium – End Game
Fink – Green
Coldcut – More Beats And Pieces (Meet The Weasels Mix By T Power)
The Qemists – Soundface feat Beardyman
The Qemists – Got 1 Life feat MC Navigator
Spank Rock – Bump (Switch Remix)
DJ Kentaro – Taesgore Highway High (Hexstatic Remix)
Two Fingers – That Girl feat Sway (Spor Remix)
The Qemists – Hurt Less feat Jenna G (Extended Edit)
Hexstatic – Ninja Bits
DJ Kentaro – Trust (The Qemists Remix)
DJ Food – Fungle Junk (Lemon D Jazz Excursion Remix)
DJ Food – Dark Blood (MLO Nu Blud 2 Mix)
The Cinematic Orchestra – Familiar Ground
Neotropic – La Centinela
DJ Food – Sexy Bits (Jazz Brakes Volume 4)
Drome – Alice Effekt
DJ Food – The Day Has Ended
Fink – We Are Ninja
DJ Food – We’re Just Getting Started
Oneself – Be Your Own (accapella)
The Infesticons – Outro
9 Lazy 9 – Golden Oldie
Cougar – Heavy Into Jeff
Kruder & Dorfmeister – Shakatakadoodub
Spokes – Torn Up In Praise
Hex – Thred
DJ Food – Sexy Bits (Jazz Brakes Volume 5)

I didn’t say epic lightly did I?

Ear Conditioning 15 – Cannibal Instinct

  • Gil Scott-Heron – NY is Killing Me – 1200 Squad Remix featuring Nas (XL)
  • Amir Sulaiman – Spit
  • G.A.F. – Alien Love (Foehn)
  • Mighty Zulu Nation vs. King L Man
  • Kode9 + The Spaceape – What I See (Hyperdub)
  • King Cannibal featuring Daddy Freddy – Dirt (Ninja Tune)
  • The Micronauts – The Jag / Speedy J Remix (Science)
  • Drum Cunt – Bonnie Tyler/Snow White   (Bunkland)
  • Noisses – Crank Dat
  • Jazzsteppa – Investment  Decision  (Studio Rockers)
  • Dr. Strangeloop – Are We Lost Mammals (Brainfeeder)
  • Indigenous Resistance featuring Deeder Zaman, The Ghost – Galdino 2010 / D.WattsRiot Remix (I.R.)

As usual this edition of Ear Conditioning is available via Sunhole Radio tonight at 22h00 Tenerife/London time.

Also repeated weekday mornings at 11h00.