Gaslamp Killer – Headphone Highlights

The Gaslamp Killer opens up his record box for us that give a shit, over at redbull online radio Headphone Highlights series.

“So, I put together Headphone Highlights with the idea that I would give you half songs that I like to put on when I’m in an introspective mood, or like to chill and feel chill vibes, and the other half are club songs. There’s exactly half and half, so half of my favourite club bangers, half of my classic hits, how ’bout that?”

He’s got the passion and energy I dig, ya dig?

The Gaslamp Killer – Flange Face

Fresh promo arrival in the inbox this afternoon, Flange Face, the new single from The Gaslamp Killer, featuring violinist Miguel Atwood-Ferguson. Dread delivered with heavy beats and distortion.

This guy spins tunes the way it supposed to be done, just up my alley, with passion and sincerity.  He feels it!

He is working on an album, and naturally Gonjasufi has contributed vocals to a couple tracks.  More as it happens, meanwhile eat this…

Ear Con 102 – Clandestino X – Part 2

With the tenth Clandestino Festival coming up next month, in just under three weeks, I thought I’d throw down some of the inspirational acts that we have been fortunate to witness over the years. Some of the bits in there include tracks that I’ve played or heard from other musicians or dj’s, or just new shit that couldn’t be left out, but would be warmly welcomed by the Clandestino audience.

This year we Linton Kwesi Johnson & Dennis Bovell Dub Band, Filastine & Nova, Staff Benda Bilili, Fenster, Gonjasufi, DJ Ripley, Pursuit Grooves, Cooly G, Jagwa Music and plenty more.

For now, you have this….

EarCon102 – Clandestino X – Part2

FAQ / Intro (rebel records russia)
Niobe / Lovely Day (tomlab)
Bab’s Three Bips & A Bop / Oo-Pa-Pa-Da
Mos Def / Universal Magnetic (rawkus)
Noam Chomsky / Culture of Solidarity (ak press)
State of Bengal / Skip-ij – Sub Swarj Remix
Andy Fairley – Segue (on-u sound)
Harem Turkish Percussion Group / Dub-The-Buka
OH91 / Yellow  (
Afronaut & Son del Batey / Golpe tuyo Calinda
Om Unit / The Timps (civil music)
Unknown Artist / Oh Mother, the handsome man tortures me (sublime frequencies)
Sumach / Bananasalt (a1r)
Sumach / Track 08 (a1r)
Konono No.1 / Lufuala Ndonnga (crammed discs)
Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics / Cha Cha (strut)
Morgan Craft / Absence of Day and Night 12 (roughamericana)

This collection will be broadcast Tuesday night at 22h via Sunhole dot net.

Low End Theory – Gonjasufi, Gaslamp Killer, Jeremiah Jae, Dot

Sound Colour Vision covered last week’s Low End Theory, which featured Jeremiah Jae, Dot, Gonjasufi and The Gaslamp Killer bringing their respective stamp on musical adventures.

On the evening of February 29th, 2012, Low End Theory came together for yet another out of this world set of artists on the bill. Brainfeeder’s Jeremiah Jae, Alpha Pup’s Dot and Warp’s Gonjasufi, you have three of the best modern experimental electronic labels coming together under the spirit and energy of the Low End Theory family. Daddy Kev, D-Styles, Nocando, DJ Nobody and The Gaslamp Killer are always presenting something new with the old and a drastic shift in every nights presentation.

Gonjasufi felt like the apex with The Gaslamp Killer and himself sharing the stage, bringing the crowd to a funneled connected grid of energy with the way he was controlling the crowd and his own impulsive behaviors. It is truly inspiring to watch Gonjasufi become engulfed inside of the music and the freedom that transpires outward was endless in visual representation during his set. Gonjasufi has a power and presence on stage that you could tell affected everyone right away. The charismatic nature of his being really embodied itself int his Low End set as you could really feel every word he was singing and saying.

Read in full and more lensmanship, here

Photo: Oliver Walker

Ear Con85 – Forced Retirement

Ear Con85 – Forced Retirement

Death awaits you.
We are all going to die.
Before then let us eat the food that landed on the plate this year.
We Smoked Trees with DJ Manny,
Death Gripped your throat, Gonjasufi got The Lows
The theater of the Mind of Finn Peters cast a purple glow while
Congo beat movements from DRC Music Project infected what remained.
A visit from the Danny Drive Thru and the Black Gestapo cleared the way for some Professional Fuckery by the Underachievers.
Bouncy Inner Troubles from Chilean beatmaker fLako broke out while
Loka and DJ Food watched the Tower Falling
He hit her so she left, the green sun rose.
Then there was silence.
Time to die.

