Famille Bou Bess on the radio

Ah finally, an interview that has not been edited to suit some bullshit agenda.

Yesterday Famille Bou Bess did an interview with Job Ledesma for his Canarias Ruido (Canarian noise) radio program.  Their experience and insight make you throws their age into doubt.

The interview will be transmitted on Saturday night between 20h00-21h00.   After that you should you be in the area, you can bounce up to La Orotava for they will be joining me for a session at Cafe Quilombo.  This will be like their fifth, sixth gig, so it’s still early days for them in front of an audience, so come and help them out.  As mentioned here before it’s a fund-raiser for a colleague of theirs that was illegally incarcerated and he needs funds to fight his legal case.  Entrance tax is only three euros to get in.  Most of the gigs I’ve done here have been free, so for once, dig into yer pockets you tight bastids!

S.O.S. – Same old (Bull)Shit

Before I got involved with Famille Bou Bess, the Senegal-born trio of rappers that are based here in Tenerife, I was always saying that the local politicians and their media lap-dogs, such as El Dia, were always talking about immigrants, while immigrants never had a platform to speak for themselves.

With Famille Bou Bess, I thought, okay, now we have the opportunity.

We had a gig last Monday at the centre where they hold under-age immigrants. It’s an old military barracks in the forest outside the town of La Esperanza, the coldest motherfucking place in Tenerife.  It’s so cold that back in the day they created an ankle-length cape to protect themselves from the bitter wind and cold. The ass-wipe that fronts as a  newspaper, El Dia was there, covering the gig, and what do you know, they spoke with the director of the centre, the manager of the band, and Susi, who is working with Musica Solidaria, a percussion group made up of youths from the centre, but what irks me is that they couldn’t muster the effort to get the opinions of or talk with Famille Bou Bess, who know a bit about the hardships of living in Senegal, the precarious journey to the Canaries, living in an open-prison type institution, and having to deal with racism and ignorance at an early age.

It makes me think that everything has to be from a ‘Eurpoean/white’ perspective, even issues that are profoundly affecting Africa, Africans etc. The recent news coverage of the ‘Somali pirates’ is a case in point.  One reason I side with the Somalians is that European ships have been raiding the Somalian waters of fish,  dumping toxic and non-toxic waste there, and the Somalians have taken matters into their own hands.  When Spanish fishermen were recently taken captive, people here and in the Spanish mainland had an opinion.  Does an opinion count when you don’t know the facts?

In a couple interviews for Famille Bou Bess, I’ve tried to make a point about European trawlers cleaning out the West African coast of fish, as this is affecting people in Senegal and Mali.  This information has never been relayed in any interview, not for the BBC Mundo website, La Opinion newspaper, or the EFE news agency story which went all around Spain.  They have no interest in the real deal, only to satisfy their agenda and ego.  I spent too fucking long doing an interview via email with the BBC, trying to explain the complexities of the Senegal/Canary Island situation only for them to print what they want, avoiding the in-depth situation I was trying to bring a light on, since it never happens with the media here.  What a fool me.

Makes one wanna say fuck ’em all really.

Today’s El Dia story here

I Love Somalian Pirates.

Ear Conditioning – Body Rock

The head-nodding, body rocking, mind-bending experience.

It had to happen, didn’t it?


Dublicker, a bass-heavy take on Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker. Thanks to Generation Bass for posting the link.

The Clandestino Festival, have just announced the dates for next years event, 11-14 June, and I’m onboard again, as part of the curating team.  One of the highlights will surely be Staff Benda Bilili.  The rumba-based sound this band from Kinshasa, threw me a curveball alright.  Glad to say I caught it.

My man Scalper pointed me in the direction of Fujako, who are linked up with the Wordsound label, another bed of quality, (Sensational)

The mix that accompanied the ecent post on a decades worth of Boom Bap did the job, digging out gems such as KRS-Ones’s Return of the Boom Rap.

The head-nodding, body rocking, mind-bending experience.

