Filastine & Videocratz Live


The insightful nomadic beat warrior known as Filastine has some new tricks up his constantly moving sleeves. Peak the new collaboration with video mapping artist Videocratz, which will hit the road next year, along with Nova Ruth on vocals and percussion.


It’s that time again, time to get things rolling for this years edition of KEROXEN. It’s where music, plastic arts, visuals and dance collide in a refurbished oil refinery tank in the middle of Santa Cruz, Tenerife. Last year saw performances fromZa!, Chupaconcha, Pony Bravo, Unicornbot, Filastine, King Midas Sound, The Bug with Miss Red, Oswaldoh and D. Juan León,  Diego Hdez, Frank Wild Year, Pierre Bastien, G.A.F. and Socos Dúo among others.  We are going the crowdfunding route as last year, for the cash to build it, stay with us for more news, or bookmark should the desire take you. Thanks to Klallam Digital Works for all the intense hours of recording the videos and to all those that came out and supported the massive effort of the team, much appreciated for real.

Ear Con97 / What, you again?

Ear Con97 / What, you again?

This edition of Ear Con will be transmitted at 20hCET via The Magic Show on eFM / Radio Sarajevo, and on Tuesday via Sunhole dot net, and 22h GMT+1. There is plenty in there to sink your teeth into.

Memotone / It’s out there waiting (a future without)
Earl Sweatshirt / Home (oddfuture)
Magnificent Ruffians / Intro
Magnificent Ruffians / Spanglish Conquistatores feat.
Blest One & Dkoldis (
El-P / The Full Retard (fat possum)
Prince Far I & The Arabs / Mansion of Invention (trojan)
Prince Fatty vs. Hollie Cook in Dub / Shadow Dub (mr.bongos)
Andy Fairly / Segue (on-u sound)
Anenon / Acquiescence (non projects)
Elkat and Moleskin / Hurt – The Elementz Remix (hit & hope)
Mutamassik / Ni itu rekkez
Face-T / What?
Middleswood Sessions / Nowhere in Between (middleswood)
Schlachthofbronx / Juego (disko b)
Filastine / Colony Collapse – Squeaky Lobster remix (post world industries)
Amenta / Stormy Weather (first world)

Ear Con96 – Hello Darkness

Ear Con96 – Hello Darkness

This is a bit of a hangover from sets over the last couple weeks, got some jams that just wouldn’t let go.

Morgan Craft / A Cycle of Seven 3 (circle of light)
Omar Faruk Tekbilek / Aksak – Amon Tobin Remix (5 points)
Filastine / Colony Collapse – Squeaky Lobster Remix (post world industries)
The Heavyweights Brass Band / Nueva Orleans (brownswood)
James Blake / Air & Lack Thereof (hemlock)
Scalper / Slanted (scalpermusic)
Hodgy Beats prod. Flying Lotus / Lamented (oddfuture)
Martyn / Hello Darkness (brainfeeder)
Burial / Loner (hyperdub)
The Gaslamp Killer / All Killer – Parts 1-4(finders keepers)

This edition of Ear Conditioning is bouncing out tonight at 22h GMT+1 via Sunhole dot net and on Saturday via The Magic Show, eFM Radio Sarajevo

Ear Con80 – Guilty of Incitement to Riot

Ear Con80 – Guilty of Incitement to Riot

Intro – Edison Phonograph + Chris Watson / Cima Verde (touch)
fLako / Broken Toy (project mooncircle)
The Underachievers / Sh!& & My Mouth Says
Roots Manuva / Get The Get (big dada)
Main Source / Fakin The Funk – A Tribe Called Red Remix
Grooverider / Where’s Jack The Ripper (sony)
Reso / War Machine (civil music)
Jehst / Two Point Four (ynr)
Filastine / Shanty Tones (postworldindustries)
Ras G / 13.40 Bus (ramp)
Stereotype feat. JahDan / Regiment 2011
Onra / A New Dynasty (all city)
Bad Brains / Daytripper-She’s A Rainbow (caroline)
Stray / Break Your Legs (brownswood)
Little Roy / Lithium
Mike Ladd / Secret Passage (marathon of hope)
DVA feat. Vikter Duplaix / Madness (hyperdub)

