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Keroxen gente

Photos: Emilio Prieto, Alby Ojeda, Juan Mare

Mañana en Keroxen:

Desde un improbable cruce entre arte plástica y tecnología, Rafael Pinillos y Simone Marin presentan “Live Painting”, una performance donde pinceles, tarjetas gráficas de ultima generación, jeringuillas, programación, marcos y frameworks intentarán reconciliarse en un nuevo proyecto de hibridación escénica, en esta ocasión acompañados por “Hormiga de Pan”,improvisacion libre en estado efervescente, aplicando una generosa y obscena capa de “fijador” sonoro durante todo el proceso/show.  Okay?

Keroxen10 – Open

The opening night of Keroxen10 was off the scales, so far gone I ain’t looking to get return ticket yet.

The location was El Tanque, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, an old gas storage tank now converted into a cultural space. It’s large and empty, however in the hands of curator / programmer Nestor Torrens and his team, the tank was decked out with 5kms of hanging cloth (to act as baffles for the sound) and the path illuminated by plastic water carriers with some fibre optic blue light. Class.

Music on the night was provided the extraordinary Hyperpotamus, who held the crowds attention moving between five mics, singing, sampling, looping, layering, dancing. This entertainment, this is fun.

Taha-gwana took the stage to presenting a collaboration between Sarharian / Moroccan / Canary Island musicians. Traditional gnawa music, massive drums from El Hierro (one of the Canary islands) colliding with highly grained distorted effects mixed by members of Tupperware.

To Boni, Simone, Nestor, Reiko, Daniel/Tecnico de Sonido, sorry I can’t remember the woman on Lights, and the whole damn crew, the breakers, and the public that turned out and turned in on, I can’t say thanks enough for being a part of this event, something real extraordinary.

Keroxen10 takes place every weekend between now and Nov.6th, with a performance from Lydia Lunch, that’s right, Lydia Lunch.

Seek to be destroyed. Program is here.

Photos: Alby Ojeda

Ear Conditioning 38 – Keroxen10 Toast

With this gig coming up on Friday at El Tanque Espacio Cultural en Santa Cruz, gotta figure out what works in a space with an apparent reverb of around 12 seconds.  Regardless, it will be a space to experiment, play out somethings that don’t work it other venues.  Namely it’s a speaker issue with many venues this way.  As I may have mentioned here recently, El Guincho spoke about the lack of  respect to the whole frequency spectrum in many venues.  What we need is a Plastic People sound system.  A place to experience and hear the fullest spectrum of  the elements that producers / musicians put into what they do.

I’m still in a cloud of the Ninja Tune catalogue. Thrown in a couple more cuts from The Bug’s forthcoming Infected EP out in November.  Also dug back into some future movements via Squarepusher‘s remix of Scratch Yer Head by DJ Food, with that toothbrush sample, my god. I recall being at the Blue Note in Hoxton Square, London when Coldcut’s Stealth club night took place for about a year. Squarepusher came loaded with just a drum machine and his bass.  He tore new assholes in a pleasant way for all of us present.  I think his programming was a source of inspiration not only for music heads, but also programmers and creators of music software, no doubt.  He set a mark.

The Cinematic Orchestra’s ‘All That You Give’ features the voice of Fontella Bass, who I now know was also wife of the late great Lester Bowie of the Art Ensemble of Chicago fame.  ‘All That You Give’ is her testament to her husband who passed away in 1999.  It is beautiful tear.

The forthcoming  album from The Creole Choir of Cuba was welcomed with open arms and ears.  It sounds nothing like what is generally  associated with music from Cuba.  The creative pallet is much broader than assumptions. The work of the Mighty Zulu Nation or Umabatha, The Zulu Macbeth, soaring voices free of restrictions on mind body and soul.  The Creole Choir have just been announced to perform at Womad Las Palmas.  A wish has been answered.

Another contender for Womad could be Soil and ‘Pimp’ Sessions.  Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood label are preparing to drop a 4 to the floor, bass step stomper with frenzied horns sending you all over the place.

Tune in tonight via Sunhole dot net at 22h00 GMT+1

Ear Conditioning 38 – Keroxen10 Toast

Crooklyn Dodgers ’95 / Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers (40Acres and a mule/MCA)
Killer Mike / Swimming (prod. by Flying Lotus) (Adult Swim)
The Bug / Tune In featuring Roots Manuva (Ninja Tune)
The Cinematic Orchestra featuring Fontella Bass / All That You Give (Ninja Tune)
Mala / Return II Space (dmz)
Christian Parenti / War on Terror
Salem / Asia – oOoOO Remix
DJ Food / Stratch Yer Head – Squarepusher Remix (Ninja Tune)
Afronaught / Work It (Apollo)
Red Snapper featuring MC Det / The Sleepness – SUAD Remix (Warp)
The Bug featuring Warrior Queen / Poison Dart – Scratch DVA Remix (Ninja Tune)
The Bug featuring Warrior Queen / Poison Dart – Skream Remix (Ninja Tune)
Soil and Pimp Sessions / Pop Korn – WAFA Remix (Brownswood Recordings)
Los Destellos / Elsa featuring Fefe – Sonido Martines Remix
El Guincho / Ghetto Facil (Young Turks)
The Creole Choir of Cuba / Edem Chante (Real World)
Cauto / Despertar (Disboot)