Ear Con 52 – Esperanto Take Out

Ear Conditioning 52 – Esperanto Take Out

Broadcast tonight via Sunhole dot net at 22h00 Tenerife/London Time and Friday via eFM at 18h00

Thanks to the singers, players, promoters and dealers.

Ilya Santana – Transborder

Just in the inbox, a promo from Eskimo Records, London….They got a homeboy from Gran Canaria on the label, where have I been?
Apparently Ilya got his start courtesy of his father’s collection of Vangelis, Giorgio Moroder and Alan Parsons, to name a few.  And now here he is, remixng the likes of The Human League.
Ilya’s ‘Transborder’ get remix treatment from Leatherette, a production duo from near Birmingham, England.  Panned pads and organ donors, lush keys, bottom pinching bass lines, and kinda squelchy synths, if that’s your thing.  If your into Brainfeeder-tronics, this could work for ya.
Out soon, on Eskimo.