Transmission: Tonight via Sunhole @ 22h GMT+1  / Saturday via eFM Radio Sarajevo 16hCET

If A Tree Falls

Filastine’s log: Many good people are in federal prison for their sabotage of corporate property. They have been charged as terrorists and often have sentences longer than rapists and even murderers, despite the fact that they never harmed anyone.
If you don’t already own my first record, Burn It, a benefit version can be purchased here, all monies go to the defendants

Ear Con 69 – Eat As Much As You Want

Ear Con69 – Eat As Much As You Want

Mutamassik / High Alert – Interlude for Grampa (Soundink)
Ras G / 14.303 Vs. Tell-lie-version (forthcoming on Ramp)
Teebs / Untitled 10 (Brainfeeder)
G.A.F. y La Estrella de la Muerte / Let’s Fuck (Foehn)
Prince Francis / Rockfort Shock
Jackie Opel / I Am What I Am (Rio)
The Bug feat. Cutty Ranks / Gun Disease (Rephlex)
DHS / The Forbidden (Hangman)
Hype Williams / Badmind (soon come from Hyperdub)
Flying Lotus / Zodiac Shift – Sonnymoon Remix
Company Flow / End to End Burners – The Lost Mix (therealelp)
Dub Gabriel feat. The Spaceape / Is This Revolution (coming soon via Destroy All Concepts)
Silkie / Head Butt Da Deck (Deep Medi)
Blackdown / Lata (Keysound)
Filastine / Hungry Ghosts (Soot/Jarring Effects)
Nuphlo / Atma (Meerkat)
23 Skidoo / Just Like Everybody (Fetish)
The The / The Sinking Feeling (Some Bizarre/CBS)
G.A.F. y La Estrella de la Muerte / Sky Before Us (Foehn)

This sixty-minute collection of sound will be transmitted today via Sunhole at 22hGMT+1, and via eFM/Radio Sarajevo, Saturday at 16hCET




Courtesy of arribalosqueluchan

At the assembly this evening in Santa Cruz, it was decided that the camp would stay until the politicians that have been accused of corruption leave office.  Could be a long stay indeed.  Former mayor of Santa Cruz, Miguel Zerolo (Coalition Canarias) has long been under suspicion of underhand dealings with a large piece of real estate by the beach known as Las Terrasitas.  He claims that the large stash of money in his bank account is there because he won the lottery….three times?  Damn, I’m gonna get him to buy my lottery tickets from now on!  Basically a plot of land next to Las Terrasitas beach,  owned by the city of Santa Cruz was sold to a company that barely existed a week prior to the sale, a court has ruled that the council of Santa Cruz should get it’s money back, Zerolo doesn’t want it. It’s a lot more complicated that what i’ve written, but my point being is, Zerolo is a ‘diputado’ , which means he has a seat in the ‘chamber of deputies’, and he cannot be charged  with a crime.  You have to credit the authors of Spain’s constitution which permits such abuses of power.  The same goes for the authors of our modern system of governance and it’s bending over to the economic lords, when they do something, they be thorough.  No, wait, excuse me, but I thought this was a democracy, where every one is equal and freedom of speech is a fundamental brick of a said society is it not?  Well I know it ain’t so, because here you are not allowed to cuss the king or the royal family. You could do time for saying that Juan Carlos is a $*&@p+*^!.   It is shit like this that people want to change. In mainland Spain, the unemployment rate, at 20%, is  the highest in Europe.  In the Canary Islands it’s thirty percent.  It’s shit like this that people want to change.  Proper, accountability, real representation with the political establishment are some of what people are calling for.  In most countries we have basically a two-party system and power usually bounces between them.  They have had the control joystick between their dirty fingers for long enough now, and we know that it is right that we all have to steer the direction of our political boat.  At the plaza where the Santa Cruz action is happening, we witnessed discussions among all present and anybody that wished to submit or discuss a  proposal, was welcomed to the floor to express their ideas, suggestions etc. That’s what democracy looks like, something we participate it, not solely observe from afar.

More of what’s going on in Tenerife via acampadatenerife

Update: Barcelona resident, Filastine has posted about the uprising, see his log here. It’s a good insight for those English speakers/readers out here.