Iran blah blah blah,

Haven’t we been here before?

Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi nails it again regarding the march to war against Iraq Iran.

As a journalist, there’s a buzz you can detect once the normal restraints in your business have been loosened, a smell of fresh chum in the waters, urging us down the road to war. Many years removed from the Iraq disaster, that smell is back, this time with Iran.

You can just feel it: many of the same newspapers and TV stations we saw leading the charge in the Bush years have gone back to the attic and are dusting off their war pom-poms. CNN’s house blockhead, the Goldman-trained ex-finance professional Erin Burnett, came out with a doozie of a broadcast yesterday, a Rumsfeldian jeremiad against the Iranian threat would have fit beautifully in the Saddam’s-sending-drones-at-New-York halcyon days of late 2002. Here’s how the excellent Glenn Greenwald described Burnett’s rant:

It’s the sort of thing you would produce if you set out to create a mean-spirited parody of mindless, war-hungry, fear-mongering media stars, but you wouldn’t dare go this far because you’d want the parody to have a feel of realism to it, and this would be way too extreme to be believable. She really hauled it all out: WMDs! Terrorist sleeper cells in the U.S. controlled by Tehran! Iran’s long-range nuclear missiles reaching our homeland!!!! She almost made the anti-Muslim war-mongering fanatic she brought on to interview, Rep. Peter King, appear sober and reasonable by comparison.

Read the full piece at Rolling Stone

USA – Memorial Day

Yesterday was Memorial Day in the USA, a public holiday that recognizes America’s war dead.
President Barack Obama was participating in a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery.
“Our nation owes a debt to its fallen heroes that we can never fully repay, but we can honor their sacrifice,” Obama said at a Memorial Day service at the cemetery. “And we must.”

Excuse me for pissing on your parade, or more appropriately, on your war dead, but x percent of them died unnecessarily, as did countless mothers, fathers, cousins, brothers, sisters with Muslim names in a land far away.  The frat-boy that previously farted in your chair  and his team were responsible, and you have carried the baton close to your heart.   Is it a political thing that I don’t comprehend that is behind all of this?

Iraq war veteran jailed over rap. Eh?

Today’s Guardian newspaper has this story about Marc Watercus, a soldier who produced a rap about the army extending his time in the battlezone, cussing out his superior officers. The Army didn’t like it, and now he’s being held in jail awaiting trial.

The song includes lines saying the army “fucked me over”, and a warning that he would shoot his officers and “watch all the bodies hit the floor”.
More on the story here, and the song is here.