Antoine Dougbe – Honton Soukpo Gnon (Analog Africa)
Staff Benda Bilili – Moziki (Crammed Discs)
John Robinson – Fly Prezidente
Famille Bou Bess vs. Flying Lotus – Melting
Fujako – Sulphur Goat
Unknown Artist – Dublicker
Untold – Stop what your doing * James Blake remix (Hemlock)
Chancha Via Circuito – Prima (ZZK)
MadVillian – Raid (Stones Throw)
KRS One – Return of the Boom Bap (Jive)
Martyn – Krdl t grv (3024)
Silkie vs. Mizz Beats – Purple Love (Deep Medi Musik)
Aziz Mian – Allah Hi Jane (Oriental Star)

Ear Conditioning is ‘earable at Sunhole Radio, Tuesday  22h00

Ear Conditioning – Salpica inspiration


The past weekend was the Salpica Festival, and despite the wind blowing the turntable needles all over the place the folks down Buenavista way gave it some.  Much thanks Juanjo, Ivan and the heartful crew.

Rowing boat chants, Filastine, PiL, Mike Slott, Mariem Hassan, Indigenous Resistance, Silkie + Mizz Beats, Bad Brains, Tempest, Loefah, Mutaburuka + African Head Charge, Jackhigh, Fun-da-mental and more on the decks for this weeks shot.

Tune in via Sunhole Radio tonight at 22h00; Planet Radio on Thursday 23h00, and maybe Radio Norte tonight at 20h30.

As usual, Sunhole repeat the program every weekday morning at 11h00, to go with your barraquito (that’s cafe con leche leche for all you non-Canarians).

Salpica mańana


Un enlace  (en espańol) para el festival mańana en Buenavista, pincha aqui.

Otros grupos son Famille Bou Bess, Soundchaser, Demencia, Estacion Zoo y Dautaka.

Con suerte El Killo si vienen con discos tambien.

The first of two sessions this month down isla baja way, that being the Buenavista / Los Silos zone of Tenerife.

Hopefully El Killo will bring some tunes and we’ll have give the people a  little back to back session.

The Crooked Beat

Max Papeschi
Max Papeschi

Last week I read of William Calley’s recent apology for the massacre at My Lai back in the days of the US aggression in Vietnam.  Calley was the man responsible, and the only justice faced was three years of house arrest for the murder of over a 100 people.  Zip forward to now and the shit hitting the fan regarding the ‘compassionate release’  of al-Megrahi, the man found guilty of the Pan AM 747 bombing over Lockerbie.  I looked at the two stories, and the usual machinations ran through my system.

“How is it that there is outrage aimed at a brown man, foreigner, arab, yet the same outrage doesn’t exist when one of their ‘own’ is responsible for pulling the trigger and sending innocents into early retirement?”

Alternet provided a thorough read on the burning question.  Oh, let’s not mention oil again shall we!

As for sports, Ripley left a message here last week to say she thinks it’s a good time for music.  I would agree.  One person Ripley has commented on a couple times is Ras G.  For those not familiar with the name and the sound, he is part of the Brainfeeder crew. His manipulation of the binary codes makes me think  Sun Ra is living in his body, holding court with Coltrane and Burning Spear.  The door is open should you disagree.

Brainfeeder  also embodies the crisp beat bending likes of Samiyam, Dr. Strangeloop,  Flying Lotus, MatthewDavid and Teebs.  Within the last couple weeks another member of Brainfeeder, The Gaslamp Killer released an EP, titled My Troubled Mind. Brain penetrating drums nicely toasted and brewed lay the foundation for slightly psychotic exercises.

I know I’ve gone on quite a bit about this lot, and it may turn some people off, however, where I live, forward thinking music is a bit limited on the ground, and it is my duty to introduce and burn certain things into people’s skullboxes.  They have to know, should they want to of course.

Everybody has their take on things, has their likes and dislikes, and we share this information. The Ear Conditioning radio program is made with the people of Tenerife in mind, even though it’s available to all who care to partake. The lowest common denominator has taken hold and people settling for bullshit, weak-azz, commercial-banality with a scary ferocity.  The potential hovers around, occasionally surfacing for air before being diving back down below the radar, where I suppose it’s better place to be.

