What’s that smell?


It´s the funk of Sr. Lobenzo.

The past weekend, Sr. Lobenzo of Afrodisiac Club in Granada returned for a  session at Txola with fellow funk-don David DJ of the Black Evolution Collective.  We spent a couple hours before their Saturday set going thru Sr. Lobenzo’s 7″ selection, looking for some brutal breaks for a future collaboration. 

Lawd have mercy.  Breaks upon breaks upon breaks.  He is a sick man, and David ain’t slack either.  During their set I was constantly interupting, “What is this?”

For the program Sr. Lobenzo supplied music by The Dap-Kings, David Brubeck, Dublex, and  Colman Brothers

Spanish readers can catch up with the antics of The Black Evolution and other rare-groove / funk rollers via the latest edition of Enlace Funk magazine.

A few weeks back, after dropping some tunes of Yoggyone on the program, I received an email from the brother Narqo at Electrons Libres in France.  He informed me of an album that he was about to release, featuring more of the Yoggyone and a host of other new beat producers.  The album, Straight Outta Bestown  is now available via here, and when looking at the side-bar that has flyers for past events featuring the likes of Mike Slott and El-P, you know the beats gotta have some weight behind them.

/Rupture´s recent posting about CIAfrica´s  latest mix in the History series they’ve been doing had me clickin´,   music all for the  taking listening / download. African hip hop at it´s best with a heavy slant on dancehall runs the roost.  If you like yer beats hard like two day old shit, seek no further than Green Dog.

So as not to be killed by the sound of Sr. Lobenzo, I dug out the Big Band RTS track Ne ga se Prodavaj.  Rising afro-Cuban jazz straight out of what was Yugoslavia.  Gorgeous strings and horns riding on some intense drum work. 

Speaking of drums, had to follow with Idris Muhammad, linking his contribution to music with that of his son, Ali Shaheed Muhammad of  A Tribe Called Quest.

For those that live out Los Silos way (Tenerife) I’ll be returning that way with record box in tow for a session,  I think by the Whale Skeleton again.  The date looks to be August 28.  More info as it happens.

Ear Conditioning – The Beatdown

  • Electrons Libre / Tribute 2 Da Dee
  • Yoggyone / Preparation
  • OJ Simpson / Coroners Music (Stones Throw)
  • Manusa / Dans Mon Pays produced by Green Dog (CIAfrica)
  • Green Dog / Afristepdub (CIAfrica)
  • Artist Unknown /Hammond Sandwich (Blue Note)
  • David Brubeck / Title Unknown
  • The Dap-Kings / Nervous Like Me
  • Consequence / Buggin´Out 2009 (J.Period Tribute to A Tribe Called Quest Mix)
  • A Tribe Called Quest / Excursions – De La Soul Version
  • Teebs & Jackhigh / Untitled (Sunless)
  • Dublex / NHS
  • Colman Brothers / She Who Dares
  • Big Band RTS / Ne ga se Prodavaj  (Cosmic Sounds London)
  • Idris Muhammad / Wanderer (BGP)
  • Chain Gang Song

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Photo: Sand Art by Andres Amodar

Madlib + Guilty Simpson = OJ Simpson


Madlib, he’s a producer who’se shit resonates in this area.  That man digs deep for breaks to create his sound.  Pleased to know a new project is due to be released out on Stones Throw label.  Madlib teams up (again) with rapper Guilty Simpson, to present the OJ Simpson album. No references to the Juice, it’s just that Madlib’s real name is Otis Jackson, and Guilty Simpson, okay you got it now.  The first single, ‘Coroner’s Music‘ off the block that is the album is now available via nahright.com among other places.
You can download  Madlib in session at Radio Nova / Paris.  A very invigorating and inspiring set, as you would expect from someone of Madlib’s calibre. It’s out there.

I’ve been in a bit of a foul mood for a couple hours, however this mix has rescued me from the blahs

Coroner’s Music hits the right buttons too, yeah?!   Disfruten.