Fstvl Boreal – It’s On

Website now live, schedule complete and published.
Tons of activities for young, older, and those that are almost there: Storytelling, returning turtles back into the ocean, theater, yoga workshops, percussion workshops, batucada, recycling workshops, walking trip information, sports activities….phew, outta breath, puff, puff!

Location is the super tranquil Los Silos, surrounded by the sea and mountains, can’t beat it really.  A rare intact skeleton of a Boreal whale overlooks the site.

I’ll be doing two sets, the first being  Friday night by the swimming pool, after the round-table discussion featuring the creator of the festival, Juanjo Ramos (Birding Canarias), Bernard Habis of Elementhal Events/Eolica/Rollercoaster, and Job Ledesma (Canarias Ruido).

Main activities are the following day.  See website for further details.

It’s only 8€ for the day, ya gotta support this folks, as Job wrote somewhere recently, the days of government funding and free entrance are over, people in Tenerife, and the Canaries in general, are gonna have to get used to dipping in their pockets should they want to see bands / dj’s perform.

The Boreal team, are doing what they can with very little funds from government sources, and with so many festivals not happening this year, best to hang onto what we got and make the best of it.

Boreal, Los Silos, Isla Baja Tenerife

Cuentocuentos – Los Silos / Story-telling Festival – Los Silos.



This year the annual Story-telling Festival in Los Silos (Tenerife) takes place 4-6 December.
As last year, I’ll be doing a collaboration with two story-tellers, Andrés González Novoa and Ernesto Rodriguez Abad, and providing quality photos will be Juan José Ramos Melo and Oliver Yanes.


This event will be a benefit for an agricultural project in Louga, Senegal that is being assisted by La Casa de Africa.  Last years event for La Casa de Africa within Cuentos Los Silos helped raise the ca$h for the  successful completion of a school in Burkino Faso.

More info on the festival is here. Get your tickets early, on one hand the festival could become much bigger than it is, but it’s nice that they’ve kept it at the level it is, intimate, and soon enough you’ll become family.