Anyway getting back on point this week we’re entertaining a thirty minute mix from Joker with further beat-led ventures.  Judging by the amount of gigs he’s got lined up for the rest of this year, people all over this floating rock are lined up to face the fire when he hits their town.

Former Cabaret Voltaire man, Chris Watson has a new CD ‘Cima Verde’ featuring his natural sound recordings available.  The sound of air moving at 3000ft is quite a thrill.

New cumbia tuneage from the Dutty Artz crew, in the vain of La Yegros, and Stereotyp, Austria’s finest measured up some weight for his Major Lazor remit.

Also in the inbox and out again for your ears is the latest production / remix work from Hashashan aka Firebomb Fritz. He’s down with the Speed Camera Shy lot.

Been working with Famille Bou Bess this week, in preparation for the Salpica Festival, and got them to drop some lyrics over a Shawn J. Period beat.  Shawn J. was the man behind the boards for some of the early Mos Def beats.  He, Shawn kinda disappeared but I believe he’s working on beats again.  Very fresh,  smooth keyboard, smokey jazz vibes, no samples used….he’s heavily against sampling.

We want Shawn, we want Shawn, we want Shawn.

Plenty of things for you to get your chops around this week.

Ear Conditioning – The Crooked Beat

  • Chris Watson – Soffi de venta
  • Cooly G – Love Dub Refix (Hyperdub)
  • The Very Best featuring M.I.A. – Rain Dance
  • La Yegros – Trocitos / Marcelo Fabian remix (Dutty Artz)
  • Gaslamp Killer – Anything Worse (Brainfeeder)
  • Wreckless Eric – The Crooked Beat (Sandinista Project)
  • Major Lazer – When u hear the bassline /Stereotyp mix  (Mad Decent/Downtown)
  • Speed Camera Shy – Blindspot by the lighthouse / Hashashan remix

Joker – £10 Bag mix

1. Joker – Solid State [Free download]
2. Joker – Do You [Dubplate]
3. Joker – Output One and Two [Dubplate]
4. Joker – City Hopper [Dubplate]
5. Joker – How Do You Like (Remix) [Free download]
6. Joker & Ginz – Re-Up [Kapsize]
7. Joker – Do It [Kapsize]
8. Joker – Psychedelic Runway [Kapsize]
9. Joker – Taste The Rainbow [Dubplate]
10. Joker & Ginz – Purple City [Kapsize]
11. Joker – Gully Brooke Lane [Terrorhythm]
12. Joker – Retro Racer [Terrorhythm]

  • The Gaslamp Killer – Ruskie Electric (Brainfeeder)
  • Famille Bou Bess Freestyle

Salpica Festival

For a year now various people have suggested I play at this festival in Buenavista, Tenerife, as if we dj-types initially  decide where and when we play.
So thanks to whoever it is that decided to take the gamble this year. Now it’s up to me to deliver what my supporters & friends have been talking about.

Famille Bou Bess will also be doing their thing, and we should have some extra bottom end courtesy of a man called Pedro alongside Ventor de la Guardia (Species) on percussion.

The folks out Buenavista / Los Silos way are especially into keeping their environment somewhat clean, and this festival, as with the Festival Boreal three weeks later in Los Silos both have environmental themes to them.

No cigarette butts on the beach please, gracias.
salpica 09

Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape


The release of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi sure has kicked off a political stink.  All the fuss being made, chah!

The USA has forgotten that it’s a primarily ‘Christian’ nation, and therefore should forgive and move on.  Yeah, I know, I’m dreaming.

The US families of the Pan-Am victims are somewhat pissed, however it’s strange that the majority of the British victims are looking through a completely different set of glasses, and feel that something in the case against al-Megrahi stinks.

As you may recall, originally, the perpetrators of the bombing were thought to be of Palestinian origin, and the bombing was retaliation for the US shooting down an Iranian airliner, that took place six months prior to the Lockerbie incident. All 209  pepople on-board were killed instantly after being hit by two sea to air missiles.  The crew of the US Navy ship that targetted the Iranian airliner were rewarded with medals upon their return home.

al-Megrahi has been returned to Libya on ‘compassionate grounds’ and was welcomed home by a couple thousand people.  He didn’t get a medal, and he’ll most probably be dead by the years end.

