It’s that time again, time to get things rolling for this years edition of KEROXEN. It’s where music, plastic arts, visuals and dance collide in a refurbished oil refinery tank in the middle of Santa Cruz, Tenerife. Last year saw performances fromZa!, Chupaconcha, Pony Bravo, Unicornbot, Filastine, King Midas Sound, The Bug with Miss Red, Oswaldoh and D. Juan León,  Diego Hdez, Frank Wild Year, Pierre Bastien, G.A.F. and Socos Dúo among others.  We are going the crowdfunding route as last year, for the cash to build it, stay with us for more news, or bookmark should the desire take you. Thanks to Klallam Digital Works for all the intense hours of recording the videos and to all those that came out and supported the massive effort of the team, much appreciated for real.

Ear Con65 – Happiness will arrive at 11.59

Ear Con65 – Happiness will arrive at 11.59

Transmissions:  Tonight, 22h GMT+1  via Sunhole / Saturday via eFM – Radio Sarajevo 16h CET

Kaoss Pad

The Guardian have this article about the Kaoss Pad.  I recently hit Santa Cruz to get some music gear, and my man Boni of GAF fame had just completed his purchase of a Kaoss Pad.  He hit home pronto pronto to plug in.  We later had a jam session at his place and I asked him to bring out the Kaoss Pad, let’s have a look and a twiddle with it’s knobs etc. “Nah, I took it back, I got this instead.”  I can’t remember what ‘this’ was, but it did work for us.

Anyway, here is the Kaoss Pad in the hands of Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood, effecting Thom Yorke’s voice for their song ‘Everything it it’s right place’.

Ear Conditioning 15 – Cannibal Instinct

  • Gil Scott-Heron – NY is Killing Me – 1200 Squad Remix featuring Nas (XL)
  • Amir Sulaiman – Spit
  • G.A.F. – Alien Love (Foehn)
  • Mighty Zulu Nation vs. King L Man
  • Kode9 + The Spaceape – What I See (Hyperdub)
  • King Cannibal featuring Daddy Freddy – Dirt (Ninja Tune)
  • The Micronauts – The Jag / Speedy J Remix (Science)
  • Drum Cunt – Bonnie Tyler/Snow White   (Bunkland)
  • Noisses – Crank Dat
  • Jazzsteppa – Investment  Decision  (Studio Rockers)
  • Dr. Strangeloop – Are We Lost Mammals (Brainfeeder)
  • Indigenous Resistance featuring Deeder Zaman, The Ghost – Galdino 2010 / D.WattsRiot Remix (I.R.)

As usual this edition of Ear Conditioning is available via Sunhole Radio tonight at 22h00 Tenerife/London time.

Also repeated weekday mornings at 11h00.

Sonidos Urbanos este noche!


For those in that grunge-rock/ragga-rap jungle/psychedelic-tronica/bass-hip hop-tropical mood.

We are on early (22h30) , because somebody has to prepare McBuggers very early tomorrow  morning.

This night is also the last for Arka and Edu as part of Tropico.  Best of luck for their future musical endeavours.