Ear Con58 – Ear Invasion

Ear Con58 – Ear Invasion
This uzi weighs a ton.


‘Cos within the allotted sixty minutes, for your ears, hearts and minds we present newness from Débruit, Maga Bo, Obba Supa, and Jeremiah Jae. (I’ll post more details about Maga Bo’s new EP within the next couple of days)

Old-time music from Robert Crumb’s collection, that be Paul Specht & His Orchestra.

Good ole dutty funk from Funkadelic.

Reggae vibes from Horace Andy, Barry Brown and Dr. Alimantado.

Plus curveballs from Gaslamp Killer, Black Chow, El-P, Jeremiah Jae, den5hion and Primus

Is that good enough for ya?

Going out via Sunhole Radio 22h GMT tonight and on Saturday 16h-18h CET via The Magic Show at eFM, Sarajevo.

Obba Supa / Arabian Shesha (Chakra Sounds)
Calle 13 / John El Esquizofrenico (den5hion remix)
Katakresis / La Cumbia Malvada
Funkadelic / Red Hot Mamma (Westbound)
Paul Specht & His Orchestra / That’s What I Call Sweet Music
Horace Andy /Talk About Zion (Blood & Fire)
Barry Brown / Natty Roots Man (Blood & Fire)
Dr. Alimantado / Mash It Up  (Blood & Fire)
Black Chow / Danger (Jahtari)
Maga Bo / Ransom – Timeblind Mix (Senseless)
Maga Bo / Gondar (Senseless)
Débruit / Turkish-ish (Civil Music)
RJD2 / Silver Fox (Def Jux)
Jeremiah Jae / Kings Bop (Brainfeeder)
Primus / Los Bastardos (Interscope)
Obba Supa / Yumm Yumms (Chakra Sounds)
DJ Vadim / Terrorist – Gaslamp Computer Killer Remix (Ninja Tune)
El-P / Lab Rat Bravely Escapes Only to Crash Into the Gates (Def Jux/Gold Dust)

Sessions at Txola – December/January

This month I’ll be spinning at Txola twice, including the fin de año / new years eve.  For this night, I’ll be joined by an old friend from Toronto, a true Canadian authority on hip hop, r&b, soul, the legend that is JohnBronski.  We were fortunate to be in the spot when the first hip hop vinyl made its way 500 miles from NYC to Toronto.  Getting down to Disco Sounds record shop off Yonge Street, to hear the new style on a punishing sound system.  The speakers in there, Cerwin Vega’s I think, were a bit too much, ‘cos when we got home with our latest purchases, the punch was missing.  Good Times.

Scalper – Flesh & Bones


When I first heard that a London-based rapper of Pakistani origin was producing/performing under the name Made in Britain, I was intrigued.   Using the same name as the  film starring Tim Roth was quite some lateral thinking. I didn’t have to look to far for him, as he became a frontman for Fun-da-mental during our Erotic Terrorism phase.

Scalper (aka Made in Britain) is now based in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand, and is dropping his debut album Flesh & Bones early 2010.

My man has been working hard.

There will be a single featuring the guitar chilling supa cris’ beat of Zero, with it’s reference to Public Enemy. On the flip will be Black Glory.  I only just got the tracks an hour ago, and they are my rewind champions of the week.  The vocals are produced in a manner that they seep into your skull box and re-wire the nerve endings.  Sounds like fun huh?!

His tracks are also available here www.iTunes.com/scalper