Zdeněk Liška – Song Of The Siren


Zdeněk Liška was a Czech composer who produced a large of number film scores across a prolific career that started in the 1950s. He was revelatory in his contribution to the development of electronic music in the 1950s.   I had Song of the Siren lined up as my last tune at the Cuentacuentos in Los Silos on Saturday, but the sound got cut…grrrrrrrr!

More info about him here


Reggae – A Film

I read Benjamin Zephaniah’s piece in the Guardian today about Snoop Dogg’s conversion to Rastafarianism, then I spotted the following.  Timely I’d say. British film maker and writer Horace Ove’s Reggae was the first documentary to capture the early days of reggae’s UK invasion and its growing popularity outside of Jamaica. In this mix of performances filmed at Wembley Stadium in 1970 combined with footage shot in the West Indies and interviews and commentaries providing social and political context, we are introduced to reggae as an art form that transcends music and becomes an articulation of a complex culture and a powerful medium for change.

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The Mountain

Filmed by Terje Sorgjerd, at El Tiede, the volcano that dominates where we live.

Many a time, me and Mrs. Ear have been taken visitors up to El Tiede to witness the show of millions of stars coming out soon after sunset.  Satellites, shooting stars, comets are easily visible to the naked eye up there.  We like to hang by the approach road to the the Izañi obervatory, and because there isn’t much traffic at night, we can lie on our backs in the middle of the road at be stunned at the clarity and sheer number of stars on show.  Highly recommended for any visitor.

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

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