The man behind Grenouille, Javier Afonso is a creative force of gigantic proportions. I don’t say that lightly.He was the one that brought to reality the ‘Arando’ video for my King L Man project, which he did on a zero budget, but with 1,000,000€ worth of dedication and commitment. Music, photography, imagery, poetry, video, nothing seems to be beyond his grasp. The music is heart-felt and passionate, intriguing and moving.  It’s gotta be with a band consisting of Laura Escuela playing piano & celesta, Mónica Viñoly on violin and vocals, Juan Luis Pérez delicately touching the drums supporting the accordian, musical saw, guitar and voice of Javi.  Synchronized video images ranging from 1920’s era cartoons to the surreal and contemporary add layers of depth.  Their penultimate song at Keroxen last Thursday managed to stay on coarse despite rousing applause from the audience half way through the number.  It was a sight to behold.

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Photos: David Perreko

King L Man – Arando video

Javi ‘Grenouille‘ Afonso hizo un video para el tema, Arando.
King L Man es el nombre de un proyecto mio.

The music contains some traditional Canarian folk music, and the main vocals is a farmer speaking to his animals as he ploughs. I’ve he been told the words are a metaphor for something to do with his boner, but I think somebody was just taking advantage of my lack of Spanish.

Javi Afonso made the video using tons of free software and loads of time, and I mean loads, the attention to detail is way beyond what I expected.  Much thanks Javi, you are a genius.