Article Matter – Vinyl Covers

Whapp’n yesterday?
Gosh, saw four stories regarding the state of vinyl, I wasn’t even specifically looking for them either, plus somebody complaining online about those that fetish over the stuff.  Everybody to their own, safe within what school they came up in, old, new, not conceived yet, just warming up etc.  Mpfreeze give you one thing, the music and are convenient for traveling dj’s, while vinyl gives you the music, plus something to read, learn & inform, put the links together over time re: studios, producers, engineers, musicians, session players, concepts, etc, add as  you see fit.

Record Store Day is apparently hurting those it was mean’t to prop up, the indie sector, yet the majors and dodgy make a quick buck operators are jumping on it, with limited editions already for sale at $1,000.   What else? Oh, Sonic Boom, (great name) a record store in Toronto, is opening up a walk-in record pressing service. Like dat! More on that here via Fact.

Also grabbing my attention was a record cleaning product, then I found out you can use carpenters glue. I had no idea….uh, that I treated my records so badly, so badly, that time has defo arrived to clean some of that ancient gunk and sweat etc. outta them grooves.

I had to move my records lately, so the electrician could get behind them to reach a socket, that he thought was causing the electric box to trip every time we turned a light on.  After all that effort, of course, that socket was not the problem…..grrrrrr.

Moving them has several positive things going for it,  the crazy notion of getting them all in proper alphabetic order, which will be an ongoing ten year job I reckon.  That is some physical exercise yeah.

Thanks to Anna Gavana & Peter Ericsson / Meerkat Recordings for the most recent vinyl jam session that took place in yard, amongst typical Swedish and Canarian foods, sweets, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Former Virgin colleague, Jens Peterson Hallefors also knows what I mean when it comes to putting one’s vinyl collection in order.  Must be a Swedish thing…..

Let me finish on one reason, vinyl is better than mpfreeze, it gives commercial artists work.


Afronaught_Shapin' Fluid
Afronaught_Shapin’ Fluid
Ape Records, London
Barry Adamson_The Negro Inside Me (Mute)
Frederick Galliano ‘Sabar (Le Vent Et La Poussiere) ‘

Flying Lotus remixes Massive Attack

Could somebody please explain why this didn’t I come out? Or did I miss this living in my safe mid-Atlantic African European home?

I’m talking about Flying Lotus’ remix of Girl I Love You by Massive Attack, featuring the mellifluous voice of Horace Andy.  You will float, powered by a fat kick drum riddim, claps, and whisps of melodic dust and sparkles.

Fact Mag have a piece on seven crucial Flying Lotus remixes.  Good to see they have his turn on King Midas Sound’s ‘Lost’ in there too.
More here, and you’ll find the link to FlyLo’s soundcloud here

It is Flying Lotus’ week innit, with his album, Until The Quiet Comes now out.  It’s a solid work. He’s the don of ‘beat music,’ got his space and mojo working in sync. Good on you sire.

Mala – Return II Space

Lining up the first DMZ release for awhile, (it is an album or a triple-pack?)  Mala (DMZ / Digital Mystikz) spends some time answering questions fired from FACT Magazine’s Joe Muggs.

Frequencies, Hank Shocklee, DMZ, Francois K,  inspiration and more get discussed in this four page interview.

FACT: Would it be fair to say you’re not about trying to kick against the pricks and fight bad things that do on, but about trying to create a zone where there’s a minimum of that exploitation and bullshit?

Mala: You can’t stop it. Even if you wanted to stop it you can’t and I think that’s a pointless battle to even entertain the thoughts of.  But that’s not for me, and you don’t have to go down that route; I think in some strange way I’ve always hoped that that’s what this whole thing can show other people that are like-minded or just want to put out their music and not worry about all the nonesense that comes with it.

Mala will be performing a set at Clandestino Fstvl, scheduled for Friday June 11 at midnight.  You know where I’ll be.

Ear Conditioning – Transmission 9

Who would have thought that the man responsible for putting all the music on the X-Box/Mircosoft thingy would be into quality tuneage, well it’s true.  Speaking with The Bugman yesterday and he forwarded a track that gonna be on the upcoming X-Box thingy. It’s a  collaboration with The Spaceape, doing a version of the classic Clash number, Guns of Brixton.  You can get an exclusive listen tonight.  Speaking of The Spaceape, have you seen the video of him doing ‘Ghost Town’ by the  Specials?  He and Kode 9 did a version that is on the Hyperdub 5 compilation, which was an essential purchase of 2009.  Jerry Dammers of The Specials was so impressed with the version he asked Spaceape to contribute to a live version with Jerry Dammers’ Spatial AKA band.  You gotta love Jerry Dammers man, he sticks to his guns and doesn’t wanna stay in a bubble, he’s up for moving on, that being one of the reasons for the Specials splitting.  There is an interview with him here, courtesy of the BBC.

We’ll get some Special AKA into next week’s program for sure, in the meanwhile enjoy tonights session via Sunhole Radio at 22h00.

Update: You can catch Kevin (The Bug/King Midas Sound/Techno Animal) Martin here doing a ‘fireside chat’ as part of Red Bull Music Radio here, via Fact Magazine.  Two fingers up to mediocrity!

Ear Conditioning – Graphic Language

  • Shlohmo – Tomato Squeeze
  • Mutamassik – Command Jump! (Run Riot)
  • Jahdan Blackamoore – Like This (Dutty Artz)
  • The Bug & The Spaceape – Guns of Brixton (X-box)
  • Coki – The End (Deep Medi Musik)
  • Badawi – Den of Drumz / Kode 9 Remix (ROIR)
  • Zomby – One foot ahead of the other
  • Silkie & Mizz Beats – Purple Love (Deep Medi Musik)
  • Gil Scott-Heron – Running (XL)
  • DJ Food – Nevermore (Ninja Tune)
  • Doom – Gazzillion Ear / Thom Yorke Remix (Lex)
  • Untold – Stop what your doing / James Blake Remix (Hemlock)
  • Jay Electronica – Exhibit C
  • Manusa – J’fuck (CIAfrica)
  • Mutamassik – Swampum (Rough Americana)
  • Welcome Msomi & Umabatta – Obani Labaya (EMI)

Tom Selleckter

This weeks program featues the seventeen minute opus from Dr. Strangeloop of the Brainfeeder camp; a teaser mix of the album from Sa Ra’s Shafiq Husayn; John Robinson, produced by IG Culture (other producers on his record include Flying Lotus, Jnero Jerel aka Dr. Who Dat?and J Rawls); Don Cash; Djanta Kan; DJ Food, and King Midas Sound.

On the King Midas tip, they’ve put together an exclusive mix for Fact Magazine, and it’s downloadable here.  The tracklist features Gregory Issacs, Sade, Burial, Jacob Miller, AR Kane, Scritti Politti, Larry Heard, Japan, My Bloody Valentine and more…quite a selection eh?

KMS also have a new blog up and running, give the juice on what makes King Midas Sound, King Midas Sound.

There have been some changes to the “alternative programming” at Planet Radio, and I’ll be informed soon as to when all is go, however my program can still be ‘eard at, tomorrow at 22h00 GMT and repeated weekday morning at 11h00 GMT

Holger Czukay Interview


You don’t come across an interview with Holger Czukay very often do ya?

“I took Stockhausen very seriously. The music that came out of his hands was fantastic. I could see how much he was leading music into the future – especially in the direction that Can was going. Can hated some of Stockhausen’s stuff – we condemned it to death – but I knew he was opening up the door.”

Thanks to Fact Magazine