It’s not as bad as it seems, really.  Tune in via Sunhole dot net tonight at 22h (London/Tenerife) or on Saturday via eFM / Radio Sarajevo at 16h (CET)

Ear Con81 – Four Elements

Ear Con81 – Four Elements

Mike Patton / Twin Primes (ipecac)
Walls / Vacant (kompact)
Scalper / One Friend feat. Mau (scalper music)
Death Grips / Pain Under The Blur Sky feat. Kiki Hitomi
Gonjasufi x Saviorself / The Lows – (hydroshare)
Gilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura Band / Check La Rima feat. Los Aldeanos, Danay Suarez y Silvito el Libre (brownswood)
Kuhn / Slime Beach (civil music)
Remarc / R.I.P. Phillip D. Kick‘s Footwork Jungle Edit (planet mu)
The Moody Boyz / Congotronic (boosey & hawkes)
Sepalcure / I’m Alright (hotflush)
Yojimbo Billions / Collapsed Unloaded (waaga)
Teebs / Cook, Clean, Pay The Rent – New House Version (brainfeeder/ninjatune)
Mr. Scruff / Feel It! (ninjatune)
Fatima Al Qadiri / Hip Hop Spa (uno)
Scuba / M.A.R.S. – Machinedrum Remix (!k7)

Broadcast via Sunhole tonight at 22h GMT+1, Saturday via eFM / The Magic Show 16hCET

Ear Con67 – Warped Level2

Ear Con67 – Warped Level2 Tons of upcoming new releases this week.  ‘electr*c’ a new compilation from the Brownswood label, featuring fresh beats that reside in the “grey area of dance music”.  I’ve culled Ta-Ku to drop for now…his name stuck out ‘cos I came across him for the first time last week, and it hit me hard, so I was in there, faster than a bullet from a gun when it hit my inbox.

UK rapper Jehst has a new album, so we got two tracks to share from that, ‘Starting Over’ which I have played previously here, and then ‘Two Point Four’, the blissful movements and play of the vocals in the background do the trick.

This man called Finn Peters is on it.  An ep to come through Mantella Records, sparse beats, electronic environmental studies, odd brain samples all in place.

Yo, where is the soul brother? It’s here, via Dego, he of 4Hero, has a new album lined up, so it’s my pleasure to bring some of that to you. Tonight’s contribution features long-time collaborator Bembe Segue.  Fat bass lines, lovely keys, soothing stuff this ya!

For ages I’ve been wondering what ever happened to Dobie, he was a producer based in London, had a release on Howie B’s Pussyfoot label.  I vaguely recall Brownswood doing something, never heard it, no matter, he is back, now with Big Dada, and they got him on the work quick quick with a remix of Wiley’s ‘Numbers’.  Dobie, we await your own fresh beats sir.

The Tribe joint is a tune that wasn’t completed before they split or something, it’s only got Q-Tip’s verse, where was Phife?  Somehow this made out of the studio and onto wax.

One of the first parties I played upon arriving in Tenerife was an event put on by the people behind Colectivo Drone, and that is where I met Tomas aka Postman.  He’s a local beat maker and has a new free ep out via a label that I can’t recall at the moment.  He passed me some of his tunes that comprised his recent set during the recent Magma Festival which took place here a couple months back.

We go out with Starkey, a resident of Killadelphia, with the second tune with the title ‘Sunshine’.  It’s got these ‘ravey’ synths, which I’m not really a fan of, however, it drops into some nasty wobbleque bass isht, and the vocal sounds like it’s sayin’ “Ear Raid”, which I have a strong liking to.

Tune in if ya can, should you wish, tonight at Sunhole dot net at 22h00 GMT+1 (repeated weekdays at 11h GMT+1) and then Saturday at eFM at 16h CET.

NuYorican Soul / Black Gold Of The Sun – 4Hero Remix (Talkin’ Loud)

Ta-Ku / Hey Kids (Brownswood)

Jesht / Two Point Four (YNR)

Finn Peters / Yellow

A Tribe Called Quest / Practice Session

Katakresis / La Cumbia Malvada

Jehst / Starting Over  (YNR)

Dego / Sunshine featuring Bembe Segue & Dave Okamu (2000 Black)

Gonjasufi / Candylane – Bayk’d Remix

Keith LeBlanc / Technology Works-You Drummers Listen (World)

Postman / Friday Night (Nulogic)

Wiley / Numbers – Dobie Crunch Music Remix (Big Dada)

Starkey / Sunshine (Civil Music)