The USA, for it’s survival it evades and is resistance to justice, escaping moral servitude.
Sometimes you have to take it even though it hurts. Sure you don’t like the taste, but that’s what happens when you fuck with people. It’s called blowback.

And now sports:

Ooh, did ya see the news that Flying Lotus is on the way to completing his new album for 2010 release? He’s also done a remix for Shafiq of Sa Ra. I dropped some of his tunes in last weeks program, you may recall should you be tuned in to what goes on in these parts.

Also due for release between now and then is the debut long player from King Midas Sound. An email exchange with the King Bug-man, Mr. Martian held information that he has just mastered the album over the previous two days.

Exciting times ahead indeed, keep those ears pinned back and on the ready.

Back to now, also lined up for travelling the high-speed cables, fibre-optics and FM airwaves, is some of that old time, new release material from Jahdan Blackamore, produced by DJ/Rupture and Matt Shadatek.  Yes, them two responsible with a few more co-horts for what is known as Dutty Arts.  The dubplate skit is tops, “What’s name of your sound?”  asks Jahdan, in reponse to the question if he voices dub-plates.  Man sound called, Moonrakerinternationalsuperficalifimarshalnopartialsoundsystemcentipedecoxmanboozemandrunkard.

Jahdan and Matt Shadetek also make an appearance in the mix from Spoek / H.I.V.I.P.  Spoek’s been a vry busy man this year, churning out mixes and productions at quite a feverish rate.  Shame on me.

After  remixing Amy Swinehouse, Bloc Party, Roots Manuva, Prince Fatty and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry  (did I miss anybody Tony?) The Moody Boys return to their own material with Freedom Dub.

Also returning to the fray are Breakestra.  Their new album will surface next month methinks.

As mentioned in last Friday’s post, The Sandinista Project was made available as a good quality download for the first time.  The Lothars version of The Call Up is on it’s own. Like the Kode9 and The Spaceape reworking of  ‘Sign of the Times’ , the only reference to the original is the lyrics, the music totally original, and so is the vocal delivery, which rides on a skanky hopping kind of rollercoaster theramin rhythm.

There you have it, plenty to get your ears around for this week.

As usual, Ear Conditioning is ‘earable at the following locations and times:

Sunhole Radio – Tuesday 22h00 GMT  (Repeated weekday mornings 11h00)

Planet Radio – Thursday 23h00 GMT

Radio Norte – Uh, they’ve gone on holiday, so forget them for the time being.

Ear Conditioning / Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape Program

Ras G + The African Space Program – Behind the sun (Brainfeeder)

Breakestra featuring Chali 2Na – S’posed to be  (Strut)

Onra – Live from Hue (Bo Bun)

Jahdan Blackamore  – Dubplate for Moonshine (Dutty Artz)

Jahdan Blackamore – Like This  (Dutty Artz)

The Moody Boyz – Freedom Dub (Studio Rockers)

Famille Bou Bess vs. Flying Lotus – Melt the place.

Spoek Mathambo – H.I.V.I.P. Unied States of Ayobaness Mix

  • Spoek Mathambo & So Called Friend – Fever (Hostage Remix)
  • Crazy Couzinz – Bongo Jam  –  (Bokbok  & L-VIS1990 REFIX)
  • Alcapoem – Akuse
  • Sunship feat. Warrior Queen – Almighty Father (Solid Groove Remix)
  • Matt Shadatek – Wonton Garden
  • Spoek Mathambo, Jahdan Blackamore & 77 Klash  – Dem no Like It
  • La Roux – Bulletproof (Foamo REmix)
  • Foamo – Wardance
  • Lyki Li (BURAKA SOM SISTEMA) – Dance, Dance, Dance
  • Kasi House Mafia  – Bitch Made
  • DJ What What – Dreams
  • Red The Homeless GFunk Beatbox – I’ma tell your mama on you

Oleg Kostrow – Do0-Little Love

The Lothars – The Call Up (Sandinista Project)

Radiohead – These are my twisted words (Dead Air Space)

Flying Lotus – Auntie’s Harp  /  Rebekah Raff Remix (Warp)